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Death toll from Russian missile attack on Lviv apartment building rises to 10

7 July, 2023 Friday

The death toll from the Russian missile attack on Lviv on July 6 has risen to 10. Another 42 people were injured, including 3 children. The attack resulted in the collapse of an apartment block, and damaged other buildings, a school, dormitories, and an office


This was reported by the command of the Ukrainian Air Force and local authorities.

First, Ukraine’s Air Force warned of the risk of Russia's use of attack UAVs in Zaporizhzhia and Dnipro regions, and around 2 a.m., the air alert spread to the rest of Ukraine. Starting at 02:29 a.m., several explosions were heard in Lviv, and air defense was operating. At 03:20 a.m., the air raid alert was lifted in the Lviv region.

Missile strike on Lviv and the region

As of 08:27 am, search and rescue operations in Lviv have been completed. According to the latest reports, 10 people died as a result of yesterday's missile attack on an apartment building in Lviv. One person was found at night and another, a woman, was found this morning (as specified by the mayor of the city, Andriy Sadovyi).

Moreover, 42 people were injured, 16 of them were hospitalized.

As of 06:53 am, the Ukrainian Ministry of Internal Affairs reported that the death toll from the missile strike had risen to 9, 42 people were injured (including 3 children).

On July 6, rescuers cleared the rubble throughout the day and continued to do so at night. Around midnight, it became known that the death toll had reached 7. Then the body of a woman was found under the rubble of an apartment building in Lviv that had been hit by a missile. This was reported by the head of the Lviv regional military administration, Maksym Kozytskyi.

In the evening, around 10 pm, Kozytskyi said that 70% of the rubble had already been dismantled at the site of the destroyed building. The work involved 668 people and 139 pieces of equipment: rescuers, doctors, police, representatives of public utilities, and volunteers. Then another body was found at the site.

At 3:16 p.m., the head of the Lviv Regional Military Administration, Maksym Kozytskyi, said that five people had been confirmed dead as a result of the Russian strike. The body of a woman was pulled from under the rubble.

Ukraine's Ministry of Internal Affairs reported that as of 2:46 p.m., the number of injured had increased to 40. Seven people were rescued and 64 others were evacuated. Search and rescue operations continue.

"Six tents have been deployed to accommodate and feed the victims and provide them with psychological assistance," the Interior Ministry added.

Lviv City Council member and volunteer Andriy Hutnyk told Espreso that according to information from neighbors, several more people are not coming out of the house, they may be under the rubble.

Utility companies have begun work to restore the facades of the walls and roofs. However, structural elements in three buildings were heavily damaged, which complicated the search process.

"Significant damage of these buildings makes search operations very difficult, as the instability of the structures poses a danger not only to people who may be trapped under the rubble, but also to the emergency workers conducting search operations," added Hutnyk.

Lviv Mayor Andriy Sadovyi announced two days of mourning in memory of those killed in the missile attack on the city.

As of 09:07 a.m., the head of the Lviv Regional Military Administration, Maksym Kozytskyi, reported that four people had been confirmed dead as a result of the Russian attack on Lviv. All of them were in a house at the time of the attack.

"The youngest girl who was killed by a missile in her apartment in Lviv tonight was only 21. Russia is killing our youth. Our future. The oldest victim was 95. The woman survived World War II, but unfortunately, she did not survive Ruscism," he said.

According to him, more than 30 houses, more than 250 apartments, 10 dormitories, an orphanage, two universities and a sanatorium school were ruined. In addition, one substation in Lviv has been damaged, leaving 150 customers without electricity.

Thirty-four people were also injured. About 30 houses and more than 50 cars were damaged.

Photo: Andriy Sadovyi

"23 vehicles and more than 100 rescuers were engaged to eliminate the consequences of the attack," he said.

Photo: Andriy Sadovyi

The region also felt the effects of the attack. In Lviv district, a missile fragment fell in one of the villages near the building of the People's House, making a crater. Preliminary reports indicate that there were no casualties.

Instead, in the Zolochiv district, a rocket fragment caused damage to a private household in one of the villages. According to preliminary information, there were no casualties.

In total, the Air Command West of the Ukrainian Air Force destroyed 7 missiles over the Lviv region.

According to Interior Minister Ihor Klymenko, the 3rd and 4th floors of two entrances were destroyed in the Lviv apartment building.


Photo: Ukraine's Ministry of Internal Affairs

Psychologists are also working on scene. Mobile police stations have been deployed to take statements from victims and provide the necessary assistance. 

Photo: Ukraine's Ministry of Internal Affairs

According to Ukrposhta CEO Ihor Smelianskyi, a postal worker and her mother were killed in the city.

"Today we received news that is hard to bear. Our young employee Nastia and her mother were killed by enemy missiles in Lviv. May they rest in peace and our condolences to their family! The war is very close, in case anyone has forgotten, and we must do everything to win, and the enemy has paid for such mornings and losses," he wrote.

Before that, Sadovyi noted that the city had suffered one of the largest attacks on civilian infrastructure.

Photo: Ukraine's Ministry of Internal Affairs

Restoration of destroyed housing: what officials promise

The Emergency Situations Commission of Lviv has decided to allocate UAH 100 million to restore the destroyed houses.

All residents who lost their homes were offered temporary accommodation in a hotel or in a modular town in Stryi Park, which is located nearby.

As Andriy Moskalenko, the first deputy mayor of Lviv, clarified on Espreso, about 35 residential buildings were damaged. Also damaged were 5 schools and kindergartens, one medical facility, and a number of businesses and enterprises (over 30).

There were 13 Lviv residents in hospitals, and over 30 people sought help. Over 50 cars were destroyed. The situation in 40 homes is quite difficult.

All residents who lost their homes were offered temporary accommodation in a hotel or in a modular town in Stryiskyi Park, which is located nearby.

"We offered four options for people - three municipal hotels or a modular town in Stryiskyi Park. Many residents expressed a desire to move there to be close to the apartments. Not everyone can get access to them because the rescue operations are ongoing," he added.

About UAH 60 million has been allocated for repairs and reconstruction. The first priority is to repair windows - more than a thousand of them have been damaged. As for businesses, it was decided to increase the compensation voucher to UAH 500,000. 

Photo: Andriy Sadovyi

Cherkasy region

According to Ihor Taburets, the head of the Cherkasy Regional Military Administration, air defense was destroying enemy targets in the neighboring region. Instead, the wreckage of a cruise missile shot down in the Cherkasy region was recorded falling in the area.

"As a result, the roofs of two houses and the power grid were damaged. It has already been restored. Fortunately, there were no casualties," he added.

What the military says

According to the Air Force, the Russian forces fired 10 Kalibr missiles at night. Ukrainian air defense managed to destroy only 7. Operational Command South's press center head Natalia Humeniuk noted that Russia used at least 6 missile launchers in total. Three of them are surface ones, and three more are underwater.

"I emphasize that 2,500 km is the distance that a Kalibr fired from the sea can cover, and it covers virtually the entire territory of Ukraine," she said.

The spokesperson emphasized that the consequences of the attack on Lviv could be either from a missile hit or from the falling debris.

President Zelenskyy's reaction

The Ukrainian president released a video showing the aftermath of the attack.

"Lviv. The consequences of the night attack by Russian terrorists. Unfortunately, there are wounded and dead. My condolences to the families. There will definitely be a response to the enemy. A tangible one," he wrote.

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