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Ukraine will strike military targets even deeper in Russia

30 June, 2024 Sunday

The U.S. will soon be forced to abandon another of its bans. The Ukrainian Armed Forces will be able to target Russia’s territory with Western weapons


The White House is more interested than ever in the effectiveness of the Ukrainian army, which is hampered by numerous prejudices invented by American politicians. That is why common sense is gradually replacing the infamous fear of "escalation of the conflict": without a tangible defeat on the battlefield, the bunker-boy will not sit down at the negotiating table with sober ambitions.

"You can always count on the Americans to do the right thing after they have tried everything else," said Sir Winston Churchill, the British prime minister. Less than a month ago, the United States authorized the Ukrainian Armed Forces to fire American weapons at Russian territory, and now Washington is getting convinced that the restrictions should be lifted further. This logic stems from the "American vision of Ukraine's victory strategy," the outlines of which were announced earlier. What will this change?

None of Russia's major military air bases are within the range of authorized GMLRS missiles, but many of them are within the range of ATACMS missiles. The long-range ATACMS will be able to destroy Russian air defense systems in Muscovy, which will increase the effectiveness of the "Ukrainian" F-16.

The F-16s will be able to cover the front line from the occupiers’ SU-34s, which are firing at our positions with KABs with impunity.  KABs are the most dangerous threat from the occupying Russian forces today.

Kyiv is authorized to use US-supplied air defense systems to strike Russian aircraft if they are about to attack Ukrainian airspace with fire. The shipment of new Patriot systems and the granting of full freedom of action to Ukrainian air defense systems will allow to “push” Russian aircraft far away from the front line.

Before the new offensive in the Kharkiv region in May, the Russians amassed tens of thousands of soldiers near the border with Ukraine. However, Ukrainian defenders could not strike them with Western weapons because Kyiv did not receive such permission from our partners.

Military analysts write that the June US authorization to strike at the Russian border has yielded results: Russia’s offensive in the Kharkiv region is fading, the dynamics on the northeastern front changed almost immediately, and Ukrainian troops managed to stabilize the situation there. But there would have been no Russian offensive in this area if the Ukrainian Armed Forces had "partial permission" a month and a half or two months ago.

It is quite predictable that the attacks on the Russian border did not cause any escalation on the part of the Kremlin. This is an incentive for our partners to increase assistance and move towards lifting the next bans:  "short-ranged" shelling of Russia's frontline zones will not allow to disrupt Russia's large-scale operations.

The civilized West and the Global South no longer hide their desire to get Putin to the negotiating table, but these intentions only stir up the Russian dictator's imperial ambitions. Therefore, a straitjacket is needed. A serious bolstering of the Ukrainian Armed Forces can become such a deterrent to the "land grabber.”


About the author. Orest Sohar, journalist, editor-in-chief of Obozrevatel

The editorial board does not always share the opinions expressed by blog authors.

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