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Mobilization in Russia can work in Ukraine's favor - Ukrainian Armed Forces officer Tregubov

28 September, 2022 Wednesday

Russian mobilization will overload the already overloaded logistics, throw a large amount of untrained meat to the front and cause social and economic tension in the Russian Federation.

Viktor Tregubov, an officer of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, said this on Espreso.

"It is difficult to understand what the purpose of such an operation is. Here it is clear that only one in ten will survive, but that is not how it is done. They are overloading their logistics, which are already overloaded. It seemed to me that mobilization is a demonstrative step aimed to hold their territories and demonstrate that they are ready for the last step - they are ready for the last step and there will be no retreats. To show both the Russians and the world that they are ready for war to the last and there will be nuclear weapons," he believes.

According to Tregubov, there is no certainty that this will have a real positive military effect.

"Theoretically, it will be possible to put them at roadblocks, and throw experienced ones to the front, but that's it. We have already seen it in Kharkiv Oblast.  There was one line of experienced soldiers, and behind it began the garrison troops, BARS and others.  It seems to me that this mobilization in purely military terms can be good for Ukraine.  It greatly overloads Russian logistics, throws a large amount of untrained meat to the front and, in parallel, causes social and economic tension in the Russian Federation itself," the military officer said.

He believes that it is clear why they delayed it - it is unclear why they decided to implement it so quickly.

"Perhaps they believe in the Stalinist maxim that quantity in itself is quality - that they will throw a large amount of meat on Luhansk region, which in life the automatic machine did not hold, then this will help them. I don’t think so, because for HIMARS it’s no difference how many people are sitting in one unfortunate trench - 25 or 250. This is a different type of war," Tregubov concluded.

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