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November 8-15 live war map: events in Kherson region may change course of Ukraine’s counteroffensive  

15 November, 2023 Wednesday

Russian forces resume offensive near Bakhmut and rush to Avdiivka, while Ukrainian Armed Forces continue counteroffensive in the south, "wrapped up" by the media prematurely 

Ukraine's counteroffensive in Kherson region covered by "fog of war"

Developments are unfolding on the left bank of the Kherson region, the true importance of which is the clearest for the Ukrainian General Staff. Simultaneously, certain discernible trends indicate a positive momentum in the Ukrainian Armed Forces' advancements in this section of the front. The primary trend involves the convergence of two initially separate footholds near the Antonivka bridges — those along the railroad and the road. This consolidated area has expanded considerably, potentially extending beyond the villages of Pidstepne, Pishchanivka, and Poyma, posing a potential threat to the critical road junction linking Oleshky with Nova Kakhovka and Crimea.

Another bridgehead, north of Kherson, is also expanding rapidly. The defense forces have actually established overwhelming control over the village of Krynky, as the Russians are shelling it with artillery. In addition, Ukrainian soldiers continued to move eastward, crossing the Oleshky-Nova Kakhovka road and entering the forest leading to the T2206 road. At the same time, they continued fighting for Kozachi Laheri, south of Krynky.

The territory south of Kherson and near Hola Prystan may become a third foothold. Recently, the Ukrainian Armed Forces have been active in the area of Bilohrudyi Island and the village of the same name, which has long been under partial control of Ukrainian soldiers.

A crucial development is the diminishing control exercised by the Russian Armed Forces Command over troop management in this region. Following General Teplynsky's appointment to lead the Crimean-Dnipro direction, the Ukrainian Armed Forces initiated efforts to locate their former acquaintance, who oversaw the withdrawal of Russian armed forces from the right bank of the Kherson region. This week, the general released a video to confirm his survival, yet his visibly altered face indicated the impact of strikes on his headquarters in Skadovsk, Henichesk, and Chaplynka.

Eventually, official Russian media reported that the Russian armed forces were contemplating a retreat from the Dnipro bank to seek "more favorable" positions. However, this message was subsequently removed. The situation remains ambiguous, as there are no clear indications of an actual withdrawal. The information surrounding the Kherson region is shrouded in the "fog of war"...

Counteroffensive is ongoing in the Tokmak sector

It has been 5 months since the counteroffensive began in Zaporizhzhia, and certain media outlets have prematurely declared its conclusion, suggesting a shift to a positional war. However, the fighting in the area of the Ukrainian Armed Forces' insertion near the village of Robotyne did not slow down this week. Defense forces conducted offensives in all three directions from the village and were successful. To the west of Robotyne, Russian forces were forced to retreat by 1 km, and Ukrainian soldiers entered two forest strips and occupied tactical heights in the area.

Northwest of Verbove, the Ukrainian Armed Forces advanced in two areas. The first offensive vector was aimed at bypassing the village of Novopokrovka, where Ukrainian soldiers approached the village from the west and southwest. The second was aimed at advancing to the northern outskirts of Verbove. In this area, the Ukrainian Defense Forces took an important 140-meter high ground and pushed the invaders further east.

Finally, south of Robotyne, the Ukrainian Armed Forces again pushed back Russian troops and once again approached the key 166-meter high ground for which the battle is currently underway.

Instead, Russian forces attempted to counterattack north of the village of Kopani, where they pushed the Ukrainian Defense Forces back a hundred meters.

In the Berdyansk direction, where the counteroffensive seemed to have frozen until spring, the Ukrainian Armed Forces began attacking south of Urozhayne. Here, they achieved minor tactical success and killed the commander of Russia’s 810th Marine Brigade.

Map of active hostilities in Avdiivka

The intense daily assaults on Avdiivka by Russian forces have resulted in 800 to over 1,000 Russian soldiers eliminated each day. The invaders are relentlessly pushing for the capture of Avdiivka, prioritizing this objective at any cost, ideally within the current year. This is also evidenced by Putin's second visit to the Russian Armed Forces headquarters in Rostov-on-Don in a short time. In a week, they managed to expand their zone of control between Krasnohorivka and Novokalynove, and came close to Stepove. The Ukrainian Defense Forces managed to hold off other assaults around the perimeter of the city and repelled Russian troops several hundred meters in the direction of Pisky.

Bakhmut frontline weekly updates 

The situation south of Bakhmut has been frozen in positional battles focused on repelling the Russian offensive on Klishchiivka and attempts to drive Russian troops out of Kurdyumivka and Ozaryanivka. For the third week in a row, the Russians have been overly active on the northern flank. This week they managed to occupy several square kilometers south of Yahidne. Fighting continues near Khromove.  

War map: Strikes against Russia

Ukraine is unable to respond equally to Russia's terrorist attacks on its cities and civilian infrastructure. Therefore, it focuses its strikes on Russia’s military infrastructure, undermining its military potential. Recently, Ukrainian drones “visited” a plant in Kolomna where Kalibr and Iskander missiles are assembled, a chemical plant that produces explosives in Russia’s Bryansk region, and a gunpowder plant in Kotovsk, Tambov region.

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