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Inside Ukraine's military advancements: INGUAR-3 armored car and cutting-edge demining machine – Serhiy Zgurets’ column

7 March, 2024 Thursday

Ukrainian manufacturers are actively contributing to the Armed Forces by producing drones and electronic warfare (EW) devices. Yet, the scope of innovation from our developers extends far beyond. A notable example is the versatile INGUAR-3 armored car and a modern mechanical demining machine

New Ukrainian-made INGUAR-3 multi-purpose armored vehicle

The INGUAR-3, a new armored car from the Kyiv production enterprise, was recently disclosed. Developers claim it is a new generation of modular tactical armored vehicles, designed to adapt to diverse missions.

Artem Yushchuk, the founder and director of Inguar, highlighted that the INGUAR-3 marks a milestone as the first Ukrainian armored vehicle designed to NATO 4569 standards. It also stands as the first Ukrainian modular platform, constructed on an in-house chassis. Yushchuk emphasized the versatility of the chassis, which can be configured in 4x4 or 6x6 formats. According to him, this flexibility allows for the alteration of the rear capsule, enabling the armored vehicle to cater to a broader range of requirements.

Photo: inguardefence

Artem Yuschuk highlighted that the developers completely ditched the pre-existing chassis, stating that the INGUAR-3 chassis was crafted in-house, along with separate integration of transmission elements, the engine, and components of the armored car's undercarriage. The focus was on localizing production in Ukraine and applying the knowledge they gained in practice. Yushchuk mentioned that the developers studied the strengths and weaknesses of existing  armored vehicles in the Armed Forces of Ukraine, incorporating those insights into the new INGUAR-3 project.

Yushchuk confirmed the completion of the first INGUAR-3 prototype, asserting that it has successfully undergone factory tests and is fully prepared for state tests. They aim to conclude this stage within the next two months, thanks to a streamlined state testing procedure.

Photo: inguardefence

Artem Yushchuk highlighted that the INGUAR-3 design and manufacturing team currently comprises 50 individuals. In the initial year of serial production, the goal is to ready 150 INGUAR-3 armored vehicles. This presents a considerable challenge, as there are plans to expand production and fabricate individual components for the machines. If the localization of part production occurs in Ukraine, there are intentions to escalate INGUAR-3 production to 150 units.

Yushchuk also pointed out that INGUAR-3 was developed in close collaboration with the military. At the project's outset, the manufacturers sought input from the Department of Military and Technical Policy. However, they were initially informed that there was no justification for initiating research projects. Consequently, the manufacturers independently conducted research and development, actively involving individuals experienced with various models of similar equipment. The design of INGUAR-3 specifically incorporates insights from military personnel. Notably, the vehicle is equipped with an Electronic Warfare (EW) system and a chemical damage protection system. Additionally, military personnel emphasized the importance of ensuring the vehicle is easy to repair in the field, leading to features facilitating on-site armored car repairs.

A new demining machine is in the works in Ukraine

Denys Silich, Director of LLC "ARMALINE," shared insights into the development of a Ukrainian demining machine. With the demining issue gaining significance, Ukraine has received numerous demining machine models from partners. However, there's a need for Ukraine to establish its own machines. According to Silich, "ARMALINE" initiated the creation of a small-class demining machine, similar to the Czech Božena 4 machine. While it matches in power and demining components, the Ukrainian machine incorporates newer technologies in its development.

Silich noted that demining machines from partner countries come with diverse equipment, making them relatively expensive but versatile in engineering applications. The Ukrainian development offers a similar option, primarily focused on mechanical demining. Developers have made notable enhancements to the demining machine's performance, reducing overheating and increasing engine power. This improvement allows for more efficient work, expanding the demining area.

Denys Silich reports that the initial prototype is currently in the assembly phase. Afterward, test assessments will determine the future of production, taking all factors into account. This includes evaluating the machine's capacity to withstand various mine explosions and their quantities. Silich highlights that the forthcoming Ukrainian demining machine will serve both humanitarian demining and military unit requirements. 

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