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What is essence of disappointment – complaining to military that they did not deliver what they promised?

23 August, 2023 Wednesday

I am not disappointed at all by Ukrainians who are disappointed with the counter-offensive

On the contrary, they surprise me immensely, because how could one be enchanted and expect something exalted in these circumstances? On what basis? As if our army hadn't been fighting back for almost a year and a half, without a break or a day off. As if we weren't the ones who sat in two jackets without electricity all winter, wondering whether and for how long. As if we hadn't helplessly watched rescuers pulling people alive and dead from the rubble of their homes, sending empty curses into space.

It was as if these were not living people forced to walk on mines and under bullets, but some soulless cyborgs that could be produced at the factory.

“And after all, what difference does it make if someone is disappointed or not? What does it matter? Oh my God, they were offended, like children at St. Nicholas, that Budanov promised them Crimea for the summer, and the government - brilliant successes. And what are you going to do now, stop writing letters to St. Nicholas? Will you stop sending 500 hryvnias to the army? So who will be worse off? Only the army? Or the army and you?”

I understand the disappointed politicians abroad. They directly support Ukraine politically, with money and weapons, and they have to somehow plan their activities and future. Because it is strange to hope that this will go on forever. That we will be given weapons for years as well as funds for civilian life, salaries for teachers and doctors. So that we can beat ourselves endlessly against the rock of Russia, without being distracted by the minutiae of the economy.

After all, this long and carefully planned counter-offensive was partly provoked by them, because they need to know exactly what will happen next. They have options, unlike us.

“And on top of that, there is a lot of pressure on the government and the army from civilians. It's a lot of pressure. And the government is already used to reacting as if it were a pointer to public Internet demands, rushing to fulfill them immediately in a populist manner to please its dear voters and earn approval and hearts. Why further push the government and drive the army into enemy landmines? To do what?”

After all, a year and a half of war has already shown that defending is immeasurably easier than attacking. And that for Ukraine, personally, a long defense is better than a long offensive. To hold the line while Russia is being drained by sanctions, human losses and exorbitant war costs. Since we already know that we have been at war since 2014, Ukraine has been defending itself quite well for eight years. The only problem is that we have even fewer resources for long-term defense than Russia has for offense. And while the fat man is losing weight, the thin man will die. That's why we have to do what we are given money to do and hope for results.

Yes, we want the shelling and destruction to stop and the occupied lands to become Ukrainian again. But how can we do this? What is the essence of the disappointment - the claim that the military did not deliver what they promised? Is it really? Maybe we should all first reach the limits of common sense and realistic expectations of life?

We are in an immensely complex multi-component situation, where each part is a separate challenge and a separate difficulty. And in all of this, there is room for many emotions and feelings, but definitely not for disappointment.


About the author: Volodymyr Hevko, marketer, blogger

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