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False-flag attack by Wagner Group mercenaries on Belarusian-Ukrainian border is quite likely. Serhiy Zgurets' column

22 December, 2022 Thursday

A company-sized group of the Wagner PMC mercenaries, who may shell the territory of Belarus, have arrived in the Krupeyki settlement, Gomel region

The probability of a false-flag attack on the Belarusian-Ukrainian border

The situation regarding the false-flag attack by the Wagnerites on the Belarusian-Ukrainian border is quite probable. A group of the Wagner PMC mercenaries in the number of a company arrived in the village of Krupeyki (a village in the Gomel region - ed.), on the border with Ukraine. That is, 90 people in armored vehicles who may shell the territory of Belarus.  And then it will be submitted that this was done by Ukraine's Armed Forces. Now the village is closed. However, this is not the first attempt.

The same situation was in September when the Wagnerites were supposed to attack Belarus from the territory of Ukraine, but it was devalued. The same story happened in November when an attack was being prepared at the Belarusian nuclear plant with the involvement of the Russian military. Ukraine's Main Intelligence Directorate reported this, and the false-flag attack did not happen either. We understand that Russia will try to create conditions so that the Belarusian army or the citizens of Belarus think that Ukraine is attacking them. To push the Belarusian Armed Forces onto the battlefield, where they will die under Ukrainian fire.

Zelenskyy's visit to the USA

Yesterday, the President of Ukraine began his visit to the USA. This is the first foreign visit of Volodymyr Zelenskyy since the beginning of the Russian Federation's full-scale invasion of Ukraine. In Washington, Zelenskyy had a meeting with US President Joe Biden and spoke before both houses of Congress. It is expected that it was about weapons, and once again about weapons for our army. Because the coming winter-spring months will be decisive for the further development of the war. Whether there will be victory next year or whether the war will drag on indefinitely depends on whether Ukraine's Armed Forces will have enough weapons. Before his trip to the USA, Volodymyr Zelenskyy visited Bakhmut, which is the hottest spot on the front. The flag from Bakhmut, which the fighters handed over to Zelenskyy, was also seen by American congressmen as a symbol of the courage of our soldiers.

The situation in and around Bakhmut

The commander of the Freedom Battalion, the captain of Ukraine's National Guard, Petro Kuzyk, said that the Russian enemy has concentrated large strike forces on this part of the front and is constantly changing tactics. In the direction of the city itself, the Russians were expelled. They have already understood that they will not take the city head-on. The enemy began to make evasive maneuvers, using aircraft, tanks, and artillery. Unfortunately, the Russian forces have the advantage in artillery, tanks and manpower. On both sides of Bakhmut, there are hellish battles.

Ukrainian defenders are fighting for forest belts, villages, roads, as well as dominant heights. The Russians do not count on losses, they throw their corpses into positions. About 7-10 assaults continue during the day, as well as at night. Invading Russian forces first send convicts, who demine the territory in front of our positions. Then they send the mobilized soldiers, whom we also have to destroy. And then the assault groups come, which, while we are busy destroying convicts and mobilized, go around from the flanks and try to attack. 

They create certain difficulties for us. They will not take Bakhmut itself, but if they occupy the commanding heights, deploy their artillery, and cut our logistical arteries, it will complicate the situation. The enemy's plan is obvious, and our task is to restrain the enemy. The boys stand bravely and defend.

Now it is frosty and the marsh has frozen over. Petro Kuzyk noted that this makes the work a little easier, but the ground still hasn't frozen enough for the equipment to deliver everything it needs. As before, we do everything manually, from the delivery of munitions to the evacuation of the wounded. 

The commander of the Freedom Battalion noted that there is a shortage of almost everything. Reinforcement of motivated people is needed. Sometimes it happens that they send people who are not ready to work in such conditions, under such pressure. There are no complaints about these people, there is a complaint about their training. We passed on all these problems to the management. We also need weapons! But we are working, no one leaves or retreats. We localize and stabilize all enemy flanking attacks and eliminate enemy breakthroughs solely on the character of the boys. If there are no additional provocations from Belarus, the Russians will not take Bakhmut.

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