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Breaking aggressive Russia-China tandem

25 January, 2024 Thursday

China is resembling Nazi Germany, which supported a vassal "partner" as part of its global struggle to oust the United States from international leadership

Today's Russian Federation is very similar to Italy during World War II - a talentless dictatorship with a relatively inept army. China, on the other hand, resembles Nazi Germany, which supports a vassal "partner" as part of its global struggle to oust the United States from international leadership. At the same time, it dreams of making the yuan the world's reserve currency instead of the US dollar.

The People's Republic of China is playing its own game, in which Moscow acts as a kind of bait for the collective West, diverting attention from China's hegemonic plans. Russia can only be defeated by breaking the Beijing-Moscow tandem, and to do so, China needs to be influenced economically or in some other way.  Today, China is the only power that can convince Russia to leave the territory of Ukraine.

“But as long as the Republicans in the US Congress continue to block the possibility of US assistance to Ukraine, none of them wants to think about the fact that if America turns its back on the Ukrainians, they will provoke a war with China over Taiwan.”

And I would like to ask those politicians who so insistently propose to give the Russian Federation the 20 percent of Ukrainian territory it occupies for the sake of alleged "peace" - are they ready to give California, Oregon or Washington to foreign invaders? The answer is obvious. So why are you recommending this to Ukrainians?

Invading Russian forces commit war crimes in Ukraine every day. And only those who are completely insensitive to the suffering of others or completely devoid of moral compasses can even consider the possibility of appeasing Putin. At a time when the only way out is the complete defeat of the criminal groups of Moscow's barbaric terrorists.

And when some short-sighted politicians in the United States try to convince their electorate in the heartland that it is no longer worth spending American taxpayer money to help Ukraine, it may end up that Americans will soon have to pay for this approach with the blood of their soldiers instead of greenbacks. After all, it is clear that Moscow has no intention of stopping at Ukraine.

The Russian authorities undoubtedly remember that Tsar Nicholas II was overthrown in 1917 as a result of a revolution that began with riots over bread shortages during the war.

“The shortage of chicken and eggs in the Russian Federation shows that Putin's regime is already very close to a situation where hunger riots could break out across all the territories of this under-empire.”

That is why the Kremlin, through its agents of influence around the world, is so insistent on "peace" on its own terms, which would mean nothing more than Ukraine's surrender to a cunning and cruel enemy.

There is no point in playing along with Putin when he is stretched thin on the ropes of sanctions and Russia is on the verge of a likely economic collapse. Putin's regime needs to be finished off now, when it is most vulnerable, and not played with Ukraine in a game of "give and take" while death and destruction of the country have become a daily occurrence in Ukrainian life.

We cannot turn a blind eye to the genocide of Ukrainians during the Russian-Ukrainian war. After all, the tragedy of Ukrainians will be no less than the Holodomor of 1932-1933 if the United States and the West leave the Ukrainian state alone with genocidal Russians.

“Probably the best strategy in the Russian-Ukrainian war would be to maximize Russia's losses in Ukraine while increasing economic pressure. So that ordinary Russians, feeling the catastrophic deterioration of their living standards and stagnant economy, would massively oppose the Putin regime and demand Putin's removal from power.”

So far, Russians cannot oust the Russian dictator in elections, but there are mechanisms that can help deal with violators of the international order like Putin. And, of course, these are not elections. Prigozhin's rebellion in 2023, which went halfway to Moscow before being stopped, clearly shows how vulnerable the Putin regime really is. It only takes a serious push to make Putin's power structure finally crumble.

“When we talk about the axis of evil-Russia, Iran, and North Korea-we cannot but include China. After all, it is Beijing that informally heads this axis, having become a political patron not only of the DPRK and Iran, but also of the Russian Federation. And by purchasing oil from Russia and Iran, the People's Republic of China is a direct sponsor of all the wars waged by these two countries.”

In this extremely difficult situation, the enemies of the West are encouraged by the fact that the United States Congress cannot agree on an extension of American aid to Ukraine. Ukraine's brave soldiers are fighting bravely for the independence of their country, but with such approaches, America's allies cannot be sure that the United States will not pull the rug out from under them.

The Republican Party is heavily influenced by a man who can and will decide the political fate of anyone who does not want to play by his rules and win. In this way, he can help his "genius" friend Putin by cutting off aid to Ukraine. At the same time, another ally of the Russian dictator, but in Europe, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban, is trying to cut off aid to Ukrainians from the European Union at any cost.

The situation is difficult, but not hopeless. If the European Union wants to become a global player, it must work more closely with the United States to help Ukraine. At the same time, it should invest heavily in its own defense and technical research. In this crucial area, Europeans should act quickly and efficiently. It is in their national interest to do so.

But the problem is not just about becoming a global player. By joining forces with the United States, Europe must cope with China's growing influence on the European continent.

“Given that China is not a democracy, but a totalitarian state where everything works according to completely different principles and programs. They do not support the rule of law and transparency in the implementation of laws, as in democratic countries. And this is what makes China dangerous.”

In the past few decades, Europe has been a giant market for Chinese goods. But if Beijing is openly siding with Russia in its war with Ukraine, then China should be punished with the yuan. We need to choose our allies wisely, and not push Russia to war in Ukraine while pretending that the Chinese have nothing to do with it.

Xi Jinping's logic is quite simple. For China, he believes that the best solution is to help Putin stay in power and do everything possible to ensure that he does not lose in Ukraine. At the same time, Beijing does not need an economically and militarily strong Russian Federation. It only needs a stable and reliable anti-Western ally.

Ironically, the weaker Russia becomes, the closer it gets to the status of a fully vassal state of China. The cheaper Russian exports become, the more dependent Russia becomes on Chinese vital imports. That is, the tried-and-true model of the colonial era is being fully realized, only with "Chinese specifics.”

At the same time, Xi Jinping cares much more about weakening the West and strengthening the Communist Party's control over his country than about doing anything that would improve China's economy. He has created most of the problems for China himself. But by supporting its potential victim, Russia, Beijing is waiting for the Russian Federation to reach such a critical economic state that "disputed Russian lands" could easily be annexed to Chinese territories. And the longer the Chinese leader waits to stop this war, the weaker the Putin regime will become.

However, Xi Jinping has to pay for this Moscow gambit with China's reputation in the international arena. He needs help with the economy, but it's stalled, and he won't get it until he stops supporting Putin.

“The Chinese leadership's hopes that the longer the war with Ukraine drags on, the better off China will be are misplaced. Reality proves the opposite - in this case, the United States will devote even more of its resources to deterring China.”

Although "Big Xi" may turn out to be smarter than Putin. Because Putin has done exactly what no "mature" dictator should do. The attention of the Russian population is slowly beginning to return to what is happening inside Russia, instead of focusing on external problems, as was intended when the Putinoids started a criminal war with Ukraine. The Russian dictator was very afraid of the beginning of the revolution in Russia, and now he will be facing riots. Which could destroy from within the country, which he has already privatized in his favor.

The frosts that hit Russia quite "unexpectedly" demonstrated the collapse of the Russian Federation's governance system. Putin's leadership is falling apart. It's time for him and his supporters to face reality and to abandon the war in Ukraine and the occupation of Ukrainian territories.

“Putin has unwittingly become a tool of Xi Jinping in his efforts to eliminate the United States' global leadership. It is to achieve this goal that Beijing needs Russia as a puppet, even though this puppet still considers itself a global superpower.”

Beijing has played on Putin's geopolitical ambitions. The Chinese will wait patiently for Russia to be economically and militarily exhausted in a long war with Ukraine. And here the Russian dictator makes the same mistake that Stalin made with Hitler. He thinks that he and the Nazi Fuhrer have a good partnership, and that they will capture and then divide the whole world between them.

Putin's "fraternization" with China could end in a similar outcome. Having put his head in the mouth of the "Chinese tiger," one cannot think that at some point the latter will not be tempted to bite it off. But for some reason, Moscow naively believes that this cannot happen to them.


About the author. Viktor Kaspruk, journalist.

The editors don't always share the opinions expressed by the authors of the blogs.

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