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Victorious news of 712th day of war: Russia loses battle for Black Sea, Netherlands to give Ukraine extra F-16s

5 February, 2024 Monday

The Ukrainian Armed Forces have tested a new night vision drone, and the Netherlands has decided to provide Ukraine with additional fighter jets


Ukraine's Armed Forces test new attack drone with night vision

Brave1 members have created the Shoolika mk6 strategic strike drone, which can deliver precise strikes especially at night, as it is equipped with night vision systems

Ukraine's Minister of Digital Transformation Mykhailo Fedorov said this.

"Developers at SkyLab UA have created a strategic strike drone, the Shoolika mk6. The drone can deliver precision strikes and is especially effective in night operations - it has top night visual systems," he wrote.

According to the minister, the drone has a range of up to 10 km, can carry a load of up to 6 kg, has a high-precision control system, and is resistant to electronic warfare.

"The Defense Forces have already tested the Shoolika mk6 and gave their feedback: the drone is important for tactical operations, especially at night," said Fedorov.

He noted that the drone has already received approval for operation and is in the process of obtaining NATO codification. The developers are also planning to improve the artificial intelligence system for autonomous missions and cameras to better search for targets and change course to adjust air strikes.

Ukrainian forces drive Russian army out of its positions near Bakhmut

Yuriy Fedorenko, commander of the Achilles Air Assault Battalion of the 92nd Detached Assault Brigade named after Ivan Sirko, said this on Espreso TV.

"The Russian army continues to fulfill its tasks in this section. It is trying to regain lost positions and its influence in Klishchiivka, Andriivka, and in the direction of Chasovyi Yar. But objectively, the Defense Forces managed to stop the enemy's offensive in a coordinated manner," he said.

There are a number of attacks every day, but Russia has no tactical success. Instead, the Ukrainian Defense Forces managed to drive the Russian army out of a number of positions and are now firmly and successfully entrenched, Fedorenko said.

"This was due to a well-planned operation, courage and hard work of the personnel. This is an infantry unit that has the most difficult job in the Defense Forces. I am convinced that attack aircraft and infantry are the most difficult work," he added.

The Netherlands to provide Ukraine with 6 additional F-16 aircraft

This is reported by the press service of the Dutch Defense Ministry.

"Now, 6 more aircraft will be added to the 18 F-16s that are being prepared for delivery to Ukraine," the statement says.

The remaining 18 aircraft are intended for the F-16 training center in Romania, where Ukrainian pilots will be trained and exercised.

The Netherlands has also stopped discussions on the possible sale of 6 F-16 fighter jets to Draken International, with which the country signed an agreement in 2021. The point is that both parties have come to the conclusion that the sale and delivery of these F-16s will not take place in the short term.

Military and political observer: Russia has lost the Black Sea battle

Oleksandr Kovalenko, a military and political observer of the Information Resistance group, stated this on the air of the FREEDOM TV channel. He also mentioned the recently destroyed boat Ivanovets, which played an important role for the invading Russian troops.

According to him, Russia has lost the Black Sea battle. Russia withdrew missile carriers and all more or less modern ships from Sevastopol.

"Now in Sevastopol, in fact, in Crimea, there are those ships that they value the least. But it should also be understood that even the ships they value the least are also a very valuable resource, as they are mostly Soviet models, the designs of which no Russian shipyard can build today," he added.

At the same time, Kovalenko noted that Novorossiysk, where the Russian troops have deployed Kalibr missile carriers, will soon become another "dangerous place for the Russian flotilla.”

Ukrainian missile forces target Russian personnel concentration areas 

The Ukrainian Armed Forces’ General Staff.

During the day, missile troops struck one personnel concentration area, two command posts, and two munitions depots.

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