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Ukrainian parliament adopts draft law on mobilization

11 April, 2024 Thursday

At a session on April 11, the Ukrainian parliament adopted the draft law on mobilization. 283 MPs voted for it.


This was announced by MP Yaroslav Zheleznyak.

MPs from the Servant of the People party gave 192 votes, the European Solidarity party - none, and the Batkivshchyna party - two.

Opposition Platform — For Life- 18;
Holos - 16;
Restoration - 16;
For the Future - 12;
Dovira - 15;
Non-factional - 12.

At the same time, the Parliament did not support the amendment on the demobilisation of the military after 36 months of continuous service. As many as 227 MPs voted not to include this provision in the draft law, said Iryna Gerashchenko, a member of the European Solidarity faction

"The key amendment on the right of servicemen to leave military service after 36 months and go for demobilisation was voted down. 227 votes. These votes were given by "servants", these people who are not fighting. 176 deputies. Opposition Platform for Life and two representatives of Batkivshchyna," she said.

The committee's version cancelled the previously approved motivational norms and also restricts the provision of consular services to Ukrainians abroad.

"The provision of consular services will take place within 60 days of the entry into force of this law with the simultaneous updating of data. That is, a man of military age can come to receive consular services within these 60 days and update his data. They have to indicate their place of residence and contact details so that the Ministry of Defence and the General Staff have a clear understanding of how many citizens are abroad," explained MP Iryna Friz.

What is included in the motivational package:

the opportunity to choose a unit for those liable for military service who sign a contract with the Ministry of Defence;
additional leave and remuneration for the destruction or capture of enemy weapons or equipment, the amount of which will be set by law and government regulations;
the time spent on parental leave will be counted towards the length of service in the military rank;
annual basic leave will be granted in installments during the calendar year and the main continuous installment will be at least 15 calendar days;
the right to a one-time compensation of 50% of the down payment on a mortgage loan and an additional UAH 100,000 after the first year of military service and another UAH 100,000 after the second year;
servicemen and their spouses will not be charged interest on the loan, penalties, fines for defaulting on obligations to banks and other organizations, except for car and real estate loans;
the right to receive a certificate for the purchase of a vehicle in the amount of UAH 150,000 within three months from the date of the first contract;
one month of service for three months for being directly in combat areas during martial law will be included in the length of service;
in case of need for long-term treatment abroad, it will be possible to undergo a military medical commission remotely, and the relevant certificate of the Military Medical Commission will be the basis for maintaining financial and material support;
additional leave of 90 calendar days without division into parts, if desired, after release from captivity with the preservation of financial support;
the amount of one-time financial assistance in the event of the death of a serviceman is set at UAH 15 million.
Also, with certain safeguards, but without violating the rights of citizens, the norms for the care of persons with disabilities of groups I, II, III are established

What is known about mobilization in Ukraine

On December 19, Zelenskyy said at a press conference on the results of 2023 that the General Staff had asked for the mobilization of an additional 450,000-500,000 Ukrainians.

On December 25, 2023, the Cabinet of Ministers submitted a bill to the Ukrainian parliament to improve the mobilization procedure.

On January 8, the Ukrainian Parliamentary Committee on Anti-Corruption Policy recognized the government's draft law on mobilization as containing corruption risks.

On January 11, the draft law on mobilization was returned to the government for revision without being considered by the parliament.

Ombudsman Dmytro Lubinets claims that some provisions of the draft law on mobilization violate the Constitution, Ukraine's international obligations and people's rights. 

In late January, the government submitted an updated draft law on mobilization to the Ukrainian parliament. However, at a meeting on February 5, the Ukrainian Parliamentary Committee on Anti-Corruption Policy again recognized the document as containing corruption risks.

At a meeting on February 6, the Ukrainian parliament supported the extension of martial law and general mobilization for another 90 days - until May 13, 2024.

On February 7, the parliament supported in the first reading the government's draft law No.10449 on strengthening mobilization.

On April 10, it was reported that the Verkhovna Rada Defense Committee had excluded the issue of demobilization from the draft law on mobilization. The government is to draft a separate bill on demobilization.

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