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Russian attacks expected across entire front line. Column by Serhiy Zgurets

11 January, 2024 Thursday

Ukraine should anticipate a wave of attacks on the Kupyansk, Bakhmut, Avdiivka, and Marinka directions. The modus operandi of Russia typically involves deploying a substantial number of personnel for offensives against Ukrainian positions. However, it is unlikely that Russia new offensive actions will come as a surprise to the Ukrainian Defense Forces

The Ukrainian Defense Forces manage to disrupt all of Russia's offensive plans 

Ukraine has been able to adapt to Russia’s massive assaults and prevented it from achieving any strategic goals in Donetsk and Kharkiv regions. This is the optimistic conclusion of the German outlet Bild, which is now being spread by different media. The Armed Forces of Ukraine have been able to thwart all Russian offensives for months and collect a huge bloody tribute from Russia for its futile offensive efforts. This is what Bild writes. I think, we can hardly talk about a complete halt to the enemy's offensive, as it is still ongoing.

In recent developments, Russian troops launched as many as 77 attacks on Ukrainian positions, with two-thirds of these assaults concentrated in the Avdiivka direction and near Marinka. The challenges were not limited to these areas, and it is anticipated that a new wave of enemy attacks may occur in the Kupyansk, Bakhmut, Avdiivka, and Marinka directions shortly. The enemy has adhered to a familiar pattern, utilizing a significant number of personnel for these offensives. However, it is unlikely that Russia’s new offensive actions will come as a surprise to the Ukrainian Defense Forces. Adequate ammunition remains a crucial factor.

Ukrainian arms manufacturers’ capability to influence the situation at the front

Deputy Artillery Division Commander Major Pavlo Kyshkar emphasized that Ukraine currently has no policy of cooperation between the Ministry of Defense and weapons manufacturers. However, according to him, there are some pleasant exceptions. In particular, the purchase and adoption of Shablya remote modules. The military is already expecting thousands of such systems, which will help to destroy the enemy more effectively. There are also numerous other developments, and Ukrainian manufacturers are ready to help the Ukrainian Defense Forces strengthen their capabilities to repel Russian aggression.

Shablya automatic turret (photo: Mykhailo Fedorov's telegram channel)

Pavlo Kyshkar emphasized that if Ukraine does not have enough manpower to repel the aggression, it is necessary to turn to Ukrainian arms manufacturers in order to outperform Russia in the technological aspect. According to Kyshkar, Ukraine has many excellent weapons developments that will definitely strengthen the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

Pavlo Kyshkar emphasizes the urgent need for the Ministry of Defense to swiftly approve the technological solutions offered by Ukrainian manufacturers within a matter of days. He argues that if these innovations fail to expedite the process of reviewing new contracts during times of war, there is a necessity for altering the existing rules. Kyshkar asserts that such changes can be implemented by the Minister of Defense and the Commander-in-Chief, as it falls within their responsibility. He underscores the critical nature of every day in expediting bureaucratic processes, particularly in the current wartime context. Kyshkar advocates for the removal of individuals impeding the acceleration of weapons production and a reduction in the time required for contract reviews to enhance the efficiency of the weapons procurement process.

Pavlo Kyshkar added that people sitting in offices should be "trained" at the frontline. If they do not undergo such "training", they will not feel the real needs of the military. Therefore, according to Kyshkar, there should be people in the offices who understand the connection between the signing of a new arms contract and changes at the front. This has a direct impact on the front line and can save more lives of soldiers.

Ukrainian intelligence obtains 100 GB of secret files of Russian enterprise producing electronic warfare equipment

Anton Mikhnenko, a military expert and editor of the Ukrainian Defense Review magazine of Defense Express, emphasized that any arms manufacturer tries to minimize information leakage. Ukrainian intelligence has obtained information about the Russian enterprise Special Technological Center (STC) LLC, which has been producing electronic intelligence equipment for quite some time, marking an important step. With such information, we will be able to know what technological level Russia is at and what promising projects they are implementing.

Mikhnenko noted that the airborne and ground-based electronic intelligence equipment manufactured by STC has been adopted by the Russian army. These means are mass-produced. Ukraine can also use this data to reverse technologies. That is, to understand what technological solutions have been implemented, how they can be implemented in our developments, and how to counter these electronic warfare means. For example, in what frequency range do electronic intelligence means operate, as well as their weaknesses.

R-330Zh Zhitel

Mikhnenko added that Ukraine will share this information with its partners 100%. The Defence Intelligence of Ukraine will cooperate with partner intelligence agencies to explain and provide information on Russia's technological development. In this way, allies can help Ukraine create new technological weapons and focus on the capabilities of the Russian army.

Ukraine needs to increase its capabilities to produce electronic warfare equipment

Anton Mikhnenko emphasized that Russia has a fairly large arsenal of electronic warfare equipment. Russia has powerful capabilities for the mass production of electronic warfare equipment. According to Mikhnenko, Russia does have a certain advantage in electronic warfare. Ukraine must respond appropriately to such challenges. In this context, we have several key points: the public sector and the private sector. The public sector works according to its own rules, and today, unfortunately, there are no really progressive solutions. This is compensated by a fairly powerful private sector that develops electronic warfare. Private companies in Ukraine have good achievements in the development and production of electronic warfare.

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