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Beginning of great story: Ukrainian MP on upcoming raids in Russia

28 September, 2023 Thursday

Ukrainian MP Oleh Dunda believes that residents of Russia’s Belgorod and Kursk regions should realize that the Russian imperial model no longer works

He shared his opinions with Espreso TV.

"To win the war and reach the 1991 borders, it's crucial to continue with the raids and the movement that began in the summer in the rear of the Belgorod and Kursk regions. There is a big component to these raids. We had big events and exercises. We've had significant events and exercises, and starting in October, these raids will not only become permanent but will also increase in number," Dunda emphasized.

According to him, a conversation may begin regarding negotiations and the future of Belgorod and Kursk regions.

"We need these regions to burn. They should burn as much, or maybe more, than our Kharkiv and Chernihiv regions. This has a great impact on the empire. Because it will become clear to the residents of these regions that the imperial model no longer works. That is, Moscow no longer has any power to maintain and ensure security in these territories, and therefore there is no point in paying attention to them. Then a conversation can begin, if it hasn't already, about negotiations and the future of these regions. This is the beginning of a great story," Dunda emphasized.

  • On Thursday, September 28, the Freedom of Russia Legion reported a battle in the Belgorod region to "clean up Putin's scum."

Freedom of Russia Legion’s operations in Russia’s Belgorod region

On May 22, the Freedom of Russia Legion and the Russian Volunteer Corps announced that they have taken control of the towns of Kozinka and Gora-Podol in the Belgorod region of Russia, and their advanced units have entered the city of Graivoron.

On June 2, the Freedom of Russia Legion and the Russian Volunteer Corps announced the second phase of their operation in the Belgorod region. This time, the Russian partisans focused on the city of Shebekino.

On June 3, the "legionnaires" accused Putin's troops of randomly shelling the Belgorod region and urged the residents to evacuate further into Ukraine.

According to the Russian Volunteer Corps on June 3, the border zone in the Belgorod region is turning into a deserted area with no local administration or police. They aim to establish a presence in this gray zone to restore order later.

On the morning of June 4, volunteers reported fighting near Shebekino.

In the afternoon of June 4, the Freedom of Russia Legion and the Russian Volunteer Corps released a video showing two captured individuals, who appealed to the regional head Vyacheslav Gladkov, asking him to come and take the prisoners who belong to the Russian-controlled army.

Although Gladkov agreed to the meeting, he ultimately did not show up. The Freedom of Russia Legion and the Russian Volunteer Corps announced their intention to hand over the Russian prisoners to the Ukrainian side for an exchange.

Andriy Yusov, a representative of the Ukrainian State Government, stated that if Ukraine receives requests for a safe passage for the residents of the Belgorod region, they will consider them.

On Wednesday, June 7, fighters from the Freedom of Russia Legion declared that they consider Crimea as a temporarily occupied part of Ukraine.

Also, on June 7, the commander of the Russian Volunteer Corps claimed that they have been in control of Novaya Tavolzhanka in the Belgorod region for the past seven days.

On July 8, the Legion reported that it plans to conduct another raid on Russia’s territory.

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