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Battlefield offensive formation is already operating, Offensive Guard is to work together with Ukraine’s Armed Forces - military expert Serhiy Zgurets

30 May, 2023 Tuesday

The Armed Forces of Ukraine are ready for the offensive, 12 new brigades are equipped with foreign weaponry and are undergoing coordination. The Offensive Guard will collaborate with the Armed Forces of Ukraine – these are 9 brigades under the Ministry of Internal Affairs


Preparations for the Ukrainian forces' upcoming offensive are underway

General Oleksandr Syrskyi, the commander of the Ground Forces, made this announcement yesterday, May 29, during his visit to the Lyman region where he met with unit commanders operating in this critical front sector. However, it is evident that these words were spoken with the broader actions of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and Defense Forces in mind, as everyone anticipates the beginning of the summer offensive campaign, which may extend into the summer-autumn period.

The groundwork for this offensive, including targeted strikes on enemy positions with our long-range systems and missiles, is already being laid. The Armed Forces are fully prepared for the offensive, having established 12 new brigades equipped with foreign weaponry, and ensuring their coordination.

The Offensive Guard, consisting of 9 brigades under the Ministry of Internal Affairs, will collaborate with the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Most of these brigades were formed by reorganizing existing combat units within the National Guard. The creation of the Offensive Guard has been an influential national project, receiving a significant number of applications. Around 40,000 individuals applied to join the Guard, and a rigorous selection process chose the best and most motivated candidates. Currently, these brigades are actively training personnel for the liberation of temporarily occupied territories while simultaneously engaging in combat missions to gain valuable combat experience.

Andriy Kulish, the press officer of the Rubizh rapid response brigade, explained the presence of operational brigades within the National Guard. These brigades are similar to mechanized brigades in the Armed Forces but operate under the National Guard. Their purpose is to engage in frontline combat operations. For instance, Kulish's brigade took part in the Anti-Terrorist Operation (ATO) and subsequently in the Joint Forces Operation (OOS) starting in 2016. The top management assessed the performance of the operational brigades of the National Guard and concluded that they displayed commendable performance on the battlefield. These brigades defended critical areas such as Kharkiv, Kyiv, Hostomel, and participated in the defense of the most intense frontlines. Kulish's brigade, along with allied units from the Armed Forces, National Police, and Territorial Defense, was responsible for defending Rubizhne. Considering the impressive results and accumulated experience in both urban and field settings, it was decided to establish "Attack" brigades based on these experienced brigades. The primary objective of these "Attack" brigades is the liberation of Ukrainian territories from occupation.

The press officer of the rapid response brigade highlighted that the fighters in their brigade have undergone rigorous training. The brigade is composed of both men and women who have successfully passed the selection process, with a particular emphasis on moral and volitional qualities. All members of the brigade are highly motivated and determined to eliminate the enemy.

Kulish emphasized that the training follows standardized procedures, with instructors imparting their knowledge to the fighters based on established standards. Close collaboration with American and Canadian partners has been instrumental, particularly regarding combat in urban settings. They have actively participated in combat operations since the full-scale invasion of Russian terrorists into Ukraine began. The instructors regularly visit the frontline, gain new experience and share it with the soldiers.

The serviceman further elaborated on the comprehensive training of personnel in his brigade, which includes tactics, combat coordination, close-quarters combat, tactical medicine, and the handling of improvised explosive devices and landmines. After completing these exercises, the fighters demonstrated their skills in Rubizhne and Sievierodonetsk, where they achieved commendable results in practical scenarios. Through direct engagement, the fighters successfully neutralized approximately a thousand Russian terrorists and destroyed around 300 pieces of enemy equipment, not to mention additional enemy losses caused by artillery fire. When the de-occupation of our territories starts, Ukrainian defenders will be able to show the enemy all the efficiency and experience they have gained.

Continuing Andriy Kulish's story about the level of training of the National Guard, I would like to note that today, May 29, during another missile attack on Ukraine, one of the National Guardsmen destroyed a Russian cruise missile with a man-portable air defense system. This is the second missile he has destroyed. He destroyed the first missile on May 9. This shows that the National Guard is effectively trained to deal with various threats that arise on the battlefield.

May 29 missile attack

On May 29, a missile attack took place, marking the 16th attack in May. Over the course of three days, Ukraine and the capital were targeted by several waves of attacks.

Anton Mikhnenko, a defense and technology expert from Defense Express, believes that the primary objective of the Russian Federation is to penetrate and exhaust Ukraine's air defense system. The goal is to limit our ability to effectively counter Russian military and tactical aviation. Russia aims to create favorable conditions for its aviation to operate beyond the demarcation line, utilize appropriate weaponry, and return without facing Ukraine's air defense system. Exhausting Ukraine's air defense is a strategic priority for Russia, which is why they employ various tactics such as drone attacks, cruise missiles, and ballistic missiles. The enemy executed planned attacks throughout May, leading up to the attack that occurred today. It is possible that there will be a temporary pause in the coming days as the enemy has significantly depleted their accumulated resources. Today, on May 29, they attempted an approach they believe will finally breach our air defense system. This involved launching massive drones initially, followed by a combination of cruise and ballistic missiles, with the expectation that these measures would weaken and penetrate our air defense system as much as possible.

The defense and technology expert from Defense Express emphasized the importance of Ukraine deepening its cooperation with partners to maximize and consistently replenish ammunition supplies.

Mikhnenko highlighted that Russia continuously worsens the situation through mass media and propaganda, spreading the notion that their Kinzhal ballistic missiles and Iskander complex missiles can bypass air defense and anti-missile systems. However, we have successfully debunked this ideological and propaganda myth spread by the Russian Federation. It is crucial to note that the Patriot air defense system has demonstrated its effectiveness not only against cruise missiles but also against ballistic missiles. The Patriot system incorporates mechanisms that enable efficient interception of missiles following a ballistic trajectory. Moreover, our personnel have shown proficient skills in operating air defense and anti-missile defense equipment.

The technology and defense specialist highlighted that Russian ballistic missile Iskander-M has the ability to travel at an exceptionally high speed along a ballistic trajectory, making it extremely challenging to intercept. According to reports from Russian propagandists, this missile possessed the capability to release radio-electronic interference, rendering interception nearly impossible. Additionally, it could deploy decoy targets and maneuver independently. As a result, a potent ideological myth was created, casting doubt on the effectiveness of air defense and missile defense systems of NATO partner countries in countering such threats. However, thanks to the Patriot system, we can successfully achieve our objective and neutralize these targets as well.

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