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It's time for Biden to give up election and focus on war in Ukraine and Israel — Piontkovsky

4 December, 2023 Monday

Washington-based political scientist Andrei Piontkovsky spoke about Putin's geopolitical defeat and Biden's dilemma in an interview with Espreso TV 


Putin was recently brought onto the world stage. The two main players, Joseph Biden and Xi Jinping, refused to participate in the G20 because Putin was there, and Biden and Xi could have agreed on something. Xi Jinping sent his pocket prime minister. At the G20, Putin sent signals: he used the word "war" against Ukraine, which is banned in Russia, and began by saying that the tragedy must be stopped.

The G20 and Xi's blatant absence is a demonstration after Xi... Basically, Xi's visit to San Francisco is his Canossa. He is a smart man, he has realized that what we call the fourth world war against the countries of the civilized world has already been lost. He let two of his dogs off their chains, Putin and the Iranian ayatollahs, and he practically pushed Putin to war with Ukraine, as we remember the euphoric state Putin was in on February 5, 2022, when he returned from Beijing. He also pushed Iran, and he has done some considerable favors for Iran recently with Saudi Arabia, all in the name of fighting Israel, Ukraine, and the United States.

Putin's strategy was very simple: if Ukraine loses without US help or Israel is defeated by the joint attacks of all terrorist groups, it will finally discredit the United States. All these signals are well understood in the Far East: Xi would have taken Taiwan with his bare hands, and this was his goal to provoke Putin's war against Ukraine and Iran's war against Israel. But all this failed: Putin lost the war in Ukraine, and President Biden sent two aircraft carrier formations to the shores of Israel, showing that they would not succeed there either. The smart Xi understood. Well, China has a long history - 5 millennia of written history - and reunification with Taiwan will have to be postponed for perhaps another thousand years. At least not with these allies.

In addition, the Chinese economy is collapsing before our eyes. Xi, when he arrived in San Francisco, did two things: first, at a closed-door meeting with President Biden, he said a prepared phrase that in the near future we are not considering the possibility of reunification with Taiwan by military means. And second, he asked the United States for traditional things: American investments and American technology. He thought that it would still be possible to break the United States, and then everything would follow.

That's it, Xi withdrew from this war and therefore did not participate in the G20. Biden had nothing to do there, as these are generally anti-American countries.

But Xi - it would seem that he was going to have a triumphant meeting as the leader of this global, but he politely declined this role. This is a huge victory for the West, the allies of Ukraine, Israel, and the United States in the ongoing World War IV. I would put it on par with the Battle of Hostomel, which broke all the plans of the Russian blitzkrieg. China's withdrawal from this war is the second very important achievement of the West.

But there are still northern barbarians. China will not support Russia now, but it will not stop Putin either.

Yes, let's not be idealistic, China will not force Russia to stop the war. But I think part of this big deal is simply investment in high technology, and they asked for chips in particular. It turned out that those Chinese chips are almost precious, and Russia is begging for them as a very important resource. Nevertheless, these Chinese chips fall significantly short in quality compared to those manufactured in the United States and more than 80% in Taiwan, which shows the idiocy of their concept of Taiwan's accession. Taiwan has been pivotal to China's economic success, serving as a technology hub. It appears that China is steering back toward leveraging Taiwan. At least China will not transfer any serious resources and will avoid the possibility of secondary sanctions.

That is, Comrade Pu's position has deteriorated very much, precisely in terms of resources.

Putin seemed prepared to embrace an extended rule. In six months, Putin will be reappointing himself, and he wanted to get permission from Beijing.

You know, so far, official Moscow has been silent. But I watch Russian propaganda channels out of the corner of my eye on official business. And I see there a terrible irritation with China as a result of its recent steps. Especially Solovyov's. And there, on the main TV channels, there are openly stated sentences like "who are they, the Chinese" and "you don't have to grovel before them,” "we are much more technologically advanced,” "they don't even have heating in their homes and hot toilets,” "we are Russia, a great power"... A little more and it will be "screw them, these slant-eyed people." That is, Moscow understands.

We remember the ranges and sine waves of relations between Chinese dictators and Russian ones. Nothing good awaits the Kremlin's fraudsters on this path anymore.

So how will the Kremlin play the war against Ukraine now? The scenario is clear: The Kremlin is building up the so-called defense industry and is beginning to prepare mobilization steps.

Mobilization steps are very difficult. The first such serious mass movement - I would not call it anti-war, this movement of mothers and wives of mobilized soldiers, there is nothing anti-war about it because they are not shouting "stop killing Ukrainians" - no, they are shouting "let other men go to kill Ukrainians instead of our sons and husbands.”

At the same time, this creates very serious tension for Moscow. These mobilized people who happened to be there, these 300,000 people, like in tsarist Russia, are doomed to lifelong military service. That is, they will eventually all be killed during the war. This is very logical: these 300,000 people who were somehow recruited and mobilized a year and a half ago will not be able to escape and will now be killed there.

And in general, I see in this campaign, we see what a terrible campaign is aimed at Ukraine, including by the American left-liberal media.

The so-called quality press, the New York Times, and the Washington Post, all are saying the same pro-Russian howl, that Ukraine has failed in the offensive. And how can there be an offensive without air support? Yes, we sympathize with them, they are victims of aggression, but they still won't be able to defeat the Russians, so let's negotiate and agree to some territorial concessions. A huge campaign is aimed at Ukraine simultaneously: both Russian propaganda and left-liberal propaganda in America. Because Moscow is desperate to drag Ukraine into negotiations until it finally receives the decisive package of weapons that has already been agreed upon - F16 fighter jets.

Ukrainian pilots, unfortunately... Yes, I understand how many times we talked about these fighter jets, everything would have been fine if they had been delivered six months ago, and it would have been fine if they were delivered now, but it is what it is. They will be here in two or three months at the most. Moscow is terrified of this step, which will break the stalemate that Zaluzhnyi described in his famous article, and so it is frantically trying to drag Ukraine into some kind of negotiations.

How did Washington react to the article by the Commander-in-Chief of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, Valerii Zaluzhnyi? After all, it was addressed to our Western partners, and he said very clearly: war requires resources - the war with Russia requires double or triple resources.

I absolutely agree: the article was written in English and addressed to our Western allies. I even suspect that he coordinated it with his military colleagues in the Pentagon and addressed it to Western politicians. The main conclusion of the article is that yes, there is a stalemate, neither side is capable of a serious offensive, but Ukraine, unlike Russia, can break this situation by obtaining weapons. And the whole article: weapons, weapons, weapons, fighter jets, long-range missiles, shells.

And you ask about the reaction. The administration's reaction is positive, and it's very important to emphasize that at the moment, Blinken and Austin are setting the tone in the administration on the issue of Israel and Ukraine. And we hear much less from Sullivan and Burns, these outspoken enemies of Ukraine. That is why ATACMS was recently provided, and we are waiting for the aircraft.

But the article was read and distorted in their favor by this left-liberal press. First, they replaced Zaluzhnyi's term "stalemate" with "deadlock," and attributed it to Ukraine's deadlock as a result of the failure of the offensive. And this group is also reaching out in the other direction, as I have already reported to you, to persuade Ukraine to negotiate.

This will never happen, I'm tired of quoting in every program the very harsh statements of Biden, Blinken and Austin that this is a war of evil forces - tyrants and murderers, as he characterizes Putin and Hamas - against Ukraine and Israel, freedom-loving peoples of the world, and we will never allow success.

Recall what resources the United States and its European allies committed to the fight against the Iraqi butcher Saddam Hussein.

We do not need to run to each other, we have been talking about this for two years, and Zaluzhnyi says the same thing: weapons, weapons, weapons. All we have to do is demand weapons, the aircraft, and wait for them to arrive. These are real people - Ukrainian pilots, I think hundreds of them are being trained.

Of course, I would continue the historical analogies of yours and General Zaluzhnyi. When the Korean War was going on, the Soviet Union took the most active part in it. And, in fact, thanks to the participation of the USSR, pilots, first of all, this war ended in a draw. If it had ended in a complete victory for South Korea, the Cold War would have ended in 1953, not 1991. But the Soviet Union didn't train North Korean pilots there; it sent its own pilots, who just had the names Lee Huynh, Lee Sin, etc.

Li Xi Qing.

Yes. What prevents them from permitting the engagement of American volunteers in the conflict, recruiting several hundred highly skilled American volunteer pilots, and, if needed, offering them Ukrainian citizenship? They could then promptly arrive on American aircraft to disrupt the current stalemate. Again, we need political will. We need to raise this issue with our American friends.

But the Korean War ended after Stalin died. It took a lot of resources, including human resources. And the troops of the United Nations were involved. The Soviet Union then "overslept" the meeting and did not take the opportunity to veto this case. The UN sent a very powerful contingent. Unfortunately, we see that the semi-impotent UN is now unable to generate such a decision.

The Soviet Union did not "oversleep" - the Soviet Union did something stupid: they boycotted the Security Council meetings, protesting the presence of Chiang Kai-shek on behalf of China, and insisted that a person from Mao Zedong come. This was very costly at the time.

We remember the circumstances of this war, and they are very interesting. MacArthur took command. But when the North Koreans almost threw South Korea into the sea, he liberated not only Seoul but also Pyongyang and reached the Korean-Chinese border, after which the Chinese threw in a horde of two million so-called Chinese volunteers. MacArthur said that there was only one way to confront this horde: to use nuclear weapons. President Truman was categorically against this. As a result, the war ended in a draw.

This story illustrates something of the current situation in Ukraine. It's being blown out of proportion - the Economist, which is very hostile to Ukraine, wrote yesterday about the fierce struggle between Zaluzhnyi and Zelenskyy. I'll tell you: the history of all world wars teaches us that relations between the political leadership and the military are always very complicated because politicians and the military have different optics of looking at the problem - political logic and military logic. Therefore, there is no tragedy in certain disagreements, nothing unusual. What is needed is that these creative disputes and differences of opinion do not turn into personal ambitions and some kind of political rivalry.

The key is that everything remains behind closed doors and that the public space is filled with joint photos of the table where secret arrows are drawn.

My conclusions are based on an opinion I have expressed many times before: what is more dangerous for Putin is that significant players, and many security officials, for example, realize that the war is lost. China's withdrawal is a very important factor. In addition, we did not have time today to discuss the situation in the Middle East. 

It seems to me that Israel and the United States are preparing for a joint attack on Hezbollah and Iran, two US aircraft carriers are roaming around there for a reason. And so, if another Putin ally, Iran, is knocked out, it will collapse Putin's position inside.

After all, I repeat once again: the meaning of Prigozhin's mutiny was underestimated. Prigozhin did not oppose Shoigu and Gerasimov; his last speeches were absolutely anti-war: "It was not us who came up with this stupid war." And on the last day, do you remember what he said? That on February 24, there was no threat to Donbas from NATO.

It's not about Prigozhin, because we can see that Prigozhin was supported by very authoritative military officers. None of them, neither the FSB counterintelligence nor the GRU of the Defense Ministry, carried out Putin's order on the morning of February 26 to kill Prigozhin.

This means that among many security officials, the realization of the futility of this war is long overdue.

And these people - it's not that they are opposed to the war, to killing, they are thinking about more serious things: how to maintain power and property in a country that has lost the war. And these people will decide the fate of the Putin regime.

If Putin is “in the fridge” and they have been keeping his one or several doubles for several months to put someone in the so-called elections - Putin or someone else, the same Patrushev, then they should have dispersed by now. But we see that “the swamp” (Russia - ed.) is frozen.

This “swamp” will have to be frozen by the new Western weapons that we will receive and the geopolitical defeats of the forces of darkness in the Middle East. These two circumstances will play in our favor and they will determine the course of the war.

It is obvious to me that the two missions that Biden has now taken on, or rather that fate and history have entrusted him with, the Commander-in-Chief of the US Armed Forces in World War IV against the forces of absolute evil and the Democratic Party candidate in the election, are contradictory. Because the main left-liberal party of the Democratic Party, half of its voters, are against Israel's victory and against the victory of Ukraine. They belong to the Voralche, which professes the guilt of American imperialism before the oppressed peoples of the world, and so on.

And every day people come to Biden - he has political technologists after all - and say: Mr. President, our votes have dropped among Muslims, among the African population, among liberals, among young people - make some kind of anti-Israeli, pro-Hamas statement. It's impossible. Therefore, it is time for Biden to declare that he refuses to participate in the presidential election because he has a much more important task ahead of him: the victory of the United States and the free world in the world war. And he is focusing all his efforts on fulfilling this task. Otherwise, he will have to constantly curl up to his left-liberal wing and thereby doom the United States and its allies to defeat.

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