Shrapnel flew in one car window and out the other - soldier with the 128th brigade

5 July, 2022 Tuesday

Military Yuriy has been serving in the 128th Detached Mountain Assault Brigade since 2014. He saw action in Debaltseve, so he knows firsthand what war is like

This is stated on the brigade's Facebook page - Espreso.West reports.

Senior soldier Yuriy joined the ranks of the 128th Zakarpattia Brigade back in 2014, he used BMP. 

"I've known what war is for a long time, because I pulled out scouts who got stuck in the snow with their equipment, as well as passed through Debaltseve. But the current combat operations are much tougher than back then," - the soldier, who is now a senior BMP mechanic, said. 

According to the military, in the first weeks of the full-scale war, the advantage of the Russians in equipment and manpower was impressive.

"Nine tanks, reinforced by armored personnel carriers, entered our positions, which we held with two BMP crews. They fired at us from a distance of four kilometers, and we were lucky that they were not fragmentation shells, otherwise we would not have survived. Then my BMP was damaged, and I received the first concussion since the beginning of the full-scale invasion. In total, there were more than ten concussions," - Yuriy noted.

He also added that a few hours after that shelling, he and his comrades found themselves behind enemy lines. They spent the night in the village, and at dawn they crossed the road that was controlled by the Russians, and for three days they reached their people through fields and plantations. 

"Fortunately, the military radio was working, so we were oriented. I went to the hospital with my wounded comrades, but soon returned to the formation. Since then, I have been performing combat missions on an SUV," - the soldier recalls.

Two days ago, he received another concussion.

"The Russians detected us from a drone in the village that we recently recaptured from them, and started shelling with the 120th mortar. That village is constantly being shelled from both artillery and tanks. One of the mines hit the corner of the house behind which we were hiding.  Shrapnel flew over my head, but I was covered by the blast wave. I lay on the ground, and when I came to myself a little, I looked at the car. The tail of the mine hit the ground near the wheel, the rear window was blown out, but all the wheels survived. We waited a little and drove off. 

My SUV had survived many shellings, it was completely cut up, only three windows survived (the others were broken and replaced with film). It happened that shrapnel from projectiles flew into one window and flew out the other, but the car drove. This is how we perform combat tasks together and work for victory. And I took the tail of that mine as a memory, it is now always with me," - the fighter of the 128th brigade concluded.

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