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Russian Volunteer Corps raids on Russian territory continue, while Russian troops in Bakhmut drive themselves into a trap. Serhiy Zgurets’ column

25 May, 2023 Thursday

The Russian Volunteer Corps raid clearly has a great informational impact in the Russian Federation, but it should be noted that the military component is no less important since the enemy will transfer part of its reserves to the Belgorod region to strengthen certain sections of the border with Ukraine

Germany has announced the transfer of 110 Leopard A1 tanks to Ukraine

The Ukrainian ambassador to Germany made this announcement today, stating that the tanks will arrive in Ukraine in the near future. Additionally, the Secretary of Defense of Great Britain, Ben Wallace, made an unannounced visit to Kyiv today. During his visit, discussions were held with the Minister of Defense of Ukraine regarding the training of Ukrainian servicemen and the transfer of long-range missiles. The Storm Shadow long-range missiles, currently the most advanced in the Ukrainian arsenal, have already proven effective in destroying enemy targets from afar. Minister Oleksii Reznikov shared a photo on Twitter showing the utilization of Storm Shadow missiles on the Su-24 front-line bomber.

It is hoped that besides the long-range missiles, Ukraine will receive other types of weapons from Great Britain. The British government has previously announced the transfer of a hundred attack drones with a range of 200 km, making them a leading supplier of weapons to Ukraine among its allies. The example set by Great Britain will be significant at the upcoming meeting of defense ministers in the Ramstein format, scheduled for May 25. Discussions at the meeting will encompass the reinforcement of Ukrainian air defense, pilot training for F-16 fighter jets, and the provision of ammunition required for ongoing hostilities and counter-offensive operations.

Russian Volunteer Corps information raid continues

Furthermore, the issue of Russian volunteers operating within the Russian Federation continues to be a topic of concern. The Russian Volunteer Corps raid, both in terms of information and military operations, is ongoing. Yesterday, Russian volunteers held a press conference claiming to have conducted a raid against Putin's security forces. They disputed the statements made by the Russian Ministry of Defense regarding the destruction of military equipment and personnel. This Russian Volunteer Corps raid has significant informational implications within the Russian Federation, but it should be acknowledged that the military aspect is equally important. As a result, the enemy is expected to relocate part of its reserves to the Belgorod region to strengthen certain sections of the border with Ukraine.

AFU continue defending Bakhmut

Commander Mykola Volokhov, from the Terra intelligence unit, reported that successful operations have been carried out, securing a position in one of the directions near Bakhmut. None of the enemy's counter offensives have been successful so far. Ukrainian units are currently engaged in operations, representing one phase of the active offensive operations of the Armed Forces. Volokhov expressed confidence that the Defense Forces will soon achieve further successes in the Bakhmut area. He noted that all Russian attempts to encircle Bakhmut have failed, and now there is a possibility that the Russians themselves may become surrounded. However, it is important to note that Bakhmut no longer resembles the city defended by Ukrainian forces, as there is not a single intact building left. The Russians will face significant challenges in maintaining their defense, making it likely that they will fall into a trap of their own making.

During the active actions of Ukrainian Armed Forces on the flanks of Bakhmut, there was an initial belief that the Russians would offer little resistance, as they lost their advantageous positions. However, they are now making desperate efforts to reinforce their positions in these areas. The Russians have been forced to defend from disadvantageous positions, resulting in substantial losses. Volokhov revealed that the Russians have been shifting entire platoons to secure Bakhmut's flanks, but their actions have not yielded successful results.

Mykola Volokhov also said that the Ukrainian military is not really interested in the ranks of Russian troops in Bakhmut. Their main objective is to defeat the enemy, regardless of their specific composition. However, Volokhov emphasized the importance of considering the types of weapons employed by the Russians, as different branches of their military possess varying weaponry and capabilities. He added that available information suggests that the Russians have deployed reserves from various units to reinforce Bakhmut's flanks, including Wagner fighters and paratroopers, in an attempt to hastily close the gap and hold their occupied lines.

The technical characteristics of Kinzhal missiles are greatly overestimated

According to Andriy Kulchytskyi, a state expert from the Kyiv Scientific Research Institute of Forensic Expertise of the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine, a detailed analysis of the downed Russian Kinzhal missile showed that Russia had significantly exaggerated its capabilities. Ukrainian experts concluded that the effectiveness of the Kinzhal missile was initially high until the American Patriot air defense systems arrived in Ukraine. Kulchytskyi highlighted that the Patriot system successfully intercepted the Kinzhal missile by directly targeting its head, causing it to deviate from its intended course and sustain damage. He further mentioned that the exact number of downed Kinzhal missiles is known only to the military and political leadership of the country. However, he emphasized that not all of the tactical and technical specifications claimed by Russia for the missile align with reality.

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