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Russia changes tactics of assaults near Chasiv Yar, Ukrainian army successfully attacks Dzhankoi airfield. Column by Serhiy Zgurets

18 April, 2024 Thursday

Ukraine's forces conducted a series of attacks on Russian military facilities in occupied Crimea and in Russia. A series of powerful explosions occurred at the Dzhankoi airfield, and Ukrainian drones attacked a plant in Tatarstan and the Container radar in Mordovia


Ukraine conducts several attacks on Russian military facilities

Ukraine attacked Russian military facilities. In particular, the airbase in occupied Dzhankoi, where the 39th helicopter detachment, or rather an air regiment, is stationed. The airfield is also used by the Russians for attack aircraft. Satellite images showed that 10 attack helicopters and 4 Su-25 attack aircraft were based at this airfield. It is not yet known what kind of aviation losses Russia suffered after the Ukrainian strike. However, some photos show the damaged launchers of S-300 and S-400 air defense systems that were deployed near this airfield.

A total of 6 powerful explosions were recorded. Probably, this is how the warehouses with missiles exploded right next to the launchers. This was reported by the Atesh guerrilla movement. It is also still unknown what exactly was used in the attack. However, there is a high probability that the strike was carried out with ATACMS missiles of the M-39 version. These missiles have a range of 165 kilometers and a cluster warhead.

Yesterday, it also became known that drones of the Ukrainian Defence Intelligence attacked the Russian Container horizon radar in Mordovia. This radar is part of the reconnaissance and warning system for missile and space attacks. The distance from the Ukrainian border to the attack site is over 700 kilometers. This suggests that Ukrainian drones are systematically operating at such ranges. Ukrainian media, citing intelligence representatives, also reported that drones attacked a plant in Tatarstan where Tu-22 and Tu-160 aircraft are being repaired.

Russia keeps trying to capture Chasiv Yar

Dmytro Kozhubenko, an officer of the planning section of the Rubizh Brigade, said that the Russian troops are trying to attack the positions of the Ukrainian Defense Forces bypassing Chasiv Yar. They are unable to break through the Ukrainian defense along the front line. In particular, the invading forces are trying to pass along the Kostiantynivka-Chasiv Yar road, as well as from the side of Bohdanivka. Kozhubenko said that the Russians are concentrating a large number of personnel in this area.

Map of combat operations in the Bakhmut sector as of April 17

Dmytro Kozhubenko also said that Russians destroy mines first with artillery fire, and then with assault teams, which are thrown into attacks as cannon fodder. Therefore, mining the territory does not deter the Russians much. The only thing that restrains the invaders is the powerful and effective work of the Ukrainian Defense Forces.

FPV drones replace ammunition for Ukraine's Armed Forces

According to Dmytro Kozhubenko, the Ukrainian Armed Forces still have an urgent need for ammunition. They are holding back the enemy with the number of shells they have. However, today ammunition is very effectively replaced by FPV drones. It is drones that allow the Ukrainian defenders to partially cover the lack of ammunition for artillery. Although there are not many FPV drones at the front, there is no significant shortage of them. Kozhubenko emphasized that a large number of public and private enterprises in Ukraine are currently producing a large number of FPV drones.

Dmytro Kozhubenko said that the Russian army often uses armored vehicles to move closer to the positions of the Ukrainian Armed Forces. The invaders also use buggies, ATVs, and motorcycles. In addition, such attacks are combined with the use of all these types of vehicles. However, most of all, the Russians use armored vehicles to transport personnel. Such attacks, according to Kozhubenko, are an excellent target for drones and artillery.

Dmytro Kozhubenko also spoke about the construction of fortifications on the front line. He noted that heavy construction equipment is not used on the first line of the frontline, as it would be immediately destroyed by the enemy. That is why the military are improving their defenses using improvised means.

The officer also noted that the units of the Rubizh Brigade have quite a bit of combat experience. The brigade's soldiers are improving their skills at permanent and temporary deployment points. According to him, all volunteers and mobilized soldiers undergo a very long training process. And only after it is decided that a person is fully ready for combat operations, they are sent to the front line.

Communication products from the Ukrainian company Himera Radios enter the international market

Promin Aerospace co-founder and CEO, Himera Radios co-founder Misha Rudominsky said that recently they announced the results of their work over the past six months. In particular, the American company Reticulate Micro, which is a partner of Himera Radios, has reached an agreement that Reticulate Micro will become the official distributor in the US market and in several other countries.

In particular, the communication equipment and radios will be used not only by the Ukrainian military but also by other armies around the world. According to Rudominsky, this will help attract additional funding for the company's development, which will allow it to increase production. This step will also help to keep the minimum price that was set at the beginning of the production of communications equipment.

Misha Rudominsky said that the main difference between Himera Radios' communications equipment is that their radios were not made for the procurement agency and the Ministry of Defense, but for the military itself. This decision distinguishes the company's products from those of other companies in the world. Rudominsky also emphasized the affordability of Himera Radios products. In particular, he said, from the very beginning of the production of their communications equipment, they used commercial components rather than export-controlled ones. This decision allows them to have a much more attractive price for their communications equipment on the market. He also noted that their products are represented in almost every type of unit of the Armed Forces. This proves the fact that Himera Radios' communications equipment has high-quality functionality.

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