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Putin's streams. Sabotage is Russians' work

28 March, 2023 Tuesday

On March 26, the German Internet portal t-online published materials that show not only the fantastic nature of the Ukrainian trace in the sabotage of Putin's streams, but also point directly to the perpetrator – the Baltic Fleet of the Russian Navy and the SS-750 vessel with a submarine on board

The information from the German source looks convincing both factually and technically. In contrast to the versions of the 'Ukrainian trace' in the 'investigations' of the American and European media a couple of weeks ago, as well as the 'American-Norwegian trace' by Seymour Hersh. Correlates with what I wrote in Dzerkalo Tyzhnia on March 13: “ carry out the relevant preparatory work, a civilian, but properly equipped vessel with an onboard crane for lowering and lifting cargo, with a specially trained crew, equipped with at least a remotely controlled vehicle with a manipulator for underwater technical work should have been involved. Something from the category of multifunctional rescue vessels of the same type that served the construction of Nord Stream 2 (Bakhtemir, Spasatel Karev), or some large-sized vessel. And it is impossible to perform a set of preparatory works in one descent to the bottom within just one hour, and in three places... either a dry-type mini-submarine with manipulators or at least a suitable remotely operated underwater vehicle was used to perform the preparatory works.”

“The main vessel, the SS-750 auxiliary vessel (Project 141C, built in the GDR), is officially part of the Russian Navy, assigned to the Baltiysk Naval Base near Kaliningrad. The AS-26 mini-submarine (Project 1855, codename Priz) is also on board.”

It all fits together, not only according to German data, but also confirmed by data from Russian sources. The main vehicle, the SS-750 auxiliary vessel (Project 141C, built in the GDR), is officially part of the Russian Navy, assigned to the Baltiysk Naval Base near Kaliningrad. The mini-submarine AS-26 (Project 1855, codename Priz) is also on board.

It is also interesting that a recent publication on the website, dedicated to the problem of the shortage of auxiliary vessels for the Russian Navy, states that “in Russia, there are pickup vessels of projects 419 and 141 for underwater cargo operations.” The specifics of the vessel are very clearly indicated – underwater cargo operations.

“The German portal notes that a week before the explosions, on September 19, large-scale maneuvers of the Baltic Fleet began, which ‘could have been used as a cover for a real mission.’”

The German portal notes that a week before the explosions, on September 19, large-scale maneuvers of the Baltic Fleet began, which “could have been used as a cover for a real mission.” It is noted that the maneuvers involved soldiers of the 313th Special Forces detachment: “These are elite soldiers trained for underwater explosive and sabotage operations. In the following days, suspicious ships were found in the area of the crime scenes over the Nord Stream gas pipeline.” It was the involvement of this unit (but not exclusively) in the strange movements of ships in the Nord Stream 2 completion zone in 2021 that was pointed out in the report of the Center for Global Studies "Strategy XXI" in October 2021.

Moreover, the head of the diving station of the 313th Separate Special Forces Detachment for Combating Underwater Sabotage, Alexander Ivanov, call sign "Gromov," was one of the commanders of a combined group of servicemen from the Main Directorate of Deep Sea Research of the Russian Defense Ministry, the 342nd Rescue Detachment of the Baltic Fleet, and the detachment in question.

Therefore, the appearance of certain names in Western publications is a matter of time.

Well, we should wait for new multibillion-dollar lawsuits against Gazprom and others, since we are talking about the actions of state organizations of the Russian Federation, which are the relevant military units of the Russian Navy’s Baltic Fleet.


About the author. Mykhailo Honchar, expert on international energy and security relations.

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