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Russia tries to break through Ukrainian defense in 7 directions: Ukraine's General Staff names hottest spots

5 June, 2024 Wednesday

Since the beginning of the day, 38 firefights have taken place at the front. Russian army attacks in 7 directions, tense situation near Kramatorsk


The Ukrainian Armed Forces' General Staff reported this on May 5.

In the Kharkiv sector, fighting has been going on near Vovchansk since the beginning of the day. The situation is under control. Ukrainian defenders are strengthening the frontline.

According to the updated data, Russia lost 127 soldiers in this sector over the past day, 41 of them were irretrievably wounded. In addition, the Ukrainian Defense Forces destroyed a Russian tank, four artillery systems, 15 UAVs, 15 vehicles, and six units of special equipment. Two Russian ammunition depots and 21 manpower concentration areas were hit.

In the Lyman sector, one Russian attack was repelled. At the same time, fighting continues near Nevske and Serebryanka forestry.

In the Siversk sector, three combat clashes have taken place today: two attacks have been repelled near Verkhniokamianske, and fighting continues near the Vyimka village.

The situation in the Kramatorsk sector is tense, with five combat clashes taking place near Andriivka and Klishchiivka since the beginning of the day. The Russian attacks were not successful.

In the Toretsk sector, the Russians are unsuccessfully trying to get closer to Ukraine positions near Bila Hora. The battle continues.

In the Pokrovsk sector, Russia is trying to advance near Novooleksandrivka, Novoselivka Persha, and Sokil. One attack was repelled, five more are ongoing. The situation is under control.

The Ukrainian Defense Forces inflict systematic fire damage on the Russian troops. In particular, yesterday's Russian activity resulted in significant losses, over 450 invading soldiers were killed and wounded, four tanks, seven armored combat vehicles, three guns, 16 vehicles, five UAVs, and three electronic warfare systems were destroyed. In addition, two ammunition depots and one fuel depot were blown up.

In the Kurakhove sector, Ukrainian troops repelled a Russian attack near Heorhiivka.

Since the beginning of the day, two firefights have been taking place in the Vremivka sector near Urozhaine. The Russians, supported by a tank and two armored personnel carriers, tried to break through Ukrainian defense. The tank and one infantry fighting vehicle were destroyed. The other infantry fighting vehicle retreated. The battle continues - Ukrainian soldiers are destroying Russian attack aircraft.

Russia's attempt to advance in the Orikhiv sector, in the area of Mala Tokmachka, was also unsuccessful. 

In the Kherson sector, the Russian army is trying to force Ukrainian units from the bridgehead near Krynky. Russia's attack failed. No positions were lost.

110 clashes took place at the front over the last day

According to the updated information, Russian forces launched three missile attacks on the positions of Ukrainian troops and populated areas using 4 missiles, 61 airstrikes (including 82 drones), and fired over 4,000 rounds of fire, including 120 MLRS attacks.

So far, 38 combat clashes have taken place today. The Russians carried out two airstrikes using six combat aircraft, fired 550 times at the Ukrainian troops’ positions. They also used 19 kamikaze drones for attacks.

Ukraine's Defense Forces destroyed the Russian fuel and lubricants depot

Yesterday, Ukraine's Air Force, missile forces, and artillery struck 15 Russian manpower concentrations, a command post, an equipment concentration, an artillery vehicle, a fuel and lubricants depot, a radar station, an electronic warfare station, a UAV ground control station, three air defense facilities, and two other important targets.

As a result, the Russian army's total losses amounted to 1,280 soldiers over the past day. Russia also lost 12 tanks, 16 armored combat vehicles, 40 artillery systems, one MLRS, three air defense systems, 39 operational and tactical UAVs, two missiles, 69 vehicles, and 12 units of special equipment.

  • Over the past 24 hours, the Russian army lost at least 1,280 soldiers, 12 tanks, and 40 artillery systems in the war against Ukraine.
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