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Germany provides Ukrainian Armed Forces with weapons samples unavailable even to Bundeswehr. Serhiy Zgurets’ column

1 May, 2024 Wednesday

On April 29, Germany announced a significant military aid package to Ukraine. The main highlight of this package is the second Skynex anti-aircraft artillery system developed by Rheinmetall, the first of which we received last year


Strike at Russian positions in Crimea

On April 30, during the night, the Ukrainian Armed Forces launched another strike on Russian positions in the temporarily occupied Crimea, as evidenced by reports from Russians. Explosions were heard in Yevpatoriya, Dzhankoi, Simferopol, and Hvardiyske. Russia claims that the strike was carried out by ATACMS, and mentions the activation of its air defense system over Dzhankoi and Simferopol. But we know how this air defense works, because before that we saw ATACMS destroying those vaunted Russian S-400s.

There is also unconfirmed information that the attack was a combined one, that in addition to ballistic missiles, long-range kamikaze drones were launched. It can be assumed that today's attack was primarily aimed at Russian air defense positions. In general, we are talking about a steady trend of destroying the Russian air defense on the peninsula. This creates gaps in the work of both Russian radars and air defense systems, so that these gaps can then be used for attacks with cruise missiles and our drones.

Military assistance from the United States and Germany

Let me remind you of the supply of ballistic missiles with a range of 300 kilometers. Just days after learning about the supply of these long-range ATACMS missiles on April 24, they are already seeing active deployment on the front line. It's highly probable that these weapons are part of the new $1 billion package intended for transfer to the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

In addition to American aid, European partners, especially Germany, which has always been a very strong supporter, are also providing significant assistance. Even if these packages do not contain TAURUS missiles yet, they contain many other important things. On April 29, Germany announced a significant military aid package to Ukraine. It includes Marder infantry fighting vehicles, equipment for evacuation operations, and a significant amount of ammunition of various calibers, from tank ammunition to artillery systems.

But the main highlight of this package was the second Skynex anti-aircraft artillery system. This is a system developed by Rheinmetall, and we received the first such system last year. This is the second supply of this type of weapon, which is quite effective. Skynex is used primarily to combat small targets, air targets, which can include drones and enemy cruise missiles. This development is quite interesting because it is a mobile division that has 6 launchers, its own radar and its own control system, which allows these systems to be used autonomously both on the battlefield and in the depths to protect certain objects. And also to destroy targets above the front line. I think the purpose is extremely unique. And even the cost of this complex, which is about $90 million, does not stop manufacturers from realizing that the demand for this type of weapon is quite serious. The Bundeswehr does not even have such weapons yet, but two such systems are already in use by the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

The situation on the front line

First of all, we will talk about the situation around Chasiv Yar, where the 5th Separate Assault Brigade is holding the line. Before we start talking to our guest, I'd like to announce a fundraiser that is extremely important for this military unit.

The soldiers of the 5th separate assault brigade desperately need electronic warfare systems. UAH 800,000 are to be raised. All these funds will be spent on electronic warfare equipment. You can donate using the following details and QR code. We ask everyone who cares to join in the fundraising, because any amount transferred to the account brings Ukraine's victory closer.

According to the conclusions of the General Staff of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, on April 29, the lion's share of combat clashes took place in the Bakhmut direction, where the Ukrainian Defense Forces repelled 33 attacks. On April 30, the number of attacks on Ivanivske and Klishchiivka by Russian forces slightly increased.

Oleksiy Tarasenko, deputy commander of the 2nd assault battalion of the 5th separate assault brigade of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, spoke about Ivanivske and Klishchiivka where his unit is located. Russian troops are attacking, but their offensive potential has decreased, as the number of personnel involved has decreased, and attempts to advance are made without armored vehicles. Every day, Ukrainian defenders see various enemy infantry groups trying to get closer to their positions. Russia is using artillery and FPV drones with drops to hit Ukrainian soldiers in the trenches and make it easier for their infantry to advance. Russian troops have not yet succeeded, the situation remains unchanged, at least in the area of responsibility of the 5th Brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

The deputy commander highlighted Russia's persistent efforts to accumulate forces, despite Ukrainian defenders operating under intense conditions in recent months. However, these reinforcements have not yielded any favorable results for the aggressors. Ukrainian soldiers are employing various strategies to counter enemy advances. At the farthest reaches, FPV drones are deployed to target enemy vehicles, while closer to the frontline, anti-tank missiles and infantry grenade launchers are utilized. Additionally, mines are strategically placed in the most threatening zones. Each anti-tank defense measure operates at different distances, resulting in varying levels of effectiveness.

The serviceman commented on the situation with ammunition, noting that the brigade's division has ammunition and it works extremely effectively. Strangely enough, there is more ammunition for 155 mm artillery than for mortars of both Soviet and Western models, so battalions often call for support from the brigade's artillery, which is working very effectively. There is no significant shortage of large-caliber ammunition, but there has not yet been a significant supply of large-caliber artillery ammunition. There are hopes that more ammunition will arrive in the near future and the artillery will work even more effectively.

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