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Aim of Kremlin’s information war against Israel

20 October, 2023 Friday

Russia’s propaganda machine wages anti-Israel media war seeking Global South’s sympathy for terrorists

Putin's regime is employing Hitler's famous formula of "the more monstrous the lies, the more willing people are to believe it," with Russia's special services waging a full-fledged media war against the state of Israel. 

Moscow takes the stance of playing up to Hamas, seeing them as fighters for the change of the world order by indiscriminate killing. The most recent event confirming this narrative is the information attack on Jerusalem carried out by Russia's defense intelligence, generally known as the GRU, in response to the October 17 bombing on the al-Ahli Arab Hospital in Gaza.

The whole picture appears to show that Hamas and their foreign controllers created a horrible provocation involving a hospital blast in order to discredit Israel and deprive it of international aid.

Hamas is doing everything possible to undermine Israel's defensive capabilities, even in the face of solidarity visits by leaders from the United States, Germany, and the United Kingdom. Moscow has completely aligned with terrorists because it stands to benefit the most from the latest Middle East crisis.

Russian propaganda against Israel 

Russian propaganda platforms are all against Israel, spreading the story that the hospital was destroyed by an Israeli airstrike. In reality, it has been shown that Hamas has extensively used every infrastructure in territory under its control, without exception, to carry out terror activities. The hospital housed a depot of ammunition that exploded as a result of a failed terrorist rocket launch.

The IDF provided a number of compelling arguments to support this version. Israel released intelligence data, including audio intercepts of Hamas contacts and other evidence, that the explosion was caused by a defective Palestinian rocket launch. The photographs of the hospital were provided to demonstrate that the air strike narrative is false.

However, Russia has ignored Israeli facts and continues to support Hamas. Individual Kremlin propagandists label Israel a "cannibal state" that must be eradicated together with its Jewish people! In the spirit of schizophrenic lunacy, Alexander Dugin babbles something about the "Zionist threat," which brings humanity to Judgment Day and must thus be prevented. Another propaganda celebrity, Margarita Simonyan, conveys sympathy for the tragedy while plainly blaming Israel.

What’s the Kremlin’s aim? 

The Kremlin's purpose is to incite a global intifada in order to fulfill their brutal goals in Ukraine, where Putin has broken his teeth.

In the most recent humiliation for Putin, Ukraine launched ATACMS missiles, hitting Russian aviation at airfields.

Putin is attempting to link the war in Ukraine with terror against Israel in order to cover battlefield setbacks and regroup his forces. 

The pressure on Israel is only going to become worse. Following the hospital explosion hype, it cannot be ruled out that Russian security forces, in collaboration with Chechen fighters and Hamas militants, might unleash a wave of terror on Jews in Russia. After all, the Kremlin is now waging intense anti-Semitic attacks all throughout the world.

This strategy is quite dangerous. The Russian Federation indirectly wants to gain Global South’s sympathy for terrorists from. As a result, the world might expect a resurrection of al-Qaeda, ISIS, Boko Haram, and other such groups, who may receive financial support from Russia’s GRU. However, every decision has consequences. Anyone who supports terrorists now will face them tomorrow.

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