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Victorious news of 551st day of war: Ukraine's military success in south, strike against Kadyrov soldiers in Enerhodar

28 August, 2023 Monday

The Ukrainian Armed Forces are making steady progress in the south in their counteroffensive against Russian troops, and Greece may provide Ukraine with dozens of Leopard 1s

The Russian forces' 'shell hunger' in southern Ukraine is becoming commonplace

Operational Command South's press center head Natalia Humeniuk noted that on August 27, three Russian munitions depots were eliminated in the south, which significantly affects the enemy's ammunition supply.

She shared this information on Espreso TV. 

"The work of the Defense Forces continues in the south. We are mainly engaged in counter-battery work, which is quite effective. Over the last day we eliminated 34 more Russian soldiers, 5 large-caliber guns, 3 radar and electronic warfare stations. We also eliminated three munitions depots, which had a significant impact on the enemy's ammunition supply. That is, the enemy's hunger for shells is already becoming quite commonplace, despite the fact that the occupying Russian forces had pulled up some supplies the day before. The invaders have dispersed their stockpiles along the left bank, and now they are trying to bring shells to the positions where they need them from time to time," she said. 

Defense Ministry officially confirms liberation of Robotyne in the Zaporizhzhia region

On Monday, August 28, Deputy Defense Minister Hanna Maliar said that the Ukrainian military had officially liberated the village of Robotyne in the Zaporizhzhia region. Also, over the past week, the Defense Forces de-occupied one square kilometer in the Bakhmut sector.

She said this during an interview with the Military Media Center.

"Robotyne has been liberated, and Ukrainian troops are moving southeast of this settlement," said Maliar.

The Deputy Defense Minister also noted that the Ukrainian Armed Forces are advancing toward Novoprokopivka and Ocheretuvate "despite the enemy's fierce resistance."

Ukrainian documentary We Will Not Fade Away wins an award at the international festival MakeDox

We Will Not Fade, a film by Ukrainian filmmaker Alisa Kovalenko about the formation of a personality during the war, received a special Onion Award at the 14th MakeDox International Documentary Film Festival.

This was reported by the Ukrainian State Film Agency.

According to the State Film Agency's press service, the plot of We Will Not Fade Away is based on the story of teenagers from eastern Ukraine growing up amid war and their extraordinary journey to the peaks of the Himalayan Mountains.

"Despite the grim reality around them, Andriy, Ruslan, Ilya, Lisa and Lera dream, seek adventure, protest and fight against dullness and boredom. While the world around them is falling apart, mines are closing, and the threat of war escalation is growing, they do not give up and try to follow the call of their dreams," the agency said.

For reference: MakeDox is an international documentary film festival held annually in Skopje, Macedonia. The festival has become an important platform for presenting the most interesting and innovative documentaries, as well as for facilitating the exchange of experiences and creating connections between documentary filmmakers, film professionals and audiences. This year, it took place from August 17 to 24.

The Defense Ministry shares the successes of the Ukrainian Big Banderyk drone put into operation

The domestically produced Big Banderyk drone, which was commissioned in April, is showing success at the front, including its ability to operate in any weather.

This was reported by the press service of the Ministry of Defense.

It took one month for the drone to be approved for use in the army.


Its defining characteristics are:

  • 8 powerful motors that ensure its reliable operation;

  • multifunctional discharge system - accurate delivery of various types of ammunition;

  • remote control from anywhere in the world - provided by a universal ground station.

In addition, the drone can carry a load of up to 31.5 kg and is ready for a variety of tasks.

"During the electronic warfare tests, the domestic octocopter showed excellent results: it functioned successfully despite the snow, high winds and the operation of all electronic warfare equipment at the training ground," the Ministry of Defense said.

Ukraine may receive dozens of Leopard 1 tanks from Greece

This was reported by the Greek portal Flight.

Germany made a corresponding proposal - Berlin wants Greece to supply the Ukrainian Armed Forces with about 100 Leopard tanks.

In return, the Greek Armed Forces will receive modernized tanks from Italian stocks on a one-for-one basis. All vehicles will undergo major repairs and receive a new fire control system and thermal imaging sights.

Ukrainian intelligence strikes at Kadyrov's barracks in temporarily occupied Enerhodar

This is reported by the Main Intelligence Directorate. 

On August 28, another explosion occurred in the temporarily occupied Enerhodar. As a result of an operation by the local resistance movement coordinated by the Main Intelligence Directorate, an improvised barracks of the Russian Guard’s unit Akhmat-1 were targeted. After the occupation of the city, the Kadyrov fighters seized and converted a building at 46 Budivelnykiv Street, where a branch of a Ukrainian bank used to be located, for their own use.

At 9.50 a.m., an explosion occurred at the address. As a result, Russian personnel and cars parked in the yard were hit, and a fire broke out in the building. Fire crews and ambulances arrived at the scene. Information on the number of killed and wounded soldiers is currently being clarified.

There were no civilian casualties or injuries.

After a series of explosions, the invading Russian forces urgently evacuated the local ‘civil-military administration’. Currently, inspections are underway in Enerhodar and access to the Internet is limited.

Ukrainian aviation launches 8 strikes against the Russian forces

The Ukrainian Armed Forces' General Staff reported this. 

Over the day, Ukrainian aviation launched 8 strikes on the Russian forces' military positions, one on a control center and 3 on enemy anti-aircraft missile systems. Missile and artillery units struck 2 control points, an air defense system and one artillery system at the enemy's firing position in the past day.

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