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Victorious news of 702nd day of war: Russian refinery shutdown after drone attack, new development to destroy Russian forces

26 January, 2024 Friday

After a Ukrainian drone attack shut down the Tuapse oil refinery, a Ukrainian manufacturer developed a self-propelled missile system that can aim its weapons


Oil refinery shut down in Russia after drone attack

Rosneft's Tuapse oil refinery, one of the ten largest in Russia, has shut down after a fire caused by a drone attack. Reuters reports this with reference to its own sources.

According to the publication, the drone attack on the Tuapse refinery was at least the fourth attack on Russia's energy infrastructure, including an attack on a fuel export terminal in the Baltic Sea and a processing complex in the port of Ust-Luga, where oil products are transported.

The Tuapse refinery has an annual capacity of 12 million metric tons (240,000 barrels per day). It produces naphtha, fuel oil, vacuum gas oil and high-sulfur diesel fuel and supplies fuel mainly to Turkey, China, Malaysia and Singapore.

The day before, the Ukrainian media reported a drone attack on an "oil depot" in Tuapse organized by the Ukrainian Security Service.

All 27 EU countries have preliminarily agreed to support the Ukraine Facility program

Ukraine's Prime Minister Denys Shmyhal says that all 27 EU member states have preliminarily agreed to support a four-year, EUR 50 billion Ukraine Facility program to help Ukraine. He said this at a government meeting.

"On February 1, we expect the EU to approve a new four-year, €50 billion support program for Ukraine, the Ukraine Facility. We can preliminarily say that all 27 EU members have agreed to support this program," Shmyhal said.

The government also expects that this year the EU will be able to provide financial assistance at about the same level as in 2023. In particular, the Prime Minister noted that in order to cover the Ukrainian budget deficit, it is important to attract about EUR 18 billion from the European Union.

Ukraine launches a new powerful well

UkrGasVydobuvannya has commissioned a new high-rate well: it will produce 250,000 cubic meters of gas per day.

According to the press service of Naftogaz, the new exploration well was commissioned in early 2024. This is the 10th well in this field that has shown high results. The location for the well was determined based on the previous 3D seismic surveys. The design depth of the well is 3,950 meters.

Photo: Naftogaz

Currently, the company's specialists continue to explore the field's potential to increase production. 

"We have good 3D seismic data for this field, which allows us to determine the optimal points for drilling new wells. 10 exploration wells have completed the picture of geological information, and we plan to start production drilling this year," said Oleh Tolmachev, Acting General Director of UkrGasVydobuvannya.

Ukraine has developed a radar system that can guide weapons by itself

Ukrainian manufacturer of electronic warfare systems Piranha Tech has developed a new radar system that can independently recognize targets and guide weapons. Yuriy Momot, Deputy CEO of the company, spoke about the new development on Espreso TV.

"One of the radars that should work in this system is a so-called firing radar station with a firing control module. It will contain data on the weapon to be used, the range of impact, and the caliber of a particular firearm. It will guide, take into account all the characteristics of this weapon and independently aim at the target," Momot said.

There are two stations in the active radar system. One station is constantly detecting, so to speak, a lookout station. The detection range is up to about 100 km, depending on the target, he said.

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