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Most effective peace formula is to destroy Putin's regime

3 December, 2023 Sunday

Attacking Ukraine was Moscow's frontal assault on the West. What happens in Ukraine will now define the world order for many decades, if not centuries, to come

Recently, Russian dictator Putin repeated that Russia wants peace talks with Ukraine. Of course, this means peace on Moscow's terms, i.e. the capitulation of the Ukrainian state. However, Russia's war in Ukraine clearly demonstrates that not all decision-makers in the United States and Europe have realized how much is at stake. And while it may be a tragedy for an average voter in the American heartland to find out that his steak now weighs one kilogram instead of one and a half kilograms, it should be clear to the Western political establishment that Ukraine's victory in the war with the Russian Federation will save the world from the revenge of terrorist imperialist forces.

And now, if the West wants peace, it is necessary to repel Moscow's attack on Western civilization. The formula for future peace is very simple: peace is the destruction of the Putin regime, which has been terrorizing the international community for decades. There is simply no other way.

The Kremlin's supporters, who often pose as radical pacifists, argue that increasing arms supplies to Ukraine cannot lead to peace. But they do not talk about what the alternative would be - new huge refugee flows in the millions, permanent guerrilla warfare, incredible violence by Moscow in the occupied parts of Ukraine, attacks on countries that were once Soviet republics, and encouraging other totalitarian states to start wars with their neighbors.

“The Western public must finally realize that what they are witnessing is not some distant war, but a frontal attack by Russia on the West itself that has been going on for almost 10 years. It is only when this enormous impending danger is finally recognized by large segments of the population that we can expect the governments of leading European countries to take appropriate action.”

It is critical that Europe and the United States fully support Ukraine in its defense against Russia. This is not only about protecting Ukraine but also about protecting the European security order and global stability. After all, the Russian-Ukrainian war is an arena in which the political and military plans of the global West are being implemented and the intentions of those anti-democratic world forces that, using Western technologies, want to get rid of its leading role in world civilization by force. It is in Ukraine that it is now being decided what the world order will be like for many decades to come if not centuries.

If the attack on Ukraine had ended as planned, Putin would have immediately taken the next step. His stated goal is hegemony over Europe. The experience of the last two decades shows that he is ready to cross one border after another if he is not stopped. That is why it is so important to continue supporting Ukraine until we win.

“Russia must not be allowed to drag the world into the abyss of chaos and anarchy, where the right of the strongest is in effect. And now Putin is already betting on total war. His ideology, propaganda, economy, and military are aimed at this. For Putin's system of power, this is a matter of survival.”

As in all totalitarian systems, only those who constantly keep their population in a state of confrontation with other states can rule. Neo-imperialist Russia is entering a period of peak aggression, so it cannot be ruled out that, failing to achieve the desired result in Ukraine, Moscow will start a parallel war with Finland or the Baltic states.

And while Ukraine is defending not only its sloboda (settlement free from feudal duties and taxes - ed.) on the war fronts but also the freedom of Europeans and all civilized nations, in the EU, Hungary continues to deny the right of Ukrainians to join a united Europe and become an officially full-fledged part of it. Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban has been conducting anti-Ukrainian and anti-European activities for years, hiding behind the veto power of the EU states.

Putin and his inner circle want revenge for the Soviet Union's loss in the Cold War at any cost. This leaves out an important aspect that has a significant impact on the fate of the world. It seems that the future of humanity depends on a handful of elderly people whose life expectancy is limited. But who feels entitled to use military force to impose their crazy delusions about a new world order on the rest of the world community?

In Ukraine, it is necessary to show the Putin system and those who lead it the limits beyond which they will never be allowed to go. The paranoid and corrupt Kremlin regime, which has subjugated a society that lacks even the germs of freedom and empathy, is trying to bend the entire world to its will by force.

“In order to defeat Moscow, the West collectively needs to fully militarize Ukraine and itself as quickly as possible. But America and Europe continue to artificially slow down support and delay the provision of all available military assistance to the Ukrainian army to repel the Russian invasion.”

It has long been clear that Russia has consistently used any delays in providing the Ukrainians with the weapons and ammunition they need to expand its ability to deter the Ukrainian army and to attempt to increase the combat capability of Moscow's terrorist army. It is clear that Ukraine would be much further along today in its desperate struggle to maintain its independence if military assistance had not been so slow in coming.

The very paradigm of Western aid to Ukraine needs to be radically changed. They should not simply support Ukraine by providing the Ukrainian armed forces with what they can from their arsenals, often on a residual basis. It is necessary to provide much more and more modern weapons so that the Ukrainian state can restore its territorial integrity as soon as possible.

Those who think that it is possible to appease Putin by giving him Ukraine at his mercy are very much mistaken. This would only push the Russian dictator to new wars of aggression and European conquests. The map of Europe drawn in Moscow is fundamentally different from the one seen from Brussels, London, Paris, or Berlin. Putin's imperial geography implies that Russia's borders do not end anywhere.

However, it is not accidental that Putin started his campaign with Ukraine and not the Baltic states, although the Baltic states pose a much lower military risk. So far, the Russian Federation has avoided direct confrontation with NATO. However, any concessions to the dictator regarding Ukraine will negate the Kremlin's evasions. This is something everyone should definitely take into account.

“The fear of nuclear escalation is apparently deeply rooted among Western decision-makers. Sometimes it seems that they want the military conflict to continue to smolder, so that Russia will use up its resources and be unable to take further aggressive steps for a long time. But this plan cannot suit Ukraine. Because, among other things, it will hinder our country's Euro-Atlantic integration.”

Ukraine's membership in NATO and the European Union means an increase in the presence of the North Atlantic Alliance in the Black Sea. This, according to American military experts, will be able to guarantee the critical geostrategic importance of the Black Sea region as one of the main components of the transatlantic Alliance. It can also become a very important connecting link between Europe, the Middle East and Central Asia and a key hub for transit infrastructure and energy resources.

With this approach, Ukraine can become a key component in reshaping the energy map in this extremely strategically important vast region. And transform into one of the pillars of modern Europe. 

Western powers, NATO and the EU are responsible for successfully supporting Ukraine and preventing their own defeat. The seizure of Ukraine by the criminal Russian regime, whose contempt for humanity is the fundamental foundation stone of its ideology, should not be considered a possibility at all.

Russia cannot be pacified through diplomacy, nor can it be persuaded or persuaded to repent. The arguments that can be used concerning normal, civilized states do not apply here. Moscow understands only force.

Only when the Russian Federation is defeated and its troops are expelled from all Ukrainian territories, will it be possible to sit down with the Kremlin at the negotiating table and decide what compensation and reparations Ukraine should receive for all the terrible crimes that the Russians have committed on our lands.


About the author. Viktor Kaspruk, journalist

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