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Russia attacks from multiple directions: intense fighting in key areas – military expert Zgurets

12 October, 2023 Thursday

Heavy fighting rages around Avdiivka. The last two days were tough and challenging for our defenders. The enemy conducted offensive operations from several areas toward the town

In the past day, as reported by the General Staff, there were 108 combat encounters. The enemy suffered significant losses, with 820 enemy fighters eliminated. This reflects the high level of combat activity, especially in the vicinity of Avdiivka.

Frontline situation 

Maksym Morozov, a Major from the Ministry of Internal Affairs and an officer, has provided an update on the situation at the front. He reported that there were hundreds of invading forces and multiple battalions, while enemy equipment numbered in the dozens. Avdiivka and the surrounding villages were highly susceptible to airstrikes.

Morozov stressed the significance of swiftly delivering new air defense systems, particularly air defense ammunition. He mentioned that the city was experiencing at least a dozen airstrikes, with many targeting the positions of the Armed Forces.

The invaders have been gearing up for a substantial offensive along the front line, with up to 2,000 invaders attempting to breach Avdiivka. However, they failed to achieve their objectives. Morozov confirmed the successful downing of two aerial targets over Avdiivka, including a helicopter.

There are several strategic natural highpoints near the Avdiivka Coke Plant that the enemy fiercely fought for but were ultimately repelled. If the enemy gains control of these highpoints near the Avdiivka Coke Plant, they would have a strategic advantage over Avdiivka and the plant.

Morozov summarized, “The invaders were repelled due to the determined efforts of the brigades and battalions defending Avdiivka from both the north and south. Brigade 110 played a vital role in safeguarding the highpoints near the plant, preventing the Russians from capturing these pivotal positions.”

Artillery for the Ukrainian Armed Forces

The effectiveness of the Ukrainian Armed Forces' artillery is evident from the significant number of enemy vehicles in flames. Credit goes to the dedicated operators of UAVs, both FPV and reconnaissance drones, for providing vital information and guidance. Judging by the accuracy of their hits and the destruction of enemy equipment—measured in dozens—it's clear that our artillery is performing effectively.

Ukrainian Research Institute of Defense Technologies (URIDT) products and key innovations

The progress and speed of our troops during an offensive operation heavily rely on the skills of our sappers, especially when it concerns the Zaporizhzhia front in the south. Sappers are at the forefront, clearing the way for our assault units. Sapper's success hinges on both their expertise and equipment quality, allowing them to fulfill their duties effectively. Better equipment translates to quicker mine clearance.

Anton Semenov, CEO of URIDT, highlighted the uniqueness of their demining kits.

"We based our design on an existing NATO kit, but it's not suited for the realities of this conflict. The enemy deploys mines with changing properties, making it dangerous to use the NATO kit. Our kit includes a special marking system to ensure safety. It features a probe that's non-magnetic and non-metallic, causing no reaction to metal. When a sapper employs it in conjunction with a metal detector or mine detector, they can work at full capacity safely," Semenov explained.

In this kit, you'll find probes, a night-visible marking system, and a tool for safely clearing an area 120-150 meters ahead. 

This kit is indispensable for creating safe passages for assault groups in active minefields during combat operations. Positive feedback has already come in from the State Emergency Service, the National Guard of Ukraine, and the State Border Guard.

"We are currently finalizing the technical documentation to ensure this product gets into the hands of the Ukrainian Armed Forces and the Defense Forces of Ukraine," he concluded.

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