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US won't negotiate with Russia without Ukraine, because then it will be about Poland, Northern Europe - expert

13 March, 2024 Wednesday

Oleksandr Kraiev, an expert at the Foreign Policy Council Ukrainian Prism, believes that the US is aware of the potential threat to Poland and Northern Europe, rejecting any negotiations with Russia that could undermine trust

He said this on Espreso TV.

"We see how the situation is developing in international diplomacy, we see that Saudi Arabia, Turkey, and China are starting to push again on the topic of negotiations, that Ukraine cannot effectively defend itself, Russia cannot effectively attack, and therefore we need to look for a middle way to stop the violence and stop this war," Kraiev explains.

According to him, the Americans constantly use the message that the war should end in negotiations not because they want it to, but because every war ends in negotiations - this is a political reality.

"The Americans say we always support negotiations, we are for diplomacy, but (most importantly) these negotiations should be started by Ukraine, should be started on the conditions that it does not lose new territories and should be started only when Ukraine itself considers it appropriate to start these negotiations. That is, the fact that the United States supports diplomacy is their course, they are always in favor of diplomacy, against war, but they also understand that negotiating on the terms of the aggressor is not an option, and it will not stop the violence, it will not stop Russian aggression," the expert emphasizes.

At the same time, Russia wants to talk about negotiations on Ukraine with the United States. According to Kraiev, the aggressor wants to show that it is Washington's equal: "Despite the fact that Washington and Beijing clearly say that the new bilateral confrontation is between Beijing and Washington, and Moscow has nothing to do with it. Moscow, through its aggression, through constant shelling of Ukraine, is trying to show that it is on par with the great powers of our time and therefore needs to negotiate with the United States.”

The expert of the Foreign Policy Council Ukrainian Prism added: "The US does not give Russia such an opportunity, because the US understands that if it makes a deal with Russia, it will be a violation of the principle of "nothing about Ukraine without Ukraine" and this is not only because it is so bad or not moral, they simply understand that if it is possible with Ukraine, Poland will be the next to hold the same negotiations, then the Baltic States, Northern Europe. That is, they do not allow the Russians to intensify and spread their aggression by not agreeing to negotiate.”

What is known about Ukraine's negotiations with Russia

Earlier, the Institute for the Study of War noted that the Kremlin is using China's calls for peace talks between Russia and Ukraine to force the West to make concessions.

The Pope said that Ukraine should have the courage to raise the white flag and start negotiations with Russia. The Vatican issued an explanation of what Francis' words mean.

On February 14, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said that Russia was allegedly ready for a political and diplomatic end to the war in Ukraine, but "taking into account the realities on the ground."

On February 22, Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi called on Kyiv and Moscow to hold peace talks, saying it is the only way to end the war.

On February 28, Turkish President Recep Erdogan announced his readiness to provide a platform for talks between Ukraine and Russia.

On March 4, Deputy Chairman of the Russian Security Council Dmitry Medvedev said that the current government in Ukraine was not ready to negotiate "peace" with Russia.  In the same speech, Medvedev referred to Ukraine as Russia.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan believes that peace talks on the war in Ukraine will not be effective if Russia is not involved.

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