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Russian regime no longer needs pop icons like Kirkorov. Vitaliy Portnikov's column

8 January, 2024 Monday

This happened after the so-called Almost Naked Party party, which the Russian authorities used to force representatives of Russian show business to show their absolute loyalty. Putin's regime does not need silent people and performers. It needs those who will sing enthusiastically about war and death

The People's Artist of Ukraine, and I didn't misspeak, because he still officially holds this title, Philipp Kirkorov said that he was donating his entire honorarium for participating in one of the New Year's TV programs to the residents of Belgorod who suffered from the "inhuman terrorist attack".

I don't know if it is worth reminding you that when Russia was carrying out inhuman terrorist attacks on Ukrainian cities and towns, when women and children were dying, when Russian soldiers were killing civilians in Bucha, Borodyanka, Izium, Irpin and other towns of Ukraine, Philipp Kirkorov, like most representatives of the Russian show business, remained silent. And, of course, he did not donate any money from his participation in Russian television programs to help people who lost their homes and relatives who suffered from the crimes of his compatriots.

Of course, we could not expect any money from Philipp Kirkorov, because any assistance to Ukrainians, and even more so any assistance to the Ukrainian Armed Forces, which are trying to liberate Ukrainian land from Russian aggression, is not only condemned by the public in Russia, but also prosecuted.

However, it is worth recalling that Kirkorov was in no hurry to support Vladimir Putin's hateful war, which is supported by the majority of Russian citizens, and therefore the majority of the famous pop singer's audience.

Now, Kirkorov is trying to demonstrate to the Russian regime that he is one of their people. This happened after the so-called Almost Naked Party, which the Russian authorities used to force representatives of Russian show business to show their absolute loyalty. Those people obviously believed that Russia would continue its hateful war against Ukraine, turn into a real Hitler state, persecute political prisoners, and announce savage laws against sexual minorities. And the so-called bohemians will continue to lead the lifestyle they are used to, which does not appeal to the Russian security services led by Vladimir Putin and their supporters.

We all understand that the so-called Almost Naked Party with the participation of Philipp Kirkorov and other representatives of Russian show business is just a pretext for the Russian authorities to demonstrate who is who. And no titles and orders that Kirkorov received from the bloody hands of Vladimir Putin can save show business representatives now. They are forced to justify their participation in the party and demonstrate that they understand the change in narratives.

Yesterday, there was no war in Russia, only a so-called 'special operation' conducted on the territory of a neighboring state. And now Russia is on fire, it's like a fortress, and everyone has to understand all these problems that the Russian state has faced as if it wasn't Russia that attacked Ukraine and is fighting the civilized world, but someone attacked Russia itself and is really threatening its citizens who are infected with a chauvinistic virus.

What is happening to Kirkorov and others like him is what has always happened in any fascist state. When they came for the Jews, I was silent because I was not a Jew. When they came for the communists, I was silent because I was not a communist. And when they came for me, there was no one who could speak up for me, so I was quietly sent to a concentration camp and turned into nothing.

It would seem that Kirkorov, as an experienced person with many years of staying not only on the Russian but also on the Soviet stage, could have realized what was happening. Kirkorov is a citizen of a European Union country, he has a huge fortune, the opportunity to live in peace in the civilized world and never again humiliate himself before Vladimir Putin or those who support the Russian regime. Kirkorov is not at the beginning of his career now, but let's say he has reached the final. And a rather simple question arises: why should all these people, not very young, very rich and successful, humiliate themselves in front of those who are the embodiment of murderers and scoundrels, rapists and robbers?

Obviously, it is primarily greed, the desire to earn more and more money from TV programs and concerts. Although soon all the royalties will have to be given to the war participants so that they can kill civilians more fruitfully, and Kirkorov would applaud this. Of course, there is a desire to continue to be on stage. Because for people like Kirkorov, being cut from the New Year's programs of despicable Russian television is a personal catastrophe. Well, and simply, stupidity, immorality, lack of understanding of where things are going.

But we perfectly understand that the situation will never be favorable for people like Philipp Kirkorov, because the Russian state does not value silence, but complete loyalty and readiness to perform patriotic songs that will glorify the leader, Vladimir Putin. This is already starting.

The Russian regime no longer needs Kirkorov and Lolita, which is why they will be excellent legitimate targets for the Russian authorities to demonstrate new 'bonds' that will help them conduct mobilizations, find more cannon fodder for a war with Ukraine and not only with Ukraine, because Russia is preparing for a major war in the entire post-Soviet space, and perhaps even a war with the civilized world. In such a great war, which will sooner or later lead to total mobilization in Russia, there is no need for silent people and performers. Russia requires those who will sing about war and death. And sing with enthusiasm.

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