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Russia’s massive missile attack on Ukraine results in casualties

21 September, 2023 Thursday

On the morning of September 21, Ukraine experienced two waves of Russian missile attacks. There are victims in Kyiv, Kyiv region, Cherkasy and Kharkiv. Hotel was destroyed in Cherkasy


This is reported by the Air Force of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Just after midnight, 8 Tu-95MS aircraft took off from the Olenya airfield in the Murmansk region, Russia. 

Later, the Armed Forces mentioned three groups of missiles. By 5:43 AM, the alert had spread across the entire country.

By 6:41 AM, the air alert had ended in all regions. The Air Force confirmed that they had successfully defended against the missile threat.

At 7 AM, new alarms were triggered. The Air Force reported "A group of rockets from Chernihiv region towards Kyiv region."

At 8:37 AM, the threat was lifted.

During the second wave of attacks, rockets passed through Cherkasy, Vinnytsia, Chernivtsi, Khmelnytskyi, and Ivano-Frankivsk regions. There have been no reports of explosions.


At 5:27 a.m., Ihor Taburets, the head of Cherkasy's regional military administration, provided an update on the Air Defense Forces' activities in the area. Later, Suspilne reported on explosions.

Subsequently, Taburets informed that the enemy had launched a rocket attack on the regional center.

Taburets stated, "Due to the Air Defense Forces' efforts, debris fell in the central part of the city, causing damage to social infrastructure. Currently, there are five casualties, with at least one person trapped under the debris."

Minister of Internal Affairs Ihor Klymenko reported that a hotel building in Cherkasy was destroyed by a rocket strike.

He added, "The incident resulted in a fire and the burning of market pavilions. Seven individuals sustained injuries, and ten were evacuated. One person was rescued from the rubble."

Taburets provided more details about the attack on the hotel during a telethon.

He said, "Preliminary information suggests that there could have been up to 23 people inside the building. Unfortunately, the building's administrator, who was present, has been hospitalized. It's possible that several individuals are still trapped under the debris."

Taburets also discussed the victims' conditions.

He explained, "Among the casualties, there is one individual - a man - in critical condition with severe spinal and head injuries. The rest have relatively minor injuries, according to medical professionals, including some psychological trauma due to the powerful explosion."

At 9:04, Taburets reported a total of 9 casualties.

He added, "Two of them are in serious condition, but they are receiving the necessary medical attention."


At 5:50 a.m., Oleh Syniehubov, the head of Kharkiv's regional military administration, informed that Russian forces had initiated an attack on Kharkiv. Mayor Terekhov added that there were multiple explosions already reported within the city.

Terekhov also confirmed that there were at least six missile strikes in Kharkiv during the morning, causing damage to civilian infrastructure.

Furthermore, the mayor later shared information about two casualties who were taken to the hospital as a result of the attacks.

Klymenko reported the destruction of a warehouse building in Kharkiv due to the attack.

Syniehubov mentioned that the city had been targeted with S-300 missiles, and he provided details about the injuries: "A 58-year-old man sustained injuries and was hospitalized, while a 65-year-old man had minor injuries and did not require hospitalization."

Subsequently, the regional prosecutor's office released an update, stating that the number of injured individuals had risen to three. Their report read: "Three civilian men, aged 24, 58, and 66, were injured, and several warehouses, industrial facilities, and residential buildings suffered damage."

Kyiv and the region

At approximately 6 AM, the military administration reported on the air defense operations in the region.

Shortly after, Kyiv's mayor, Klitschko, informed about an explosion in the Darnytskyi district and an emergency call in the Holosiivskyi district.

He also mentioned that certain neighborhoods in Svyatoshynskyi district were without electricity and water.

The Kyiv military administration reported damage to a gas pipeline in the Shevchenkivskyi district, but there were no fires. In the Darnytskyi district, non-residential buildings and parked cars were damaged, and a fire broke out.

Klitschko reported a total of seven casualties in Kyiv.

He stated, "In the Holosiivskyi district, a five-story building's windows were damaged, but no one was hurt. In the Sviatoshynskyi district, where there were power outages, electricity has been restored. In the Darnytskyi district, where seven people were injured, three are in the city's hospitals, and four received immediate assistance. All essential services are operational in Darnytskyi district, both at the site of debris and within the infrastructure object, service station, and vocational technical education institution."

The administration reported that more than 20 enemy targets were destroyed by our air defense forces and equipment.

The Ministry of Internal Affairs reported two casualties in the region.

They said, "Following another enemy attack in the region, fragments of downed enemy rockets were found."

Later, Kyiv's regional military administration reported three casualties in the region.

According to their message, "Based on current information, no critical or residential infrastructure was hit. Unfortunately, there are already reports of three casualties."

They also added that, as of 8:45 AM, falling debris caused fires in several companies in the region, and a vocational and technical education institution building was damaged.

"Debris landed on a medical facility's grounds without causing harm or damage. In several communities, private homes and cars were damaged," they concluded.

The west of Ukraine

At 6 AM, the Khmelnytskyi regional military administration announced the work of anti-aircraft defense in the region.

At 6:25 AM, the public reported hearing explosions in Rivne. Some parts of the city experienced power outages.

At 6:36 AM, the head of the Lviv regional military administration, Maksym Kozytskyi, confirmed explosions in the Drohobych district. Details about casualties and damage are still being gathered.

At 7:23 AM, Vitaly Koval, the head of the Rivne regional military administration, posted on social media: "Rivne. Enemy missiles incoming."

Kozytskyi also reported missile strikes in the city of Drohobych, saying: "Around 6:25 AM, the enemy launched three missile strikes on Drohobych. Two of them hit an industrial facility, causing a workshop to catch fire and a three-story warehouse to be destroyed. Another missile strike hit a two-story private warehouse. Firefighters are still working on extinguishing the fires."

Kozytskyi mentioned that, as of now, there is no information about casualties.

Oleksandr Tretyak, the suspended mayor of Rivne, discussed the attack on the city on Espreso. He mentioned that a part of the city lost electricity, but power restoration efforts were underway. He also noted that other cities in the region experienced emergency power outages, indicating a significant impact on the power grid system.

The head of the Rivne regional government reported damage to energy and civil infrastructure in the regional center. He mentioned that a service station and five cars on its premises were damaged, but fortunately, there were no casualties. Some areas in the Rivne district remained without electricity, and efforts were ongoing to restore power by the Rivneoblenergo brigade.

In the Khmelnytskyi region, it was reported that no direct hits on regional facilities occurred during the attack. However, there was minor damage in one village due to a rocket fragment, which damaged a summer kitchen and a car's windows. Thankfully, there were no casualties. This information was provided by Serhiy Tyurin, the first deputy head of the regional administration.

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