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Can state take revenge on its citizens? It turns out that it can

26 April, 2024 Friday

A little bit about the repression of those Ukrainians who are abroad


Ukraine has a problem with mobilization. This makes the law on mobilization extremely important. The goal is to increase the number of people who can be drafted into the army. To increase the number of people who are drafted. And it would be logical if all the actions of the law on mobilization were aimed at this. But at the same time, the law was diluted in terms of the stick that can be used in Ukraine. And seasoned with petty revenge.

We are talking about the fact that the state has suspended the consulate's support for men abroad.

Is this within the framework of the main goal of the law - to increase the number of the Ukrainian Armed Forces? To increase the efficiency of mobilization? Absolutely not. These actions will not force any man who chose to be abroad during the war to return to Ukraine.

These inconveniences, which are created for absolutely all men who are abroad, are in no way comparable to the inconveniences that mobilization will bring them. Moreover, not all men abroad have crossed the Tisza (i.e. illegally crossed the border). Many are there legally.

Thus, the effectiveness of this measure is zero. However, the state uses it and relishes it, focusing on it instead of taking unpopular steps that should produce results. The result is an increase in the number of people mobilized. But it seems that the result is not yet in sight.

What is it then? This is both petty revenge and populism. Because the state shows that it is taking revenge on those who left, which should give pleasure to those who stayed. It plays on the dark sides of human nature. It is trying to gain cheap popularity on a painful topic for society.

It also spreads a split in society. Including the one that will happen after the war. Because Ukraine has a huge demographic problem. And Ukraine is extremely interested in bringing back as many people as possible who went abroad because of the war, including men. These people are needed here. And the last thing we should do is take steps to prevent these people from returning. And we are talking about the hatred of some Ukrainians towards others, which the state cultivates. It is sharpening the corners that should be smoothed out.

And yes, these men are needed in Ukraine. And yes, they chose not to be in Ukraine during the war. And there is no contradiction here. Ukraine needs all its citizens. And not all citizens of Ukraine are heroes. Just like any other country. Ukraine needs not only heroes. Ukraine needs people who will pay taxes to pay pensions. Ukraine will need people who will give birth, and for this purpose, men are still needed. Ukraine needs consumers, so that those who are now making coffee under fire can sell it and increase their business after the war. Ukraine needs these men, even if someone thinks their choice is not moral. But they made it. And they remained citizens of Ukraine.

Yes, they consciously chose to stay outside Ukraine during the war. Among other things, they were afraid that they might be mobilized. But there is no desire to be mobilized among the men who are in Ukraine. So will we also cultivate hatred towards them?

We will harass people who are fighting and their relatives, and those who are not. Is their act more negative than the behavior of deserters who flee the front by the thousands? Should we also hate those who have been booked throughout the war? Where is the line after which the state will say: "We want to hate them"?

And now we are deliberately not talking about the contribution of people who, being abroad and feeling remorseful, guilty, can actively donate. And to do so more than a large number of people who are currently in Ukraine, away from the front.

The last thing Ukrainians should be doing after the war is measuring who has done what. And who is a greater patriot. This should be left to politicians. There are enough problems in society without this.

War is a tragedy. And a trauma. And after the war, when that day comes, society needs to heal these traumas. And the state should play a leading role here. And it is illogical if the state exacerbates these traumas. Especially by taking steps that in no way bring us closer to victory. And this step definitely does nothing to bring victory closer. Except for victory in the upcoming elections. Which we still have to live to see.

About the author. Serhiy Fursa, investment expert, blogger.

The editors do not always share the opinions expressed by the authors of blogs.

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