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May 22-29 live war map: Russia hits its offensive peak and “captures” several villages

29 May, 2024 Wednesday

The Russian army pushes forward across the entire front, aiming to seize territory. Reports indicate both genuine advances and fabricated victories


For the third consecutive week, Russian losses remain at a record high, depleting their resources and reducing offensive capabilities. Retreat and prioritization of attack directions seem inevitable.


Map of Russia's offensive in Kharkiv region

Throughout the week, there have been no changes on the front in the Kharkiv region. The fighting in Vovchansk's central area persists. Russian guided aerial bombs and artillery continue to target residential areas, while their troops attempt to bypass the city from the flanks and cross the Vovcha River using specialized equipment. On the right flank, they are stuck in the swamps near the villages of Starytsia and Buhruvatka, while on the left, they aim to advance along the front. Despite the arrival of 10,000 reinforcements from the Luhansk region, their efforts have not succeeded. In the Lyptsi region, Russian forces have made no progress, and our soldiers are engaged in counteroffensive actions.

Discussions are ongoing regarding the possibility of launching another Russian offensive, either in the Sumy region or in the Zolochiv area of the Kharkiv region. However, additional reserves need to be deployed because those forces initially involved in the campaign are running low.

Kupyansk direction: map of frontline developments

The Russian Armed Forces continued their gradual advance to the north and south of the Svatove-Kupyansk highway. Within a week, they pushed the Defense Forces out of positions in Ivanivka, shifting the front line 1.5 km to the west. The Russians also made progress near the village of Vilshana, advancing several hundred meters. Further south, the occupiers aim to eventually control the entire territory of the Luhansk region. They launched an attack on Stelmakhivka from the north via Berestove, expanding their control zone to the southern part of the village, and directly from the previously occupied Kolomyichykha. In total, the Russians occupied approximately 2 km of territory on this front within two weeks. In the southern sector, they persistently attempted to advance on Terny and Yampolivka, west of Dibrova, and in the Serebryanskyi Forest. However, all of these efforts were repelled by the Defense Forces. Interestingly, the occupiers have falsely claimed to the Kremlin multiple times, including this week, about capturing Bilohorivka. These reports turned out to be false.

Chasiv Yar – street fights erupt again

Throughout the week, the city faced multiple significant assaults, persisting in three directions. On the northern front, the occupiers faced setbacks: following their attack, the Ukrainian Armed Forces initiated a counteroffensive, briefly reclaiming the outskirts of Bohdanivka. However, they were later forced to retreat. The most substantial progress by the occupiers occurred in the central sector, where they managed to breach the outskirts of the "Kanal" district. Intense battles for control of the initial buildings are ongoing. This mirrors events from a few weeks ago, raising hopes that the Defense Forces will successfully repel the enemy from the city. In the southern sector, Russian forces nearly completed the capture of Ivanivske and resumed advancing towards the right bank of the Siversky Donets Canal. Intense fighting is underway here to halt their further advancement. The most intense pressure from the Russian Armed Forces was directed towards Klishchiivka, which they seized from the north and southeast, displacing Ukrainian forces from the village. This situation resembles that of almost a year ago when Ukrainian soldiers held strategic positions to the west and south of the village, while the enemy sought refuge among the dilapidated village houses below.

Post-Avdiivka front

The front line is seeing rapid changes, with the Russians pushing their offensive towards Pokrovsk, Kostyantynivka, and Toretsk. They're aiming to break through north of Ocheretyne while expanding their flanks to the south and west. By attacking Novooleksandrivka, Russian troops may plan to advance further to Vozdvyzhenka, cutting off the T 0504 route between Pokrovsk and Kostiantynivka. This allows them to achieve multiple objectives and potentially flank defenders in Chasiv Yar and Kostyantynivka, while also threatening garrisons in Toretsk and New York. Currently, the Russians need to advance more than 10 km to cut the track, which is no easy feat.

This week, the enemy has taken control of the area between Arkhanhelske and Novooleksandrivka, and expanded their control zone between Solovyove and Sokil. In response, the 47th Brigade of the Armed Forces launched counterattacks in this area, reclaiming several plantations.

On the route to Selydove, the Russians have seized Netaylove and Umanske and are advancing towards Yasnobrodivka and Novoselivka Persha. Meanwhile, the Armed Forces of Ukraine are fortifying defenses along the Vovcha River, which acts as a natural barrier against the invaders' offensive.

Southern front: Armed Forces counteroffensive revision

Across the entire stretch from Vuhledar to Robotyne, intense battles are underway as Russian forces launch successive attacks. While the front near Vuhledar remains largely unchanged, fighting has escalated in Staromayorske, with battles raging in the village's central streets. In nearby Urozhaine, the enemy is also advancing toward the center. Although the occupiers claim control over both villages, the Defense Forces are putting up a strong resistance.

After 10 months of fighting in the Tokmak sector, the village of Robotyne has almost completely fallen into the gray zone. Russian troops have once again seized control of its center, while the Ukrainian forces maintain their position on the northern and western outskirts without retreating.


Left Bank of Kherson region, Krynky captured?

The Russians claimed to have captured Krynky once again. The Ukraianian forces temporarily left the village to extend their control towards Kozachi Laheri, where they displayed a blue-yellow flag. The occupiers violated the Armed Forces of Ukraine's ban on gatherings of more than three people and faced consequences. In Kardashynka district, HIMARS destroyed a column of occupying forces on the move, which had gathered some equipment for the attack.

Moreover, the Russians are attempting to reclaim positions on the Dnipro islands, specifically targeting the Armed Forces of Ukraine's control over Nestryha Island. They are suffering significant losses here, at least 100 soldiers each day.


Destruction of Russian air defense in Crimea and Russia

The Ukrainian Armed Forces are deploying American ATACMS missiles to target air defense across the temporarily occupied territory of Ukraine, with a focus on the southern direction, particularly Crimea. This week, rockets struck air defense near the Saky airfield, Novofedorivka, Simferopol, and Alushta, hitting satellite communication facilities and radio-electronic warfare facilities.

Additionally, our drones twice targeted Russian long-range surveillance radar stations, "Voronezh-DM" near Armavir, 500 km from the front, and "Voronezh-M" in Orsk, 1,800 km from the battle line. These strikes have significantly weakened Russia's anti-aircraft and anti-nuclear defense system and reduced its ability to monitor and control the situation in southern Ukraine and Crimea. The attack on the radar in Orsk represents a record long-range strike by the Armed Forces.

Our military deployed 5 ATACMS missiles to completely destroy the latest S-400 installations, along with radar equipment, near the village of Klenivka in the Donetsk region, 40 km from the front line. It remains unclear why long-range air defense was present in that area. A large explosion occurred in Luhansk, although the exact target remains unknown; however, the burnout zone is visible from satellite imagery.


The maps were created based on information provided by the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and other reliable sources. While the maps provide a general overview of the situation, they may not be entirely accurate and only reflect trends in the war zone.

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