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Victorious news of 792nd day of war: European Parliament calls not to recognize Putin's pseudo-election, while oil products continue to burn in Russia

25 April, 2024 Thursday

American shells are expected to arrive at the front within a few days, while oil products continue to burn in Russia. Furthermore, the European Parliament has declared Putin's election a farce and urged for its non-recognition


European Parliament calls not to recognize Putin's "elections" as legitimate

The European Parliament has adopted a resolution calling for the non-recognition of President Vladimir Putin's pseudo-elections in Russia and the temporarily occupied territories of Ukraine. MEPs call the Russian presidential "elections" held on March 15-17 a farce. They called on the international community and EU member states not to recognize them as legitimate, as they were held "in the illegally occupied territories of Ukraine, and within Russia, it was neither free nor fair." 

At the same time, the European Parliament called on the EU to limit relations with Russia in terms of regional security, humanitarian or human rights issues, including the exchange of prisoners, the release of political prisoners and the return of illegally deported Ukrainian children. 

"MEPs call on the EU and member states to continue to actively support independent Russian civil society organisations, independent media outlets and human rights defenders and to actively engage with and offer support to the Russian democratic opposition," the document concludes. 

The resolution was supported by 493 votes, with 11 MEPs voting against and 18 abstentions. 

Ammunition from the US could be at the front in a few days

Artillery ammunition from the United States may arrive at the front line in a few days. This was stated by Colonel of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, Petro Chernyk, on the Espreso TV channel.

"In just a few days, some of the artillery ammunition may arrive at the front line, at the disposal of the Armed Forces. If we understand that the bulk will be transferred by rail, and one 50-tonne wagon can carry up to 500 shells, this is a very serious reinforcement indeed," he said.

It is important that the Americans have managed to increase the production of 155-mm shells to about 60,000 per month, Chernyk said.

"At the beginning of the war, they produced only 12,000-13,000 per month. We understand that today the 'war of artillery' remains the main one. There is also a unique moment in the US legislative process. In particular, the ATACMS missiles have been integrated into the bill, and they must be transferred to Ukraine. The only question is their number. Of course, a few dozen is very good. We will repeat something like we did in Dzhankoi last week. But we need a few hundred, and preferably 1,500. The Americans have them in their warehouses," he added.

Three tanks with oil products burned in Omsk, Russia

On April 25, a large-scale fire broke out in Omsk on the Krasnoyarsk highway, where three tanks with oil products were burning.

“Three tanks with oil products, each with a volume of 200 liters, are burning on the Krasnoyarsk highway. Preliminary, the fire area is 500 square meters," the Russian Emergencies Ministry said in a statement.

It is noted that 58 rescuers and 15 pieces of equipment are working at the scene. In addition, two fire trains were involved in extinguishing the fire.

Ground crews and technicians also train for F-16 alongside Ukrainian pilots

Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Kingdom of Denmark to Ukraine Ole Egberg Mikkelsen confirmed that everything is going according to plan and that the fighter jets promised by Denmark will arrive in Ukraine this summer. Ole Egberg Mikkelsen said this in a comment to Espreso correspondent Kateryna Halko on the sidelines of the International Conference on Media Literacy and Media Self-Regulation.

"Everything is on track, my prime minister was here a few months ago and he said that the planes would arrive this summer. He didn't specify a specific month, but of course it's June, July or August," the ambassador said.

Ole Egberg Mikkelsen added that it is not only about the aircraft but also about the necessary ground support infrastructure. In addition, Denmark trains not only pilots but also ground crews and technicians.

"It's not just the planes and pilots - it's a whole package: ground support, all the infrastructure that needs to be in place. So I am optimistic that everything will work out well," added Ole Egberg Mikkelsen.

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