Ukrainian forces hit Russian Pantsir C1 SAM, radar station, vehicles on Zmiinyi island - OC South

22 June, 2022 Wednesday

The Ukrainian Armed Forces' attack on June 21 has inflicted significant losses on Russian units on Zmiinyi island.

The Operational Command South (OC South) shared the update.

"The situation in our operational zone is steadily tense but under control. The enemy continues to fight on a certain line of defense. To prove its strength, it uses tactics of angry but almost simultaneous missile strikes in combination with volley fire systems or artillery," the report said.  

Mykolaiv region

In the morning, Mykolaiv and Ochakiv were attacked by cruise missiles at the same time, port infrastructure was damaged, trucks were destroyed, business buildings and electrical networks were damaged.

Hurricane volley fire system fired at residential quarters of Mykolaiv. Prohibited cluster munitions were used again. One of the tapes broke right in the yard of a private house. There were two men. One died on the spot, the other was injured, and doctors are fighting for his life.

Within a few hours, MLRS fired on Ochakiv, injuring civilians. Shortly afterwards, strategic missiles launched 4 missiles at the port's waters and berths.  No one was injured.

Russian helicopters inflicted 2 air strikes on Ukrainian positions in the Mykolaiv region. There were no losses.

A Russian fighter fired two guided air-to-air missiles at a pair of Ukrainian planes. The attack aircraft and the fighter masterfully dodged the blow. There were no losses.

Russian attempts to reconnoiter Ukrainian positions in the Mykolaiv region were interrupted by accurate work of an anti-aircraft missile unit.

Russia's losses in the south

On June 21, missile and artillery and other units performed 150 fire tasks, 5 strikes on the Russian aircraft.

Confirmed Russian losses consist of 49 soldiers, 2 Msta-C self-propelled howitzers. Russia also lost a tracked vehicle, electronic warfare station, ammunition depot, 5 armored vehicles and vehicles.

Zmiinyi Island

Hitting the Russian Pantsir C1 anti-aircraft missile system, radar station and vehicles was recorded. The final results are being investigated.

Address to Ukrainians

Pay attention to the expediency and risks of extreme beach holidays, be responsible to your children for their own safety, respond promptly and promptly to air alarms, take care of information hygiene: don't let the enemy sow panic and distrust in the defense forces.

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