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How to make West accept Ukraine into NATO without conditions?

25 April, 2024 Thursday

"You can achieve more with a kind word and a gun than with a kind word”


Ukraine's acquisition of weapons capable of effectively destroying the oil and gas infrastructure of you know which country has dramatically changed the scenario that was initially planned for the West.

“The scenario looked something like this: after the fall of Kyiv and the loss of centralized resistance, Ukraine turns into Afghanistan, where a handful of guerrillas run around the ruins of cities, aided by the West with weapons like Javelins and the like. At the same time, the same West continues to quietly trade with our enemy and drag it into alliances against China. And, of course, not forgetting to talk about its vomitous "concern" for the Ukrainians tortured in the camps.”

But it did not happen as expected. Now there is a real opportunity to realize the same thing only on the territory of you know who. Only instead of guerrillas, drones can safely roam the territory of you know who, spoiling the appetites of Western governments and corporations that continue to operate in Russia or transport oil through its territory. In particular, this applies to Shevron and Exxon, which pump oil through the ports of Novorossiysk. That is why for the second week in a row, Washington has been throwing tantrums at Ukraine, telling it that it cannot do so.

That is, Ukraine has come close to the critical points of a possible collapse of the oil and gas sector of you know who, which could lead to the disintegration of the entire economy of its northern neighbor. According to my information, drones have already appeared over their very interesting facilities, which has caused a nervous tic in Moscow.

In other words, Ukraine has a real lever of pressure that can be realized in a similar way:

1. To make it clear to the West, of course, with all the levels of concern that can be (well, and other diplomatic crap that we have been fed for the past two years) that, unfortunately, Ukraine cannot control the spread of drone technology, which is starting to appear out of nowhere, including on the territory of you know what, and is starting to fly over gas pipelines, substations, etc. In other words, they are turning the territory of you know what into a solid Afghanistan. And this is because these technologies are generally distributed by caring volunteers and the military, who cannot be ordered by the government because they all want to survive.

2. But this situation can be changed by "increasing the capacity of state institutions" (here is a list of other diplomatic crap we are constantly fed), only within the framework of NATO. To do this, Ukraine needs to join this organization, because there will be no motivation to support the proliferation of these technologies.

“Of course, for this to happen, the West must force you know who to return to the borders of 1991. This honorable mission will be fully carried out by the Russophile Burns-Sullivan group in Washington. They have good connections there.”

3. Of course, it is fair to promise that after joining NATO (including debt relief for Ukraine, modernization of the military-industrial complex, etc.) and "gaining capacity," such an opportunity will definitely arise. But we need to hurry, because technology will be hard to stop.

Ukraine honestly promises not to touch you know who, and is also honestly ready to sign (after joining NATO) this additional commitment on the back of the Budapest Memorandum.

P.S. If you think this is fiction, you are very much mistaken. In 2022, Kissinger once said a phrase that goes something like this: Ukraine should be accepted into NATO so that it does not go beyond its borders. That is, NATO is a mechanism to keep us under control. Well, that's what they think. In fact, the transfer of combat operations has already started this process.

About the author: Taras Zahorodnyi, political and economic expert.

The editors don't always share the opinions expressed by the authors of blogs or columns.

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