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Victorious news of 856th day of war: Ukrainian paratroopers plant flag in Russian territory, National Guard downs Russian Su-25

28 June, 2024 Friday

Ukrainian partisans find air defense system covering Putin's dacha in Sochi, Finland announces 24th military aid package for Ukraine worth €159 million, Denmark trains first 50 Ukrainian specialists to service F-16 fighters, Ukraine to get 500,000 ammo rounds under Czech initiative by late 2024


Ukraine's National Guard shoots down Russian Su-25 aircraft in Donetsk region

Soldiers with Ukraine's National Guard destroyed a Russian Su-25 attack aircraft from the Igla anti-aircraft missile system in the Donetsk region. The National Guard's press service reports.

The guardsmen spotted an enemy Su-25, also known as a 'Grach,' conducting a combat mission.

The combined crew of the Igla man-portable air defense system (MANPADS) of the 31st Brigade of Ukraine's National Guard acted promptly and professionally, the press service emphasized.

"The Su-25 was shot down by an accurate shot," the National Guard emphasized.

Ukrainian paratroopers plant flag in Russia

On June 28, the press service of Ukrainian Air Assault Forces released a video showing how they planted the Ukrainian flag in a settlement in Russia.

Soldiers from the 71st Separate Ranger Brigade used a drone to plant the State Flag of Ukraine in Russia.

Ukrainian partisans spot air defense system covering Putin's dacha in Sochi

Agents of the Atesh guerrilla movement have discovered an air defense system that protects Russian dictator Vladimir Putin's summer residence in Sochi. The Atesh resistance movement reported this on Telegram.

Vladimir Putin's dacha in Sochi is covered by the Pantsir-S1 air defence system. The complex is located 15 km from the Russian dictator's residence.

"It is designed to protect against air threats and includes missiles, anti-aircraft guns, as well as a radar for detecting and tracking air targets. Coordinates: 43.534815, 39.813225. With this information, the Ukrainian Defense Forces can assess military capabilities, the distribution of forces on the territory of Russia and plan operations to eliminate important military facilities," Atesh writes.

Finland announces 24th military aid package for Ukraine worth €159 million

On June 28, Finnish President Alexander Stubb approved the allocation of the 24th military aid package to Ukraine worth €159 million.

This is reported by Finland's Defense Ministry.

It is noted that this is the 24th package of military assistance from Finland to Ukraine. Its volume is about €159 million. The total cost of defense materials supplied by Finland to Ukraine is currently €2.2 billion.

"Finland is committed to supporting Ukraine in its fight against Russia's unjust aggression. It is not only about Ukraine, but also about the right of all free peoples to a full existence. We, the Finns, know from our own history how important this issue is," said Defense Minister Antti Häkkänen.

The ministry also reminded that Finland is participating in a joint initiative with the Czech Republic to purchase ammunition. To participate in the initiative, the first supplementary budget for 2024 includes the necessary funds for the administrative management of the Ministry of Defense.

Finland has also decided to participate in the armored coalition led by Poland, Germany and Italy and in the information technology coalition led by Estonia and Luxembourg. The goal of international productive coalitions is to provide long-term support to Ukraine.

Denmark trains first 50 Ukrainian specialists to service F-16 fighter jets

The first 50 Ukrainian specialists to maintain F-16 fighter jets have completed their training in Denmark. Most of them have returned to Ukraine.

Major General Jan Dam, Commander of the Royal Danish Air Force, said this in an interview with TV2.

According to him, most of the aforementioned specialists have already returned to Ukraine and are waiting to receive the first F-16 fighters at air bases.

He added that the next group of 50 Ukrainians will also start training soon. At the same time, the first group of Ukrainian pilots is being trained to master night flights, Dam said.

According to the commander, the pilots' training is designed to last 6-8 months.

Ukraine to get 500,000 ammo rounds under Czech initiative by late 2024

By the end of 2024, Ukraine is to receive about half a million artillery rounds under the Czech initiative.

The Czech Defense Ministry reports.

It is noted that 18 states are currently participating in the initiative, and its funds cover the purchase of about 500,000 rounds of ammunition, which Ukraine should receive by the end of 2024.

"The first deliveries of ammunition under the Czech ammunition initiative are safely in Ukraine. These are tens of thousands of 155 mm ammunition units that were financed by Germany and handed over to Ukrainian partners in the second half of June. This is the first part of the total amount of 180,000 units of ammunition financed by Germany's contribution," said Defense Minister Yana Chernokhova.

She also said that the initiative is an effective and practical assistance to Ukraine in its struggle to restore its sovereignty.

"Yesterday, at the suggestion of the Minister, the government unanimously approved the Czech Republic's participation in the initiative in the amount of CZK 865 million 775 thousand (over €34 million). The money will be spent on the purchase of ammunition from a domestic supplier, i.e. the Czech company STV GROUP," said Prime Minister Petr Fiala, adding that it is not possible to announce the dates and volume of supplies for security reasons.

 "When the time is right, we will inform the public," he said.

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