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Patriot system cannot be destroyed. Russian myth about invulnerability of Kinzhal missiles has been debunked. Military expert Serhiy Zgurets’ 

18 May, 2023 Thursday

The Patriot air defense system consists of a radar, a command center and 6 or 8 launchers. All these components of the system are located in a certain area and are remote from each other. That is, it is impossible to destroy the entire Patriot battery

Patriot air defense systems against Russian hypersonic Kinzhal missiles 

May 16th was a historic day. Ukrainian air defense destroyed all 18 cruise and ballistic missiles. All the Russian Kinzhal missiles that the enemy used to attack Kyiv were destroyed by the US-made Patriot missile defense system. However, the attack continued. On May 17, citing two US officials, CNN reported that the US has sent inspectors to check the Patriot missile system, which may have been damaged in the latest attack on the Ukrainian capital. 

According to CNN's sources, the damage to the Patriot system is minimal and insignificant. This damage can be repaired locally without the system having to be taken out of Ukraine. The system itself continues to operate, and its radar remains intact. I would like to remind you that the Patriot system consists of a radar, a command center and 6 or 8 launchers. All these components of the system are located in a certain area and are remote from each other. That is, it is impossible to completely destroy a Patriot battery. Patriot can shoot down aircraft at a distance of up to 150 km and ballistic missiles at a distance of up to 40 km.

Patriot air defense system (photo:

On May 16, during the attack on Kyiv, Russia used a significant number of Kinzhal hypersonic missiles for the first time. In particular, 6 missiles of this type were fired. All of these missiles were destroyed. It is worth noting that the enemy had previously used single launches of such missiles. It should also be added that the nature of the attack was atypical. All the missiles were flying at a fairly high density with minimal spacing. They were launched from the northeast. The Patriot air defense system worked on the Kinzhals in automatic mode. If we analyze the video of the Patriot system, the authors of which have already been detained by the SBU, we can conclude that the Patriot system fired 20 missiles within 2 minutes. This suggests that people cannot work in this mode, and therefore the system worked automatically. May 16 is the day when Patriot technology completely destroyed the Russian myth about the invulnerability of Russian hypersonic missiles.

The Ukrainian Armed Forces are not preparing for the encirclement of Bakhmut

Victor Kevliuk, a military expert at the Center for Defense Strategies, believes that the current situation in Bakhmut can be seen as part of the preparation for future counteroffensive operations of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. For Ukraine, one of the main tasks in Bakhmut is to strengthen control over the logistics lines that supply our troops in the city. According to Kevliuk, the enemy may consider several tasks for itself. First, Russians may continue to consider capturing Bakhmut and controlling the heights to the west of the city, which would create a fairly favorable defensive line for them. Secondly, the enemy may consider Bakhmut as an area for the disposal of Wagner PMC militants, who are being killed by the Ukrainian Armed Forces in the city. Accordingly, the expert emphasized, regular units of the Russian army are operating to the south and north of the city. Kevliuk also added that the actions of the Ukrainian Armed Forces do not look like Ukrainian units are planning to surround Bakhmut.

Fighting near Bakhmut as of May 17

Military expert Viktor Kevliuk said that the achievements of the 3rd and 5th assault brigades of the Ukrainian Armed Forces and the 80th Separate Airborne Assault Brigade near Bakhmut were due to the right time to attack. The fact is that the enemy conducted a very unsuccessful rotation. The partially incapacitated 72nd Motorized Rifle Brigade of the 3rd Army Corps of the Russian Army took up positions. This brigade was not ready for a sustained defense and suffered a powerful blow. The enemy lost two companies of personnel and more than 200 soldiers killed. After this attack, our military units were able to advance more than 2 km. It should also be noted that Ukrainian units have made good progress in the area of Klishchiivka, posing a threat to Russian troops operating in the northern part of Bakhmut.

Ukrainian Armed Forces seize the initiative along the entire front line

Military expert Viktor Kevliuk believes that today Russian troops are forced to give the initiative to the Ukrainian Armed Forces. The Russian command is very confused about the events in the military theater. According to Kevliuk, Russians have no idea where the Ukrainian army will strike. That is why the Russian command has chosen their usual tactics - conducting a defensive operation. The enemy still retains signs of activity in certain areas, but these are localized manifestations of offensives that look more like an imitation of active defense. 

Humanitarian demining of the state is a challenge for the state, business and society

Public figure Valerii Pekar said that security remains the main long-term priority for Ukraine. Not only Ukraine, but the world is facing new security challenges. In particular, it concerns cybersecurity and critical infrastructure security. That is why, according to Pekar, it is important for Ukraine to combine the solutions that are needed right now with sustainable long-term solutions that will ensure our security for generations to come.

Valerii Pekar also emphasized the importance of humanitarian demining in the country. In his opinion, this problem cannot be solved by the state alone. This means that companies that have the appropriate specifics should join the demining process in Ukraine. They have certification and trained personnel. According to Pekar, such companies are already appearing in Ukraine. In particular, agricultural companies that cannot wait for the state to demine the territories but have to work in this direction at their own expense. So, now we are talking about combining the efforts of the state, business, and society to solve the problem of mining in Ukraine. Such solutions have long-term potential.

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