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Victorious news of 623rd day of war: collaborator in Luhansk, Russian colonels at Arabat Spit killed

8 November, 2023 Wednesday

On November 8, three Russian colonels and one collaborator who tortured Ukrainians were liquidated

France to allocate another EUR 200 million to support Ukraine's Armed Forces

This was stated by French Defense Minister Sebastien Lecornu during a speech to the National Assembly, Franceinfo reports.

"You voted in favor of an amendment in the committee that opens up an additional 200 million euros for the Ukraine Support Fund, the government will keep its promise," he said.

The minister added that this extension of assistance is part of the planned consideration of the financial bill, which provides for the adjustment of budgets for the current fiscal year.

"This will also allow us to launch a new strategy for the acquisition of new equipment for the Ukrainian army," Lecornu said.

The Drone Army has transferred 900+ reconnaissance, strike and secret UAVs to the frontline

This was announced by Minister of Digital Transformation Mykhailo Fedorov.

"The batch already includes the well-known Mavic, Vampire, and Avenger, which have already shown themselves well at the front," the statement says.

According to Fedorov, the Drone Army is handing over hundreds of drones, which should not be disclosed at this time, "but the invading Russian forces will feel the power of innovation."

At least three Russian colonels eliminated in strike on Arabat Spit

At least three Russian colonels were killed as a result of a missile attack on the occupation forces on the Arabat Spit.

Vladyslav Selezniov, a military expert and spokesman for the Ukrainian Armed Forces' General Staff (2014-2017), said this on Espreso TV. 

"As for the command center, the other day there were a lot of explosions on the Arabat Spit. There is documentary evidence that one of the bases where the enemy located its command post was destroyed. At least three colonels were killed as a result of the Ukrainian army's accurate use of the famous HIMARS," noted Selezniov.

Collaborator involved in torture of Ukrainians blown up in Luhansk

This was reported by another deputy of the so-called 'LPR parliament', Yuriy Yurov.

"An hour ago, our colleague, a member of the LPR People's Council, former head of the LPR JCCC, former head of the LPR People's Militia Department, a man who stood at the origins of the republic's people's militia, Colonel Mikhail Yurievich Filiponenko, tragically died in Luhansk," Yurov wrote on Telegram.

Later, Filippenko's son told the Luhansk Information Center that his father was killed by an explosive device in the car.

Later, the Main Intelligence Directorate of Ukraine's Defense Ministry confirmed the elimination of war criminal Filipenko.

"On November 8, 2023, at 08:40 a.m., the so-called deputy of the so-called Supreme Council of the LPR from the Russian LDPR party, Mikhail Filippenko, was killed by a car explosion," the statement says. 

The Main Intelligence Directorate emphasized that he was involved in organizing torture chambers in the occupied territories of Luhansk region, where prisoners of war and civilian hostages were subjected to inhuman torture. Filiponenko personally brutally tortured people.

The European Commission recommends starting the process of negotiations on Ukraine's accession to the EU

This was stated at a press conference in Brussels by European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen.

She noted that Ukraine, despite the war, is carrying out deep reforms and has already completed "more than 90% of the steps" provided last year.

"Ukraine continues to face enormous difficulties and tragedy provoked by Russia's aggressive war. And yet Ukrainians are deeply reforming the country even as they wage a war of existential importance to them," she said.

Ursula von der Leyen noted that today the European Commission "recommended to open a session of accession negotiations".

"We also recommend that the Council adopt a framework for negotiations after Ukraine has implemented the ongoing reforms, which we will report in March 2024," she added.

The European Council has yet to make a political decision.

Germany's Rheinmetall to produce 100,000 rounds of mortar ammunition for the Ukrainian Armed Forces

This was reported by the press service of the concern.

It is noted that Rheinmetall has received an order from the German government to supply Ukraine with about 100,000 units of 120-mm mortar ammunition. Delivery should begin soon and will continue over the next two years.

"Thanks to its extended range, increased accuracy and optimal combat effectiveness, Rheinmetall mortar ammunition can provide favorable results even during operations in difficult terrain and urban environments," the company's press service said.

Ukrainian aviation launched 6 strikes against the enemy

The Ukrainian Armed Forces' General Staff reported this. 

Over the day, the Defense Forces' aviation launched 6 strikes on the invading Russian troops' military positions and 3 strikes on enemy anti-aircraft missile systems.

The missile troops hit 8 artillery pieces, 2 munitions depots, 4 manpower concentration areas, 3 air defense facilities, a radar station, 3 electronic warfare stations, and another important enemy target.

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