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European Parliament approves EUR 50 billion in financing for Ukraine

3 October, 2023 Tuesday

The European Parliament has voted in favour of a resolution to revise the EU budget for 2021-2027, which, in particular, provides for the creation of a special EUR 50 billion Ukrainian facility

The press service of the European Parliament reported the information.

The amendments on the mid-term review of the multiannual financial framework for 2021-2027 were approved by 393 votes to 136. Another 92 MEPs abstained.

According to the document, the budget review should focus on the multiple consequences of Russia's war of aggression against Ukraine, on strengthening the EU's open strategic autonomy and sovereignty, and on providing the EU with adequate flexibility to respond to crises.

It noted that following the European Commission's proposal for a mid-term review of the EU's long-term budget, MEPs approved an extra EUR 10 billion for 2024-2027, in addition to the EUR 65.8 billion proposed by the Commission. These funds are intended to bolster various areas, including migration, addressing external challenges, enhancing the EU's strategic autonomy, and strengthening the Union's crisis-response capabilities.

"We aim to stabilise Ukraine's situation with a new EUR 50 billion facility while bolstering the EU’s economy. We are reinforcing the budget with top-ups for migration and ensuring flexibility to respond to crises. –We are boosting the EU’s economy with STEP," said co-speaker Jan Olbrycht (EPP, Poland).

EU plan to provide Ukraine with one million rounds of artillery ammunition

On July 25, the EU's plan to increase the production of ammunition for Ukraine, the Act in Support of Ammunition Production (ASAP), came into force. The ASAP aims to increase EU production capacity to address the current shortage of defence products, including artillery ammunition, missiles and their components, by implementing targeted measures with funding of EUR 500 million.

ASAP is part of the EU's plan to provide Ukraine with one million artillery rounds of ammunition within 12 months, proposed in March 2023.

The ASAP is a response to Ukraine's request to the EU for 155 mm artillery shells and the Council agreement of March 20, 2023, to propose three lines of ammunition. Member states were asked to urgently supply ammunition to Ukraine from their own stockpiles (Track 1). The EU countries agreed to jointly purchase one million rounds of ammunition (Track 2). Track 3 aims to increase the production capacity of the European defence industry. This is to be achieved through ASAP, which directly responds to the Council's call to urgently deliver ammunition to Ukraine and to help member states replenish their stockpiles.

On April 13, the EU Council approved €1 billion in ammunition for Ukraine. On May 2 the EU prepared a plan to produce 1 million shells for Ukraine and its own stockpiles.

On May 23, EU Chief Diplomat Josep Borrell announced that since the beginning of the year, EU states have already provided over one-fifth of the one million artillery rounds and missiles to Ukraine as part of an initiative to provide Ukraine with one million rounds.

On June 1, the European Parliament supported a bill to increase European production of ammunition and missiles to support Ukraine's army. July 7 The Council of the European Union and the Parliament agree on a draft regulation on the Ammunition Support Act (ASAP), which will increase the production of missiles and ammunition.

On July 13, the European Parliament approved plans to increase the production of ammunition and missiles in the EU to overcome the current shortage due to supplies to Ukraine.

On September 5, it was reported that the European Defense Agency had signed 8 framework contracts with industry for the joint purchase of 155-mm ammunition for Ukraine.

On September 12, the European Parliament voted in favour of a new mechanism to stimulate the defence industry and help countries modernise their armaments.

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