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Threatening with nuclear weapons, Russia is forgetting about retaliation

17 June, 2023 Saturday

Russian foreign policy expert Sergei Karaganov called for "breaking the will of the West" by using a nuclear bomb

Russia cannot achieve superiority on the battlefield, suffers losses and loses previously captured lands. The situation is critical for the Kremlin. Therefore, the Russians are returning to nuclear blackmail as a last resort. But it does not work.

One of the well-known foreign policy experts of the Russian Federation, Sergei Karaganov, proposed to launch a preemptive nuclear strike against the EU countries. In his article for the Profile magazine he called for "breaking the will of the West" with a nuclear bomb. There is no doubt that the article was written as part of the Kremlin's information strategy, and it is a signal to the West.

“Why Karaganov and not Medvedev? Because Medvedev is already perceived by the collective West as a drunken laughingstock with all his vocabulary, including iblises, "rotten world order," "a pack of grunting pigs," and even the lying "we don't need other people's territories." In the West, what Medvedev says has the force of an old lady's rant at the doorstep with one of her tenants”

In this case, Karaganov is a figure who is not yet as worn out as Dimon the Drunkard Medvedev. He is the honorary chairman of the Foreign and Defense Policy Council and one of the founders of the Valdai Club. He also holds the position of scientific director of the Faculty of World Economy and World Policy at the Higher School of Economics. In his article, the 70-year-old professor explains that any end to the war in Ukraine will not satisfy Russia unless "the will of the West to incite and support the Kyiv junta is broken." "Roughly speaking, we need the West to simply 'back off' and not prevent Russia and the world from moving forward," Karaganov writes. The main solution he proposes is to increase nuclear rhetoric to restore the lost sense of self-preservation in Western countries. According to him, the first steps in this direction have already been taken - warnings have been issued by president Vladimir Putin and other Russian leaders, and the deployment of Russian nuclear warheads and carriers has begun in Belarus. However, the matter should not be limited to this, the professor writes.

“Russia's nuclear rhetoric may reach the point where it will have to warn "compatriots and all people of good will to leave their places of residence near facilities that could become targets of nuclear strikes," Karaganov notes. If this threat does not work, he suggests using a nuclear bomb”

But there are three things that the Kremlin did not take into account when they published Karaganov's article. First, he is an authority only in Russia. Secondly, he belongs to the gerontological club of Soviet dinosaurs, which means that this is a banal manifestation of ancient Soviet rhetoric. Thirdly, the collective West does not want a big war, but having seen the real malaise of Russian weapons in Ukraine, it is no longer afraid of Russia. And thirdly, Karaganov forgot about the main thing - a retaliatory strike. And this strike will leave nothing of Russia, of Karaganov himself, his offspring, and the entire Soviet archaic. That is why the article was perceived in the West as another signal that Russia no longer has any trump cards in this geopolitical game. And in poker, a player who bluffs foolishly is quickly stripped of his money and thrown out of the game. But Russia has chosen this path on its own.


About the author. Boryslav Bereza, public figure, former Member of Parliament of Ukraine.

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