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Concentration of Russian troops, threat of raids towards Kharkiv, situation near Avdiivka. Weekly military review

11 May, 2024 Saturday

Another increase in the intensity of fighting is recorded on the front line. The Russian army is trying to break through the Ukrainian defense near the settlements of Kharkiv and Chuhuiv districts


Frontline situation in Ukraine

Not for the first time this week, more than 150 Russian attacks were recorded in one day. Foreign media report that the threat of increased attacks is related to Russia's plans to launch a large-scale offensive in early summer. This was reported by CNN.

In fact, Russia's offensive has been going on since October last year. Ukraine is now at one of its stages. Russia now wants to capture as much territory as possible before the US military assistance arrives in sufficient quantities.

Russia's attempted offensive in the north of Kharkiv region

On May 10, the Russian troops took action in the Kharkiv direction. The activation began with shelling with various weapons and numerous drops of glide bombs from aircraft. Amid this, there were unsuccessful attempts by the subversive reconnaissance group to break through the border. Later, the Russian occupation forces tried to enter a number of settlements along the border under the cover of armored vehicles.

The attacks were repelled, but reserve units were sent to strengthen the defense. Now, Russia's army is still trying to break through Ukraine's defense. We are talking about the following settlements in Kharkiv and Chuhuiv districts: Strilecha, Krasne, Pylne, Borysivka. 

Photo: Espreso map

Russia is also concentrating its strikes on the town of Vovchansk, which plays a vital role in the defense of the northeast of Kharkiv region. It is an important logistics hub. A significant part of Ukrainian logistics east of the Siverskyi Donets passes through it, and Russia understands this. The population is being evacuated from the city of Vovchansk and the surrounding settlements. It can be assumed that by attacking Vovchansk, Russia wants to facilitate its advance towards Kupyansk. A grouping of Russian troops called West has been trying to advance there for a long time without success. When talking about Kharkiv, the North grouping of troops is operating there.

Can we now say that the North grouping is sufficient to carry out offensive attacks on Kharkiv? Russian troops are part of the grouping near Bryansk, Kursk, and Belgorod region. The number of personnel there is about 50,000 in total. This number is actually not enough for any deep advance. However, it is enough to force Ukraine to use its reserves in these areas. 

The constant threat of raids in the direction of Kharkiv, according to the Russian enemy, will encourage Ukrainian commanders to keep a certain grouping of troops on the northeastern directions to deter Russia's activity. In fact, this is already happening. We will continue to monitor this difficult situation. The Ukrainian General Staff predicted these risks. Ukraine's brigades have been redeployed in this direction. Artillery is now working, including in the areas where Russia wants to continue raiding. 

Situation near Avdiivka, Donetsk region

Fighting continues in other areas as well. After gaining some tactical success and capturing the village of Ocheretyne, Russia is now trying to use this foothold to expand it. This is the Pokrovsk direction, where the 47th Separate Mechanized Brigade is operating.

Anastasia Blyshchyk, a spokeswoman for the 47th Separate Mechanized Brigade Magura, said that the situation in the area is consistently difficult and tense. The Russian army keeps trying to attack the brigade's area of responsibility.

"The Russians are using both armored vehicles and a huge number of infantry. We are trying to repel these attacks and so far we have been successful. We are knocking the enemy out," said Blyshchyk.

Photo: Espreso map

Recently, there was a battle near Ocheretyne, where the Magura brigade repelled another Russian attack. According to the 47th Brigade's spokeswoman, the attack resulted in the complete destruction of Russian equipment, which was burned with the help of FPV drones and Bradley crews. Artillerymen also worked hard. The occupying Russian troops were eliminated. Only one Russian soldier was lucky. At first, he survived, but later, like the others, he chose death by blowing himself up with a grenade.

This week, the Russians have been deploying armored vehicles on a daily basis, both new and old. Three T-90M Proryv tanks were burned with the help of FPV drones. First, aerial reconnaissance spots all Russian vehicles. Then all the units working to destroy it join the battle. 

"Over the entire period of time we have been in the Avdiivka direction, almost 200 units of enemy armored vehicles have been destroyed. When they do not have time to bring up their reserves, they bring in more infantry. Now they have begun to engage armored vehicles again," said Blyshchyk.

US military aid for Ukraine 

According to the 47th Brigade's spokeswoman, assistance from American partners is already on its way. Servicemen need more artillery shells on the battlefield. There have been critical incidents when the use of FPV drones helped. They have become a cheap alternative to expensive shells. On May 9, the commander of one of the artillery units said that there are supplies, and there will be even more in the future, said Blyshchyk. 

"In our area of responsibility, we have an advantage over the enemy in FPV drones. But the Russians have a lot of artillery shells, which they just throw around. So maybe they don't need more FPV drones," she added.

Mobilization of servicemen

The 47th Brigade has launched a recruiting department, which includes fighters who were in the infantry but were wounded. So now they are performing other functions. Candidates call and inquire, says Blyshchyk. "Recruiters accompany them from the very beginning, from the call. Then they write out the application. Then the person goes to the military enlistment office, then to the training center. While there, the recruiters are constantly calling them. Now the training lasts two months.

"We hope that as many civic-minded Ukrainians as possible will join the ranks of the Armed Forces. There are many opinions that it is not fair to win this war at the expense of others. People want to rest, they want to go home. Everyone is homesick and wants to return to normal life," Blyshchyk said.

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