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Victorious news of 742nd day of war: organizer of sham elections killed in Berdyansk, explosion near oil storage facility in Russia, super-powerful Avdiivka drone

6 March, 2024 Wednesday

A car carrying traitor Ilyina was blown up in Berdyansk, Russia announced drone attacks on the Voronezh and Kursk regions, and the Ukrainian Security Service presented a new maritime drone


Germany joins Czech initiative to purchase shells for Ukraine

Germany will join the Czech Republic's plan to purchase 800,000 artillery shells for Ukraine. This was stated by German government spokesman Steffen Hebestreit, Tagesschau reports.

The German federal government will contribute a three-digit million-dollar sum to the Czech initiative to purchase shells for Ukraine, the spokesman said.

The day before, French President Macron announced that he would join the Czech plan to purchase the shells.

"The Czech initiative is extremely useful, we support it, we will participate in it. It is about looking for ammunition wherever it is available and compatible with the equipment we supply," Macron said at a meeting with the Czech president in Prague.

Ukraine creates new naval drone Avdiivka

Ukraine's Security Service (SBU) has demonstrated the first Sea Baby drone from a new batch, named Avdiivka: they were produced thanks to a large-scale volunteer fundraiser.

"The first sample in this batch, which the SBU showed during testing, is called Avdiivka. It differs from the previous generation, including its appearance. The Sea baby 2024 is a new generation drone, improved and even more deadly for the enemy," the statement says.

According to SBU Brigadier General Hunter, the new batch of drones has improved characteristics, greater combat and maneuverability. In particular, the new Sea baby can deliver almost a ton of explosives over a distance of over a thousand kilometers.

Each drone model will undergo a full cycle of sea trials, during which the SBU development team will adapt the latest onboard weapons specially designed and manufactured for use on multi-purpose platforms.

Photo: SBU

Car of sham election organizer blown up in Berdyansk

On March 6, in the temporarily occupied Berdyansk, the car of Olena Ilyina, the organizer of the sham election, was blown up. She died in the hospital. This was reported by the head of the Berdyansk City Military Administration, Victoria Halitsyna.

"An explosion was reported in the Kolonia area today. According to the available information, one of the organizers of the sham elections in the temporarily occupied Berdyansk was eliminated," she wrote.

The Russians released a video showing a damaged car belonging to the "invading Russian forces’ accomplice who was a member of the election commission with the right to cast a decisive vote." This is Olena Ilyina, who was in charge of organizing the so-called elections.

Russia reports explosions due to drone attack

On Wednesday, March 6, Russia reported an alleged explosion near an oil storage facility near the city of Voronez

The Russian propaganda outlet TASS reported this with reference to the press service of the regional government.

"The explosion occurred near an oil storage facility near Voronezh, civilian objects were not damaged," the report said.

Instead, the governor of the Voronezh region, Alexander Gusev, called on Russians not to film or post on social media footage of UAV crashes, air defense operations, or their consequences.

This was not the first drone attack that day. On the morning of March 6, Baza reported an alleged attempt to attack the Baltimore military airfield in Voronezh. The drone was allegedly destroyed a few kilometers from the target.

"Two more drones tried to attack an oil depot in the Annin municipal district of the region. The first one was at 7 a.m., and the second one an hour later. The drones were also destroyed. The wreckage of one of them fell into a tank, the other also crashed on the territory of the oil depot," the statement says.

Later, the governor of the Kursk region, Roman Starovoit, said that a fire at a fuel warehouse had started as a result of a UAV attack.

First armored personnel carriers from Bulgaria arrive in Ukraine

The first armored personnel carriers from Bulgaria have been transported to Ukraine. Their delivery was agreed in July 2023, it was about 100 APCs

The bTV journalists noted that they saw the first armored personnel carrier being loaded onto a platform. It left the base in Sofia for the railway station.

The Ministry of Defence is organizing the delivery of the vehicles to Ukraine. 

"Their shipment starts today and they will be sent in sets of six," the statement says.

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