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Ukraine reports 71 combat engagements on frontline, most intense situation in Pokrovsk sector

14 June, 2024 Friday

Since the beginning of the day on June 14, 71 combat engagements took place on the frontline. The largest number of combat clashes was recorded in the Pokrovsk sector


This was reported by the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine as of 19:00.

The situation on the frontline on June 14 

In the Kharkiv sector, two Russian attacks were repelled near Tykhyi and Vovchansk. As of 16:00, Russian enemy conducted another air strike, dropping six guided bombs in the area of Vovchanski Khutory. Russian troops lost 72 soldiers in this sector yesterday, 30 of them were killed. Ukrainian troops destroyed three armored combat vehicles, two artillery systems, nine vehicles and five pieces of special equipment. Three Russian artillery systems and five vehicles were also damaged, as well as 26 enemy dugouts and two ammunition depots.

In the Kupyansk sector, Russian invaders fired unguided aerial missiles towards Hlushkivka. The number of combat engagements increased to nine. Eight attacks were successfully repelled by our troops, another one is ongoing near Pishchane.

In the Lyman sector, the number of combat engagements increased to seven. The enemy continues to put pressure on Ukrainian defenses in the areas of Hrekivka and Nevske, with two firefights continuing.

At the same time, the Russian forces have increased the number of attacks on the Kupyansk and Lyman directions, though not as actively. Ukrainian soldiers are taking the necessary measures to deplete the enemy's offensive potential.

In the Kramatorsk sector, Russian troops attempted to advance in the areas of Bohdanivka and Andriivka. Both attacks were repelled.

In the Siverskyi sector, Ukrainian Defense Forces successfully stopped an attempt to advance in the vicinity of Rozdolivka. Over the day, three attempts to improve the tactical situation near Rozdolivka were repelled.

The situation in the Pokrovsk sector remains tense. There have been 24 combat engagements since the beginning of the day. Ukrainian troops repelled 14 attacks, ten are still ongoing. Combat is currently taking place in the areas of Novooleksandrivka, Vozdvyzhenka, Sokol and Novopokrovske.

According to the updated information, the enemy lost 363 people in killed and wounded in the Pokrovsk sector yesterday, and destroyed a Russian tank, two armoured combat vehicles, a cannon and a vehicle. A tank, an armoured personnel carrier and a vehicle were damaged.

The situation in the Kurakhove sector is tense. The total number of attacks here has increased to 15. The Ukrainian defence forces successfully repelled 12 assaults by the Russian invaders. Near Krasnohorivka and Kostyantynivka, the enemy is still trying to improve the tactical situation. Russian troops act with the support of armoured vehicles and suffering losses. As of today, Ukrainian soldiers have already wounded 60 and killed 36 Russian occupants. Two enemy tanks, an armoured combat vehicle, two vehicles and a UAV ground control station were destroyed. Three vehicles and four Russian tanks were damaged.

In the Vremivka sector, Russian enemy attacked three times in the areas of Kostiantynivka, Vodiane and Urozhayne. They were unsuccessful. Russia also dropped two bombs near Yelizavetivka.

In the Orikhiv sector, the Russian forces made five attacks in the area of Mala Tokmachka. Ukrainian troops repelled all attacks. Russian terrorists are also firing from multiple rocket launchers, this time in the vicinity of Pyatikhatky and Plavni.

In the Kherson sector, the Ukrainian Defense Forces stopped a Russian assault on the left bank of the Dnipro River.

In other areas, the situation has not changed significantly.

According to the General Staff, 109 combat engagements took place on the frontline over the past day. According to the updated information, yesterday Russian enemy launched a total of three missile attacks on the positions of Ukrainian troops and populated areas using 4 missiles, 66 air strikes (including 94 drones), fired over 3,800 times, 100 of them from multiple launch rocket systems.

Since the beginning of the day on June 14,Russian enemy has been attacking the Pokrovsk and Kurakhove directions the most. Over 60% of the total number of combat engagements along the entire frontline took place there. 

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