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Victorious news of 512th day of war: explosions at Crimea training ground, gains of Ukraine’s offensive

20 July, 2023 Thursday

July 20 will be remembered for the sanctions marathon against Russia and another explosion in Crimea


Australia imposed sanctions on 35 organizations and 10 high-ranking officials of Russia and Belarus

On Thursday, July 20, Australia imposed new restrictions against 35 organizations from the Russian defense, technology and energy sectors, as well as 10 ministers, senior Russian officials and military officers from Belarus.

Australian Foreign Minister Penny Wong reported this. 

"Today's sanctions underscore Australia's commitment to working with partners to maintain pressure on Russia and those who support its illegal and immoral war," the Foreign Minister said.

The EU Council extended sanctions against certain sectors of the Russian economy for six months

On Thursday, July 20, the EU Council upheld sanctions against certain sectors of the Russian economy until the end of January next year

"The Council today decided to prolong by six months, until 31 January 2024, the restrictive measures targeting specific sectors of the economy of the Russian Federation," the statement says

Currently, sanctions include a wide range of sectoral measures, including restrictions on trade, finance, technology and dual-use goods, industry, transportation and luxury goods.

The US and Canada imposed new sanctions against Russia

The US also supported the marathon of sanctions, with banks, individuals, and industrial enterprises being subject to restrictions.

The United States imposed sanctions on Alexei Kudrin and Alrosa CEO Pavel Marynichev.

The list also includes the acting governor of the Smolensk region, Vasily Anokhin, and the deputy head of the FSB, Sergei Korolev.

Washington imposed restrictions on Tinkoff Bank, Solidarity and Unistream banks.

Also on the blacklist were the Klimov Specialized Cartridge Plant, the Kazan State Treasury Powder Plant, and the Frunze Arsenal Design Bureau.

The Canadian government has imposed new sanctions on individuals and companies associated with the Russian military-industrial complex. 

Thus, the sanctions list includes 21 organizations and 20 individuals. Among others, Canadian sanctions were imposed on the following:

  • Russian Spring;
  • JSC Tinkoff Bank;
  • TELE2;
  • MTS;
  • Megafon;
  • Yandex Pay;
  • Mir card;
  • Beeline;
  • M-Finance;
  • Lakhta Park Premium;
  • Lakhta Plaza;
  • Lakhta Park;
  • SMT-iLogic;
  • Africa; Political Science;
  • Charter Green Light Moscow;
  • Charter Green Light;
  • Device Consulting;
  • Prime Security and Development Joint Stock Company;
  • Tochka Bank.

Ukraine’s Defense Forces advance from 500 meters to 1 km every day

Ukraine's Defense Forces continue to advance 0.5 to 1 kilometer every day as part of their counteroffensive, despite the difficulties they face.

Commander of the AFU Ground Forces Oleksandr Syrskyi said this, BBC reports.

"Every day we advance by 0.5 to 1 km," the commander said.

The counteroffensive is more difficult to advance because the main forces of the Russian army are concentrated around Bakhmut, in the Lyman direction.

Explosions at a military training ground in the temporarily occupied Crimea

Explosions were heard near the military airfield in Novofedorivka in Crimea, according to local Telegram channels. 

This was reported by Radio Liberty.

The 43rd Detached Naval Assault Air Regiment of the Russian Black Sea Fleet is based there. Aircraft from this airfield were used, in particular, to attack the southern regions of Ukraine.

Ukraine's Defense Ministry responds to Russia's threats on Black Sea navigation

"The fate of the Moskva cruiser proves that the Ukrainian Defense Forces have the necessary means to repel Russian aggression at sea," the statement says. 

The Ministry of Defense of Ukraine warns that starting from 00:00 on July 21, 2023, all vessels sailing in the Black Sea in the direction of the seaports of the Russian Federation and Ukrainian seaports located in the territory temporarily occupied by Russia may be considered by Ukraine as carrying military cargo with all the relevant risks. 

Ukrainian Armed Forces launched 7 airstrikes on Russian military positions over the day

This is reported by the Ukrainian Armed Forces' General Staff. 

Moreover, Ukrainian defenders destroyed one reconnaissance UAV of operational and tactical level.

In their turn, missile and artillery units destroyed 6 artillery pieces at firing positions and an enemy electronic warfare station over the course of the day.

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