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Victorious news of 567th day of war: Ukrainian army announces "hot season" for Russian troops in Crimea, Germany hands over another military aid package to Ukraine

13 September, 2023 Wednesday

Ukraine is receiving more assistance from international partners, and the Ukrainian forces are conducting successful operations to eliminate the invading Russian forces and their equipment


Bulgaria plans to lift the ban on grain imports from Ukraine

The Bulgarian Parliamentary Committee on Economic Policy and Innovation has adopted a draft decision stating that the country does not support the extension of the ban on imports of certain agricultural products from Ukraine after September 15.

Forbes Bulgaria reported the information. 

The outlet noted that the final decision will be made at the plenary session.

The draft decision was supported by 10 committee members. Four spoke against it, and two abstained.

Thus, the draft position of Bulgaria states that the country does not support the extension of the emergency measure to ban imports of wheat, corn, rapeseed, and sunflower seeds from Ukraine to Bulgaria, Poland, Hungary, Romania, and Slovakia after September 15, 2023. The Council of Ministers was instructed to take the necessary measures to express its position.

"Following farmers' protests in these countries, the European Commission has imposed restrictions on wheat, rapeseed, sunflower and corn transit through these countries until September 15, but not on their domestic markets. The draft decision provoked a lively debate in the Commission, with industry organizations that were present at the Commission meeting spoke against it," Forbes reports.

Explosions at a shipyard in temporarily occupied Sevastopol

Around 3:00 a.m. on Wednesday, September 13, witnesses reported at least seven explosions in Sevastopol. Smoke quickly engulfed the city, which is currently under Russian occupation.

Local residents captured the explosions on video. Crimean Wind Telegram mentioned the unusual activity in the Southern Bay, where Russian fleet ships and submarines are often located. The National Resistance Center confirmed reports of an attack in the Southern Bay area.

Sevastopol's local leader, Mikhail Razvozhaev, accused Ukraine of launching a missile attack on the Russian-occupied city and reported a fire at the Sevastopol shipyard. He claimed that 24 people were injured in the incident.

Later, Andriy Yusov, a representative of the Main Directorate of Intelligence of the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense, informed Ukrainian media that a large Russian landing ship in Sevastopol had been hit during the nighttime attack. Additionally, a Russian submarine was damaged.

SBU attack "polling station" in occupied Zaporizhzhia with drones

Three 'kamikaze' drones attacked a so-called polling station in the temporarily occupied Blahovishchenka, Zaporizhzhia region. The Russians also stored filled ballots there.

This was reported by Interfax-Ukraine, Hromadske and OBOZREVATEL.

Invading Russian forces brought already filled ballots to the polling station within 10 days during remote "voting" from all settlements of the Blahovishchenka community.

Ukraine will receive EUR 50 billion to rebuild the country

The European Commission President said this during her year-end speech at the European Parliament.

"We have provided 12 billion euros this year alone to help keep hospitals, schools and other services running. And through our ASAP proposal we are ramping up ammunition production to help match Ukraine's immediate needs. But we are also looking further ahead. This is why we have proposed an additional 50 billion euros over four years for investment and reforms. This will help build Ukraine's future to rebuild a modern and prosperous country," Ursula von der Leyen said.

The head of the European Commission also added that the future of Ukraine is the European Union.

"We can no longer allow a country that is European in spirit to be left behind. The EU has to expand," she emphasized.

Germany announces new aid package for Ukraine

On Wednesday, September 13, Germany announced more military aid to Ukraine. The new package includes reconnaissance drones and Marder infantry fighting vehicles

The German government's website reported the information.

It noted that the new aid package from Germany for Ukraine includes:

  • 20 Marder infantry fighting vehicles with ammunition;
  • 3,000 rounds of 155 mm caliber ammunition;
  • 2 tanks for demining Wisent 1;
  • material for the explosive ordnance disposal;
  • Satcom satellite communications surveillance system;
  • 20 RQ-35 Heidrun reconnaissance drones;
  • 2 mobile antenna mast systems;
  • 10 drone detection systems;
  • heavy duty trailer truck 8x8 HX81 and 4 semi-trailers;
  • 9 vehicles (trucks, minibuses, all-terrain vehicles);
  • 5 8x8 trucks;
  • 3 ambulances;
  • 1.5 million rounds of ammunition for firearms.

Defense Forces announce extension of "hot season" in Crimea for Russian troops

Operational Command South's spokesperson Natalia Humeniuk said that the recent events in Crimea are one of the elements of a large and powerful operation of the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

She said this on Espreso TV. 

"The main thing to understand is that information about the work of the Defense Forces should be dosed. There was quite a lot of good news after that night related to the targets that were hit in Sevastopol. We are now conducting further reconnaissance and gathering information about the impact of the attack. The situation on the Crimean peninsula is quite turbulent. For our part, despite the fact that the weather is now characterized by cool nights, we promise to continue the "hot season" for the occupiers in Crimea," said Humeniuk.

Ukrainian Armed Forces destroy Russian Tunets boat

On September 13, the Ukrainian Defense Forces launched a successful attack on the Russian Tunets boat

This is reported by the Ukrainian Navy.

"In the northwestern part of the Black Sea, the Southern Defense Forces destroyed another enemy boat of the KC-701 Tunets type," the statement says. 

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