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Putin is in parallel reality, doesn't control course of his invented 'special operation'

19 June, 2023 Monday

Recently, at the St. Petersburg International Forum, Putin said that Russia could strike air bases outside of Ukraine if F-16 fighter jets used in the war were based there

According to the Russian dictator, “NATO, of course, is being drawn into the war in Ukraine” because it continues to help Ukraine with military equipment, and now “the option of supplying aircraft is being considered.” In his opinion, this poses “a serious danger of further involvement of NATO in this armed conflict.”

In this context, Putin's recent statement that there will be no winners in the event of World War III becomes understandable. This statement is aimed exclusively at the domestic consumer - Russian citizens.

Let me remind you that both the British Prime Minister and representatives of the US administration have repeatedly stated their support for Ukraine until it wins.

“We are not talking about World War III. We are talking about Russia's direct military invasion of Ukraine.”

The financial assistance provided to Ukraine by Western countries, in addition to military and technical assistance, puts an end to the Kremlin's plans for further aggression on the territory of Ukraine.

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The West has expressed its position on supporting our country. There is no talk of fatigue. A clear confirmation of this is the provision of another tranche of military and technical assistance from the United States in the amount of USD 350 million and, accordingly, from the United Kingdom in the amount of about USD 110 million. We are talking about those components of military-technical cooperation that are essential for the Armed Forces. These are shells, air defense systems, and armored vehicles. That is, the needs of the Armed Forces are taken into account in real time.

“In my opinion, with his statements about the absence of winners in World War III, Putin is trying to play his favorite game - artificially raising the stakes in relation to the so-called red lines.”

He is in a parallel reality when he says that Moscow, in response to the violation of the so-called red lines, struck at the main department of the Ministry of Defense. This, at the very least, causes a misunderstanding of the nature of the information provided to the Russian dictator. In other words, Putin's latest statements have once again clearly emphasized that he has absolutely no control over the course of the so-called 'special operation,' and moreover, he has actually withdrawn himself, knowing full well the consequences. And this is a counteroffensive by the Ukrainian Armed Forces and, accordingly, the growth of protest moods within the Russian Federation itself.

It is also worth paying attention to the Russian dictator's contradictory statement about the goals of Russia's attack on Ukraine: they are both changing and not changing. “They change according to the current situation, but in general, of course, we will not change anything,” he said.

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It is noteworthy that the issue of Ukraine's demilitarization, according to Putin, continues to be “in practical terms.”

In turn, the Russian dictator's spokesman, Peskov, noted that the aggressor country's task of mythically 'demilitarizing' Ukraine has allegedly been largely accomplished. He also said that NATO countries under the leadership of the United States are allegedly increasingly “getting involved” in the “conflict,” that is, in the defense of Ukraine from Russia's war of aggression.

“There are many questions about the adequacy of Putin's statements about the creation of a so-called 'sanitary zone' on the territory of Ukraine if something continues to fly into the territory of the Russian Federation.”

These are territories that make it impossible to shell from the territory of the Russian Federation. But let's talk about the fact that such theses cause a slight irony. The moment when UAVs were used to strike military targets in the Russian Federation, including the Engels airfield. It is located 650 kilometers from the Ukrainian border. By the way, this distance is identical to the distance to Moscow.

Currently, the Ukrainian Armed Forces have drones with a range of over a thousand kilometers.

Therefore, the question to the Russian dictator is: where will you move the so-called sanitary zone if the range of Ukrainian drones is a thousand kilometers? And most importantly, how realistic are such scenarios, given the latest reports directly from the front line. Needless to say, the Russian Federation is unable to cover even its own territories. The recent events in the Belgorod region clearly show the complete chaos and inability of the Russian side to effectively counteract the external factor itself.

Let me remind you that Putin threatened to use depleted uranium charges in Ukraine and said that the West should stop helping Ukraine defend itself against the Russian occupiers.

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