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Ukraine signs security agreement with EU, Estonia, Lithuania

27 June, 2024 Thursday

On June 27 in Brussels, President Volodymyr Zelenskyy signed a number of agreements on security guarantees for Ukraine


Zelenskyy wrote about his visit to Brussels on Telegram.

"These days Ukraine has started actual negotiations on EU membership. Today I am in Brussels to attend a meeting of the European Council and to thank all European leaders for their unity and for confirming the irreversibility of our European course," he said.

He said he would meet with the leaders of the European Union and its member states and hold bilateral talks.

"We will sign three security agreements at once, one of which is with the European Union as a whole. For the first time, it will enshrine the commitment of all 27 member states to provide Ukraine with broad support despite any institutional changes inside. Every step is for the sake of bringing our historic goal of peace and prosperity in a common European home closer," Zelenskyy emphasized.

Security agreement with the EU

Zelenskyy has signed a security agreement with the EU. This is evidenced by a broadcast on the European Commission's website.

The document enshrines the commitment of all 27 member states to provide Ukraine with broad support despite any institutional changes within the country.

The EU's security commitments include predictable, long-term and sustainable support for Ukraine's security and defense sector: providing weapons, organizing military exercises, assisting in demining, cooperating in defense production, etc.

Other points of the agreement include building resilience to cyber and hybrid threats, mine action, civilian security sector reform and support for law enforcement, countering the proliferation of firearms, support for energy and nuclear security, and sharing intelligence and satellite imagery.

The treaty guarantees not only support for Ukraine's defense, but also macro-financial, humanitarian, reconstruction, and reform assistance. For its part, Ukraine undertakes to carry out further reforms, strengthen transparency and accountability measures for the aid it receives, and contribute to the security of the EU and its members.

At the same time, the EU will support Ukraine in the field of energy and nuclear security, energy transition. Intelligence and satellite imagery will also be exchanged.

Read the full text of the agreement here.

Security agreement with Estonia 

The Ukrainian president also signed a security agreement with Estonia.

It states that Estonia will comprehensively support Ukraine for ten years, while the document is in force. In addition, the Estonian government will allocate at least 0.25% of GDP annually in 2024-2027 for military support to Ukraine. 

The agreement also enshrines certain components of military assistance. These are the types of weapons provided by Estonia, namely: artillery (122-mm and 155-mm howitzers), anti-tank missile systems, rockets and mines, Carl Gustaf rifles, grenade launchers, unmanned systems and electronic warfare equipment.

The two countries will also establish a regular Strategic Dialogue to discuss security and defense issues. Ukraine and Estonia will cooperate on the supply of arms and military equipment, training, the activities of the IT coalition and other capability coalitions, as well as in-depth cooperation in the defense industry.

In addition, the document contains sections on strengthening sanctions against Russia, compensation for damages, bringing the aggressor to justice, assisting Ukraine in restoring and rebuilding the state, countering hybrid threats, cooperation in cyber and information security, and protecting critical infrastructure.

The agreement reaffirmed Estonia's support for Ukraine's future membership in the EU and NATO.

Read the full text of the agreement here

Security agreement with Lithuania

Also in Brussels, Zelenskyy signed an agreement on security cooperation between Ukraine and the Republic of Lithuania with President Nausėda.

It states that Lithuania will annually provide Ukraine with security and defense support in the amount of 0.25% of GDP, in the field of security and modern military equipment in the land, air, sea, space, and cyber-electromagnetic spheres. Lithuania could also potentially resume a military training mission in Ukraine.

The countries will jointly address hybrid threats and nuclear risks. The agreement also provides for enhanced protection of critical infrastructure and cooperation in the field of intelligence. In addition, Lithuania will help Ukraine identify sources of funding for the development of the defense industry.

The document contains blocks related to holding Russia accountable for its aggression against Ukraine, strengthening sanctions against Russia, working on a compensation mechanism, participating in the reconstruction of Ukraine, and continuing humanitarian support.

Read the full text of the agreement here.

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