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Elections, albeit illegitimate, during war time, will still be held

22 October, 2023 Sunday

Unless I'm very much mistaken, elections are not held under martial law

But I'm not a lawyer, I don't know everything, and I understand that if necessary, some legal loophole can always be found. Moreover, the president has recently hinted at this very transparently.

My opinion is that it is impossible and unnecessary to hold elections during the war. And it has nothing to do with my personal political sympathies or antipathies. And here's why.

I noticed that the opponents of the current government insist on the need for elections, in particular. They hope to re-elect it. But this is unlikely to happen in the near future. Because the only person who can compete with Zelenskyy in terms of popularity now is Zaluzhnyi. I don't believe that he will leave his duties as commander-in-chief and run for president before the end of the war. After the victory - maybe, but not now.

The main reason why I am against the elections is that they will be deliberately illegitimate. Because:

  • the occupied territories, the frontline, and the nearest frontline towns and villages will not vote, and this is a lot of people;

  • it will be very difficult to campaign, because the opposition is de facto deprived of access to TV, and mass gatherings are a danger to people;

  • on election day, the enemies will certainly disrupt the voting by continuous air raids, during which people will be forced to leave the polling stations (this is a mandatory requirement);

  • no (or rather, few) international observers will come to testify to the absence of violations;

  • many refugees residing abroad are unlikely to participate in voting, primarily due to a limited number of polling stations that may not be conveniently accessible. Additionally, the refugee population may have other more urgent concerns.

  • (most importantly) The elections will finally split society, because whoever wins, their opponents will not recognize it. And they will have good reason, because the elections are de facto unfair!

“However, I think that the elections will still take place in the spring. And after them, the newly elected (or re-elected) president will hold a mass mobilization, the only alternative to which is the surrender of Ukraine.”

Therefore, candidates for military service, you likely have until the spring season. During this time, you may choose to leave the country illegally or find a secluded refuge where sympathetic women provide you with food surreptitiously under the veil of darkness. And if you are normal men, citizens of your country, you have time to prepare, at least take tactical medicine courses, and find a good place of service.

The Military Commissariat, the Military Enlistment Commission and other authorities also have some time to restore order, create a unified register of persons liable for military service, stop sending skilled IT guys to the infantry and people who have lost limbs back to combat positions.

If a recruit is affiliated with military unit A0001, training centers should not try to send him to military unit A0002.

Relocation plans should be approved by all authorities at least two months in advance, not six months or a year in advance. I know it sounds like utopia, but...

Two principles should prevail in the military: expediency + respect for people.

Evaders must be caught and mobilized.

Otherwise, it will be very bad for all of us.

And don't say later that you were not warned.


About the author. Olena Bilozerska, officer with the Ukrainian Armed Forces, volunteer, blogger.

The editors do not always share the opinions expressed by the blog authors.

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