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Urgent need for military rotation: Da Vinci Wolves Battalion warn of looming threat

29 October, 2023 Sunday

The troops who have been defending Ukraine at the front since the full-scale invasion started are tired and need to be rotated. Otherwise Ukraine may disappear

Senior Lieutenant Oleksandr Yabchanka, a member of the Honor company within the 1st separate mechanized battalion known as the Da Vinci Wolves, made the statement on Espreso TV.

"For over a year and a half, the military personnel have been enduring a heavy burden, even though not many of them openly discuss it. Our comrades-in-arms who have been in service since the outset of the full-scale invasion are in need of rest. They raise valid questions such as, "What makes us different from those who haven't even considered mobilization?" From the perspective of people who have fought, are fighting, and will persist in their mission, this situation appears unjust. Despite their weariness, none of those I've spoken with about this have fled from their responsibilities in the war; they continue to dutifully carry out their tasks.," the officer said.

The point is that Ukraine may disappear, added Yabchanka.

"What further evidence is required to establish that the primary objective for the Russian Federation is to terminate the sovereignty of our independent nation? What other evidence do we need to go to war?" Yabchanka emphasized.

He described a scenario that the military believes could bring victory to Ukraine.

"Let's imagine that we have another reserve of people who are ready to take up arms, with the same number of military we have now, it's an ideal picture. We are fighting, we lose a certain number of our comrades, we are withdrawn, given a break and replenished as planned. Then new people come in to replace us. This rotation would likely enhance the effectiveness of our military operations, particularly in terms of enemy casualties and the preservation of our own lives. Many in the military do not entirely subscribe to the notion of fighting until victory, as the timeline for achieving victory remains uncertain," said Yabchanka.

There are often people who justify their non-involvement in the war by saying that "our government is not good enough," says an officer of the Da Vinci Wolves battalion.

"If you are searching for a rationale as to why you aren't involved in countering Russian aggression, there's no need to look. If some MP openly encourages violence against fellow MPs with their rhetoric, and you choose to distance yourself from such matters, it's a valid decision. However, it's important to understand that this stance won't equip the Armed Forces with the necessary resources on the front lines. It won't bring us or that MP any closer to victory. If you genuinely believe that you aren't meant for the trenches, then your daily efforts should be dedicated to ensuring those in the trenches have the tools they need to fight. Instead of assigning blame to the authorities, it's crucial to take proactive action yourself," Yabchanka said.

According to his perspective, victory entails the preservation of Ukrainian lives, the restoration of justice, including the return to the 1991 borders, compensation for the destruction caused by the occupiers, and the prosecution of war criminals.

  • On March 24, the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine introduced draft law No. 9142, which stated that Ukrainians have the right to demobilize 18 months after mobilization. However, the draft law was never put to a vote.
  • Later, on March 29, MP Oleksiy Honcharenko initiated a petition to demobilize the military in 18 months. President Zelenskyy has not yet responded to it.
  • On October 23, reports indicated that over 25,000 Ukrainians had supported the request to allow the military to demobilize. Now the president has to consider it.
  • On October 27, wives of soldiers who have been fighting for over 1.5 years held protests in Ukrainian cities demanding their demobilization.
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