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Victorious news of 739th day of war: blowing up railway bridge in Russia, growth of exports through Black Sea

4 March, 2024 Monday

In Russia, a railroad bridge carrying trains with ammunition was blown up, and Ukraine managed to increase exports through the Black Sea

A railway bridge was blown up in the Samara region of Russia

On Monday, March 4, an explosion occurred on a railway bridge in the Samara region, Russia. Reports suggest that support across the river was blown up. The damage to the structures caused train delays.

Later, RIA Novosti, citing representatives of Russian emergency services, reported that the train traffic in the Samara region was stopped due to the undermining of a bridge support across the river.

The Defence Intelligence of Ukraine confirmed that a railway bridge over the Chapayevka River in the Samara region of Russia was damaged.

The Russians used the railroad line to transport military cargo, including engineering ammunition produced by the Polymer JSC plant in Chapayevsk, Samara region.
Intelligence officers emphasize that given the nature of the damage to the railway bridge, its use will be impossible for a long time

Ukraine has managed to increase exports through the Black Sea

February saw Black Sea exports reaching one of their highest levels since the all-out invasion, with over 8 million tons of diverse products shipped, including 5 million tons of agricultural goods.

Denys Marchuk, Deputy Chairman of the Ukrainian Agrarian Council, revealed this information during a briefing at the Media Center Ukraine – Ukrinform

“Overall, over 8 million tons of assorted products were exported, with agricultural goods accounting for more than 5 million tons. This marks one of our strongest export performances since the onset of the full-blown war. We observe a significant uptick in business activity, attributed to the trust and security instilled by the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the Black Sea, as companies prompting robust logistics investments in the region.”

Production of armoured vehicles has been launched in Ukraine

Ukrainian developers have launched the production of analogues of Western armoured vehicles M113, MaxxPro and Humvee called Lis, Sikach and Kharakternyk. This was stated by a representative of the Defence Intelligence of Ukraine, Andriy Yusov.

"This is a truly amazing story, when we managed to restore the equipment on the spot without losing combat capabilities, using available materials or equipment that was no longer suitable," Yusov said.

According to him, Ukraine also produces its own parts, including hulls and other individual units. At the same time, outdated Soviet elements from Soviet equipment are used.

Yusov stressed that domestic equipment is not just prototypes. All of them have proven their effectiveness on the battlefield, in particular during the defensive operation and the subsequent cover for the withdrawal of Ukrainian units from Avdiivka.

According to an intelligence representative, Sikach and Kharakternyk armoured vehicles took part in an operation to eliminate an enemy sabotage and reconnaissance group in the east.

Cache with ammunition for Russian subversive reconnaissance groups found in the Sumy region

The State Bureau of Investigation uncovered an ammunition cache equipped by the Russian military near the border in Sumy region. According to intelligence, it was intended for enemy subversive reconnaissance groups, which were neutralised by the Ukrainian Defence Forces during the de-occupation of Sumy region.

The cache, disguised in a forest belt, contained almost forty anti-tank mines, 10 improvised explosive devices, two grenade launchers and two boxes of 14.5 mm ammunition.

After an expert examination, the seized ammunition will be transferred to the Ukrainian Defence Forces. 

$783 million worth of Russian assets were used to rebuild Ukraine

Last year, the Ukrainian government allocated about UAH 30 billion ($783 million) of Russian assets confiscated in Ukraine for reconstruction. This was announced by Prime Minister of Ukraine Denys Shmyhal at a press conference.

"Last year, we used about UAH 30 billion of Russian assets confiscated in Ukraine; these are from Russian banks and enterprises," he said.

Shmyhal also noted that ARMA is putting up for sale the yacht of former MP Viktor Medvedchuk. The proceeds will go to the state Recovery Fund and be used to rebuild Ukraine. 

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