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China's peace is connivance with aggressor

22 June, 2024 Saturday

China Daily, an English-language daily newspaper owned by the Central Propaganda Department of China's Communist Party, published an article titled "China supports real peace progress in Ukraine"


The author, Xu Wenhong, is the deputy secretary-general of the One Belt, One Road Center of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences. Xu Wenhong conveys Beijing's official point of view on the summit. And it is that the People's Republic of China, as always, is pushing Ukraine to capitulate to the Russian Federation, veiledly calling it "real peaceful progress in Ukraine."

“After more than two years of the Russia-Ukraine conflict, Switzerland will host the "Summit on Peace in Ukraine" on June 15 and 16, hoping it would lay the groundwork for a peace process leading to the end of hostilities in Eurasia.

To prevent any more casualties and economic damage, and eventually restore peace in Ukraine, China is willing to participate in all peace processes. In fact, Li Hui, China's special envoy for Eurasian Affairs, has shuttled three times between countries in the Russia-Ukraine conflict. However, severe challenges persist in resolving the Russia-Ukraine conflict and establishing lasting peace in the region,” the author of the article writes.

Well, first of all, such a serious person in China's propaganda hierarchy as Xu Wenhong should know that Ukraine has nothing to do with any Eurasia, because it is a European country. And there are no military operations on the territory of the Russian Federation itself. But the author apparently needs this interpretation in order to show his readers that China has its own interests here, since the war in Ukraine is a crisis in Eurasia, and Beijing is interested in resolving it.

Not to mention the fact that this is not a "Russian-Ukrainian conflict," but a large-scale war between Russia and Ukraine, where Moscow's goal is to destroy Ukrainian statehood. China's support for Russia's invasion of Ukraine is a harbinger of what China hopes to do in Taiwan. The Chinese are clinging to the concept of their "peace process" because Ukraine's loss in an unequal confrontation with Russia would open a direct path for them to resolve the Taiwan issue by force.

The war in Ukraine is also beneficial to Chinese leader Xi Jinping, as it contributes to the depletion of Western resources and diverts US attention from Taiwan and the Indo-Pacific region. And here we can see a direct analogy between Putin's desire to revive the Soviet Union and "Big Xi's" plans to go down in history as the collector of "all Chinese lands." Hence the desire to "restore peace in Ukraine" on Moscow and Beijing's terms, instead of withdrawing terrorist Russian troops from all Ukrainian territories occupied by the Russian Federation.

“China attaches great importance to the peace meeting in Switzerland, and has maintained close communication with Switzerland and other countries since the beginning of this year.However, it is imperative that both Russia and Ukraine take part in the peace meeting, because without their representatives, the "peace conference" would be meaningless. And global leaders should persuade Moscow and Kyiv to hold peace talks in order to resolve their disputes. That's why while communicating with Switzerland and other stakeholders, China had been advocating that all international peace meetings should have a three-point criterion: recognition of both Russia and Ukraine as parties to the conflict, participation of all stakeholders, and holding of fair discussions on all peace proposals,” Xu Wenhun further emphasizes.

"According to Beijing, Russia's war in Ukraine is nothing more than a trivial "dispute."  And without Russia's participation, the peace conference has no legitimacy. This sounds something like if someone in 1943 suggested inviting Hitler to the Tehran Conference, because, they say, how can the issue of ending the war and the future of peace be resolved when one of the parties to the conflict is not present?"

However, Xi Jinping's subordinates are well aware that if Russia were invited to this peace summit, the head of the Russian Foreign Ministry, the infamous Lavrov, would only publicly voice Putin's position once again, which is that Ukraine should give up part of its sovereign territory in exchange for an uncertain truce. And while Beijing is fine with this, Ukrainians are not.

According to the author of the article "China supports real peace progress in Ukraine": “With only one party to the conflict, Ukraine, participating the peace conference will become a trial in absentia of the other party, Russia, making it impossible to enforce any resolution passed by the conference. As a matter of fact, the peace conference will be seen as a gathering of certain countries to help one party and against the other party. The peace conference is doomed not to peace, but further escalation of the conflict.”

Xu Wenhong is right that the summit will be "the first trial in absentia of Russia." A trial of a bloody aggressor that has carried over the Nazi methods of fighting its enemy into the twenty-first century. Helping someone who is defending their freedom and independence is very unpleasant for China, as the unification of democratic countries against the totalitarian monster that is Russia will be confirmed.

The author further notes: “So, although the organizers claim to have sent invitations to about 160 countries around the world, the number of countries actually participating in the meeting has been decreasing. For example, the major regional powers such as Brazil, South Africa, Pakistan and other countries will not participate. Hence, the so-called peace summit will not have the authority to pass a binding resolution to achieve its goals.”

But Xu Wenhong's article does not say a word about the fact that it was Beijing that convinced such major regional powers of the Global South as Brazil, South Africa, and Pakistan to ignore participation in the summit in Switzerland. Perhaps the leaders of these states do not realize that by doing so, they are openly demonstrating their solidarity with Beijing and Moscow on the need to leave the Ukrainian territories illegally occupied by Russia.

"As a result, as a counterbalance to the Global South, a Global North in solidarity with Ukraine will emerge, which will not be obliged to share the latest technical innovations and know-how with Brazilians, South Africans, or Pakistanis. If you support Russia's criminal war in Ukraine, then you will receive loans and credits from Moscow, which will soon become a complete financial bankruptcy."

It's very simple: if you like totalitarian regimes, then go down the same road as them. But you must know in advance that this road is a road to nowhere.

The author further emphasizes: “The upcoming so-called peace summit has rejected the three-point criterion for the peace meeting, prompting China to say that the participants in the Switzerland meeting lack sincerity. China is a sovereign state and has its own cognition of facts, history and international relations. It is also fully aware of its international responsibilities. And it made its stance on the Ukraine crisis crystal clear, suggesting ways to help restore peace in Eurasia, in the position paper, "China's Position on the Political Settlement of the Ukrainian Crisis", it was released on Feb 24, 2023.”

I wonder how the People's Republic of China has "its own knowledge of facts, history and international relations"? That Russia has the rights to all the territories it occupies, which were once forcibly annexed by the USSR? What kind of knowledge of "international relations" does Beijing have when the Russian Federation attacked one of the founders of the United Nations and is trying to appropriate its internationally recognized territories?

Xu Wenhong pays attention: “In the "Common Understanding between China and Brazil on the Political Settlement of the Ukraine Crisis", which the two countries signed on May 23, 2024, China reiterated its position on finding a peaceful, political solution to the Ukraine crisis. Choosing to be on the right side of history, China supports real peace progress and is opposed to playing games such as pretending to treat all parties equally and in a fair manner but doing just the opposite - by holding a trial in absentia.”

That is, the author believes that the aggressor and the victim of its treacherous attack should be treated equally. This naturally implies that Ukraine is to blame for Russia's attack on it. And Beijing, along with Moscow, is "on the right side of history." This is a kind of overt message: if you want to end the war, fulfill all the whims of Russian dictator Putin as quickly as possible, and then he will leave you alone for a while.

It is worth noting that this is the second time Xu Wenhong mentions "trial in absentia" in his article. It is clear that they do not want a face-to-face trial of Putin and Putinism, which will certainly take place. Beijing can play the role of the Russian bloody dictator's lawyer as much as they want and talk about the "Chinese world," but it will take a very short time for the court of history to put everything in its place.

At the end of his article, the author summarizes: “As for Ukraine, China respects its sovereignty and territorial integrity. With regard to Russia, China aims to develop a comprehensive strategic partnership of coordination for the new era based on the principles of non-confrontation, non-alignment, and non-targeting of third parties.

Given its traditional status as a neutral country, Switzerland has been advocating neutrality and promoting peace. It is in this spirit that Switzerland organized the meeting to find ways to broker peace between Russia and Ukraine. China fully understands and respects Switzerland's efforts to help resolve the conflict.

Although China refuses to participate in the Switzerland peace meeting, it does not mean it has given up its position on brokering peace and promoting negotiations. China has made it clear that it will continue to promote the peace process in its own way, maintain communication with all parties, and accumulate conditions for a political solution to the Ukrainian crisis.

China supports the efforts of parties to peacefully settle the Russia-Ukraine conflict. But such peace summits are nothing but a mockery of international relations and farcical attempts to fool the world.”

Xu Wenhong is clearly being disingenuous when he proclaims that "as far as Ukraine is concerned, China respects its sovereignty and territorial integrity." After all, it is impossible to simultaneously help the enemy of Ukrainians, the Russian Federation, and pretend that Beijing is favorable to the independence of the Ukrainian state. China constantly says one thing and does the exact opposite.

If China "will continue to contribute to the peace process in its own way," it means that it hopes that by helping Putin, it will achieve the result the Kremlin wants.  This could explain its refusal to attend the summit in Switzerland.

To paraphrase Xu Wenhong, we can summarize the article, which was clearly written under the direct control of the Central Propaganda Department of the Communist Party of China. This is not a summit in Switzerland, and China's position on Russia's war in Ukraine is "a mockery of international relations and a farcical attempt to fool the world."

Xi Jinping's position on Ukraine shows that the People's Republic of China is unwilling to take a realistic look at international relations. Whatever else the PRC may do to whitewash the criminal Putin regime, they will not succeed here. But by entering into an open confrontation with the collective West over Ukraine, China's "peacekeepers" are guaranteed to lose a lot. But does Beijing realize this today?


About the author.Viktor Kaspruk, journalist.

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