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Russia attacks southern Ukraine: 11 injured in Mykolaiv region, emergency power outages in Odesa

25 March, 2024 Monday

As the Southern Defense Forces reported, Russia’s attack the southern regions was concentrated in Mykolaiv and Odesa regions, targeting energy facilities

Prior to the drone attack launched from a tactical aircraft over the Black Sea, Russian militants fired a Kh-31P anti-radar missile at the Odesa region in an attempt to disrupt air defense systems. However, the missile lost its combat capability in mid-air. There are no reports of damage or casualties.

Next, Russian troops attacked with several waves of Shaheds from the Black Sea.  Four attack UAVs were shot down in Odesa and Mykolaiv regions.

Odesa region

The head of the Odesa Regional Military Administration, Oleh Kiper, said that the Russian drone attack damaged the energy infrastructure, and that parts of Odesa have no electricity supply.

The military adds that shrapnel from the downed drone damaged a power facility and caused a fire, which cut off power to part of Odesa and nearby settlements. However, no one was injured.

In the morning, the mayor's office reported that electric transport would not work in the city today.

"In connection with the temporary suspension of the city's electric transport, the issue of putting more rolling stock on the line and increasing the use of medium and large buses on main routes has been worked out," the statement said.

They also added that kindergartens without power supply will accept children in regular groups. Institutions with power supply restored will operate as usual.

Later, Ukrenergo confirmed that last night, Russia targeted energy infrastructure and attacked two substations in the southern region. 

It noted that due to the damage to equipment in Odesa city and the Odesa region, power companies are forced to increase the periods of consumption restrictions. This is necessary to protect the surviving equipment from overloading, which can cause additional technological damage.

Another power company DTEK said that residents of the one district of Odesa were left without power supply.

"Power engineers have already managed to restore power supply to critical infrastructure facilities. However, the situation remains difficult. Emergency power outages are in place in Odesa and Odesa district," the statement said.

Mykolaiv region

According to the Southern Defense Forces, Russia hit a power facility in the Mykolaiv region, a fire broke out and was quickly extinguished by firefighters. No people were injured.

Russian drones, as per their usual tactic, were flying over residential areas of settlements. One such drone was shot down in the private sector of Mykolaiv, resulting in the destruction of a two-story residential building and igniting a fire. The fire was subsequently extinguished by the State Emergency Service (SES). Additionally, the blast wave from the incident damaged several neighboring houses.

According to preliminary data, 11 people were injured, 2 were hospitalized, and the rest were treated on the spot.

Mykolaiv Mayor Oleh Sienkevych confirms the hit. According to him, representatives of the district administration are working in one of the city's neighborhoods where the drone fragments fell. Municipal crews are preparing to dispatch.

Air Force report

According to the Ukrainian Air Force, Ukrainian defenders shot down 8 out of 9 Shahed attack UAVs used by Russian troops to attack Ukraine from Cape Chauda (Crimea).

Mobile fire groups of the Ukrainian Defense Forces were involved in repelling the air attack. Shaheds were destroyed within Mykolaiv and Odesa regions.

  • On the evening of Saturday, March 23, Russian troops launched attack UAVs and cruise missiles at Ukraine. As a result of the attack, shrapnel was observed falling in Kyiv and Dnipro regions, a critical infrastructure facility was attacked in Lviv region, and port infrastructure in Odesa region was damaged.

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